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Horoscope: The Start Of May May Be Complicated For These Two Astrological Signs

Hard blow under the stars. Like every week, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié helps us see things more clearly thanks to his horoscope. And here are the two signs that will need his advice the most from May 2 to 9, 2024.

I promise, no animosity on our part or some big cosmic conspiracy. Sometimes the interpretation of the stars favors certain lucky people, and sometimes not. And it must be said that like May which began with storms, the astral weather is electrifying this week. Mars, star of action and brute force, has just entered Aries: his favorite arena. There’s a rush of people. Add to that a Pluto retrograde, and Taurus season has just taken a slightly more spicy turn. And if this cosmic seasoning brings luck to two astrological signs, others find the atmosphere too spicy. Fortunately, Jean-Yves Espié gives you his advice so as not to let yourself be discouraged.


Suffice it to say that they are not fans of the concept of putting water in their wine. No, we are not talking about Aries, but Scorpio who could feel a little under tension, according to Jean-Yves Espié. In question? A host of stars frolicking in Taurus. This is particularly the case of Venus, which is not only the planet of love but above all that of our connection to others. Uranus also, the star of changes and our place within the collective, faces Scorpio. Clear? The sign is facing a little existential crisis this week, relationship-wise.

And precisely, for the astrologer, there is a lesson to be learned: “The planets, in your opposite sector, tell you that it would be wise not to do things alone. On the contrary, gather people of goodwill who can help you. » Yes, if Mars in Aries stimulates the individualistic side of Scorpio, the latter must not forget that there is strength in unity. Mercury (communication) in Aries also doesn’t help this sometimes sharp sign to smooth out the angles. For Jean-Yves Espié, Scorpios must put aside their fear of becoming dependent on others to dare to ask those around them for a helping hand. “You will have to be diplomatic and not fear that your living space will be invaded,” he concludes.


“I want it all and I want it now”, Aquarius people recognize themselves at the moment in the lyrics of the song “I Want It All” by Queen. Alas, it’s more frustration and impatience with the amphora sign. “You will have to deal with contradictory influences,” begins Jean-Yves Espié. “On the one hand, Jupiter and Uranus generate impatience. On the other hand, Mercury and Mars give you fluidity to communicate and act. » If we summarize, it’s a bit as if Mercury and Mars had just put fuel into the Aquarius car, but the latter had a small clutch problem. In Aries, a friendly sign, Mercury (intellect) and Mars (action) make Aquarius want to go quickly, to move, and to implement what they want this spring. But Uranus, still in Taurus, blocks his impulses. Or rather: it requires slowness and concreteness. In other words, the anti-cup of tea for Aquarius, fans of fluidity and “multitasking”.

Since astrology is mostly philosophy in disguise there is always good advice to be learned from a frustrating cosmic situation. What if it was simply an opportunity not to rush, to weigh the pros and cons, and to prioritize rather than heading off in all directions, head first? For Jean-Yves Espié: “It will therefore be up to you to put aside what annoys you and concentrate on what works well.

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