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Horoscope: The Month Of May Is Full Of (Good) Surprises, Here’s Why?

If for some time now you have felt like you are at a turning point in your life, don’t panic. It’s all the fault of the planets and it may even be much more beneficial than expected.

Astrologers around the world had promised it: spring is decisive. Change of pace, need to do things differently. The season looks like a real upheaval. A small revolution caused by the stars and which is about to reach its zenith in mid-May. Nothing and no one will be spared. Or rather, all astrological signs are affected by this transformation which portends great developments. A short guide to understanding everything.


In astrology, we consider that each season is marked by its energy. Spring is a time of creation, summer, freedom, of joy. A time of pleasure. Autumn invites you to slow down to take stock and find your balance. Finally, winter is the season dedicated to rest and withdrawal. In 2024, these energies seem to increase tenfold. Since March 21, a small revolution has begun. There was the eclipse season which pushed us to question our desires and our values. Sometimes causing brutal breaks with everything we knew. Then, Mercury retrograde invited itself to the party. It was a question of reviewing our positioning about others. What is our vision of relationships? Do we receive as much as we give? So many questions that could have pushed us to make decisions.

If we have only just emerged from the “Mercury retro shade” – meaning the cosmic hangover caused by Mercury retrograde – the period from May 13 to 25 adds the final blow. In the coming days, Jupiter and Uranus, which form a beautiful alliance, are joined by the Sun. Luck, change and vital energy come together pushing us to break from our routine while exploring new avenues. It is then a question of coming out of one’s shell and taking a turn which will give rise to a very different dynamic. At the same time, Venus (love) also aligns with Uranus and Jupiter. Enough to make us review the deep nature of our desires.


While all this fuss may be scary, it bodes very well. Recent events have allowed us to get to know ourselves better and to more easily identify what we want and need. Astrologer Annabelle Lhem explains: “We see to what extent we need to redefine this system of values ​​and to what extent we are also re-examining our way of loving, of conceptualizing the rights and exchanges that we have. facing each other. It is also a way of creating new opportunities, of being together. For me it is truly a period that is extremely inspiring and invites us to truly make 180-degree turns, we are no longer in half measures, we are in the natural vision of things which truly initiates a culminating period of this year 2024.”

This powerful alignment of planets, all united in the sign of Taurus, ensures us a certain success. The clearer vision we have of the future allows us to make the best possible decisions. “If you want to create things, go for it. Go for it, now is the time,” promises the astrologer. The chips are down, all that remains is to quickly go all-in!

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