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Horoscope: These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Unfortunately Unlucky In March

Not every zodiac sign has luck on its side in March. Four of them have to reckon with a streak of bad luck.

Libra (September 24th to October 23rd)

Libra is overloaded in March. The pressure at work increases and there is no peace in your private life either. Especially in the middle of the month, there could be disagreements in the partnership. This means listening carefully and communicating openly to eliminate misunderstandings. Libra should talk to others about their problems and find small breaks to collect themselves and gain new strength.

Leo (July 23 to August 23)

Leo has to contend with the planet Mars this month. He feels nervous and restless and finds it difficult to sleep. Mood swings are almost commonplace. What can provide quick relief? A relaxing yoga class after work or a short meditation. At least things are looking better again towards the end of the month. The zodiac sign needs to realize that this phase is only temporary.

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

A big purchase at the beginning of the month puts a hole in your wallet. The Aries now has to keep an eye on his finances to make ends meet. Careful financial planning is now advisable and should be strictly adhered to. If all the stress becomes too much for him, sports can provide balance. A jog through the park, a strenuous home workout, or an hour of boxing helps relieve frustration.

Scorpio (October 24th to November 22nd)

Scorpio withdraws and doesn’t let anyone get close to him. This causes discontent among friends. The water sign wants to be alone now, but it would be good for him to share his thoughts and feelings with others. The private problems also have an impact on his performance at work. Everything is going very slowly in March.

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