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Horoscope: The First Week Of November Brings Luck To These Two Astrological Signs

Love and joy. Here are the signs that will have an excellent week between November 2 and 8, 2023.

Time passes, the months go by and the seasons come and go. After celebrating the most intense of witches’ holidays, Halloween, the time has come to connect with the energy of Scorpio. It’s about facing our fears, transcending our sorrows, and exploring the depths of our souls to succeed in reconnecting with the light. Well, that’s in theory, because with the stars everything goes very quickly. Seeing the month of November arrive, All Saints’ Day, and the return of the cold, we say to ourselves that a little update on the current situation never hurts. So, like every week, we looked at the horoscope shared by astrologer Jean-Yves Espié. If between November 2 and 8, 2023, one astrological sign must change its way of seducing, two others are much luckier. Return of passion, need to charm, and desire to initiate new projects. Here’s what the two lucky people of the zodiac can expect.


The period opens with a particularly creative Thursday and Friday. The Moon combines with dreams (Neptune) and communication (Mercury) to develop our artistic fiber. Imagination develops more intensely, projects take off again. The weekend is particularly intense. The clash is not far away. The tension is growing. Fortunately, the start of the week promises to be milder. On the 4th, Saturn retrograde comes to an end. No more restrictions and restraints. We regain a little energy and above all we become aware of everything that needs to be put in place. Enough to help us find sustainable solutions to improve our lives. At the same time, Venus connects with Pluto to reignite passion by pushing us to seek healthier relationships. The planet of love also forms a beautiful alliance with Mercury. It becomes easier to share what is in your heart. It’s good for romance as well as business. Finally, the Moon will land in Virgo to allow us to take a more rational look at what we feel. The week promises to be constructive and to move us forward.


In November, Pisces frees itself. He gains confidence and spreads his wings. On his momentum, he can count on the support of heaven. “A pretty trio of planets in the sign of Water protects you,” assures Jean-Yves Espié. First, there is the Sun in Scorpio which gives him strength and confidence. A boost that makes it more energetic and almost magnetic. Then there is Mercury. Also Scorpio, the planet of communication helps Pisces, usually mysterious and silent, to express themselves with more ease. “This encourages exchanges to generate points of convergence,” underlines the astrologer. The negotiations should therefore not have too much difficulty in ending in good agreements. The scales easily tip in favor of Pisces.

Finally, the third and final star offers its services to the last sign of the zodiac: Mars. “The red planet boosts your energy to give you the means to complete what you undertake. » By combining the determination and audacity of Mars with the relational fiber of Mercury, there is no doubt that Pisces’ projects are moving forward. Better still, they have every chance of succeeding, because the power of persuasion of the Water sign makes it irresistible. “This is a good time to move forward,” promises Jean-Yves Espié. All that remains is to let yourself be carried away by all these good energies. We enjoy the moment and make a list of everything we want to put in place.


It’s the sign of love par excellence, but recently the stars weren’t going in its direction… But, in the sky, everything moves quickly. It changes and fluctuates constantly. In the coming days, Libra will therefore be able to regain the support of its favorite planet: Venus. “The planet of love arrives in your sector on Wednesday, you will be able to uncork the champagne to celebrate this joyful prospect,” promises the astrologer. Everything becomes happier, brighter, and softer. “Indeed, Venus has very particular affinities with your sign. This manifests itself in increasing charm and an emotional luck factor which will result in unexpected opportunities. »

If Libra had doubts until now, everything seems (finally) to align. If we have to wait until the end of next week to see Venus arrive in its sky, the first effects are starting to be felt. Make way for flirting, the art of seduction and gentleness. Single, heart out. A meeting quickly happened. As a couple, relationships are tender and sensual. Libra attracts, it stirs up and charms for the greatest pleasure of its little heart which is filled with love. This should be seen as an omen of a (very) beautiful month of November.

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