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How Jealousy Signs Behave & The Most Romantic Signs And The Best Pairs

There are very jealous signs, while others hate to control their better half. Get to know more. Find out how jealous signs behave. Jealousy can spice up a relationship, but it can also end it. They are able to rekindle passion, how to put an end to it, especially if it translates into a controlling and possessive attitude.

There are signs in which this feeling is more common, while others see freedom, space, and respect as the secret to lasting dating and marriage.

How jealousy signs behave


The Aries is very impulsive, daring, and spontaneous, which makes it a sign that has emotions on the surface. Therefore, at any time, jealousy can be triggered in a native of this sign.


The Taurus native invests a lot in his relationships, but he needs to feel secure. With the slightest suspicion, jealousy will arise and Taurus will not hide it.


On the other hand, Gemini appreciates freedom and open relationships. Therefore, he is not given to jealousy and also prefers partners who are not.


The crab’s sensitivity and insecurity make it a very jealous sign because it needs all the attention possible from its partner.


This is, without a doubt, the most jealous sign in the zodiac, although I try to hide it, as it is also quite proud.


Somewhat controlling, virgin natives always like to know where their better half is. If something doesn’t go right, the Virgins will soon be suspicious and prepare a jealous scene.


Scale natives are quite balanced and control their emotions well. So it’s rare to see them create a pointless jealousy scene.


Along with Lions, Scorpios appear as one of the most jealous signs in the entire zodiac. The natives of these signs like to dominate and, therefore, they tend to like to control their partner.


Like Gemini, Sagittarians like to feel free, so they don’t usually star in many jealousy scenes. In case of betrayal, they prefer to end the relationship and move on.


Very controlling, Capricorn usually hides his jealousy, but the fact is that he is always attentive to his partner.


On the other hand, this is the least jealous sign of the zodiac. Very liberal and open-minded, the natives of Aquarius don’t like to control, nor to be controlled.


Very emotional and sensitive, Pisces people can also be quite insecure and, therefore, may have some attitudes that reveal a lot of jealousy.

The most romantic signs and the best pairs

There are signs more romantic than others. Why? We explain everything below. Discover the most romantic signs and the best pairs.

Not everyone indulges in feelings, romance, and love in the same way. There are people less given to emotions and signs can explain this situation. Is that the different elements that rule the signs are able to influence our behavior and the way we relate to other people? Do not believe? We explain everything below.

The most romantic signs and the best pair

Don’t be fooled by the fire signs. In fact, water signs are much more given to human emotions and relationships. The three water signs are undoubtedly the most romantic and those who are able to regularly surprise your better half and not skimp on kisses and hugs.


This is even the most romantic sign in the Zodiac. Also, he is very caring and always ready to help. For the Crab, the family always comes first.

Therefore, it is also no wonder that this is a nostalgic and nostalgic sign, as it truly clings to people, places, and affections.

Very affectionate and affectionate, the Crab can become very needy if not pampered in the same proportion.


Scorpio natives are intense in love as well as their intimate life. Very emotional has feelings under the skin and his sex life is something very important.

Very faithful and loyal, the Scorpio does not tolerate betrayals, nor deceptions, such as the way he surrenders to relationships.


Very emotional, fish are extremely romantic and give 100% to all relationships. They create very special and close connections with everyone around them and, therefore, they can very easily get hurt from relationships.

Signs that complement each other in love

In this topic of love compatibilities, there are several aspects to consider. However, the old maxim that “opposites attract” is also confirmed in the zodiac. If not, see:

Sheep/Aries + Scale/Pound

Taurus + Scorpio

Gemini/Gemini + Sagittarius

Crab/Cancer + Capricorn

Leo + Aquarius

Virgo + Pisces

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