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Many women want to meet a man with whom they will be behind a stone wall. But representatives of not all zodiac signs can be devoted to their soul mate. For some, family and relationships come first, while for others, career, freedom, and friends. Vedic astrologer Irina Chaika ranked the most reliable man – from the most problematic to the best family man.

12th place – Aries

In Vedic astrology, Aries is represented by two fighting rams, which reflects the image of a bold, fast, assertive, hot warrior. That is why marriage is one of the weaknesses of Aries. He would be in battle, he would be victorious. Such a man knows how to fight and, alas, if he is not fulfilled in life, he can start fighting with the household. This is a stubborn person, prone to anger, rudeness, and straightforwardness. Often there is an attraction of opposites – a weak girl reaches out to a strong partner in search of a protector. But from a rescuer, Aries will easily turn into an aggressor, therefore, only a woman who knows how to harmonize, negotiate and persuade diplomacy can marry such a partner.

11th place – Aquarius

The freedom-loving and unusual nature often give Aquarius a late serious relationshipThe man of this sign is too puzzled by the ideas of good for the world, but the symbol of the sign is a girl pouring water, therefore, as a rule, all the good things invented by Aquarius remain unrealized in words and go away like water into the earth. Around Aquarius often has a lot of freeloader friends who incline him to wildlife. He can break the rules, be impractical and unpredictable, and disappear for a long time. Being under the control of the cold planet of Saturn, it can show indifference, detachment, and coldness. The only one who can stand it is a strongly family-oriented woman who, step by step, with great patience, will warm the frozen heart of Aquarius.

10th place – Gemini

Bright, captivating, and unpredictable nature. For Gemini, friends, communication and connections are important, so the family is not in the first place. Gemini is characterized by a change of mood and duality of character. In a relationship, they often look around: what if it’s more interesting there? It is difficult for partners to understand them and anticipate their actions. Today he wants to live in Thailand and is ready to work as a guide for this, and tomorrow he needs to move to Moscow to build a business. This is not about stability and following common goals with a partner.

A woman who can withstand the restless Gemini must be wise,  inclined to teach by her example the ever-rejuvenating representative of the sign. A bonus to such an alliance will be a joint love of travel. Also, a woman should have humor and an optimistic temperament. Only in this case, they will have a life full of adventures!

9th place – Scorpio

This mark does not shirk responsibility. He loves like a fire, and hates the same way. This sign has many shadow sides. He can be vulnerable, but he often hides it. It is easier for him to hold a grudge and cherish the thirst for revenge for years. Can be sarcastic, overly direct, and irritable. He knows the power of his influence on the
opposite s*x and can use it with might and main. If you accept Scorpio for who he is with all his “quirks”, you will get a devoted and strong partner who you can rely on in everything. But it will take a lot of patience.

8th place – Capricorn

Stable, purposeful, obligatory, and practical. Seems like the perfect partner! But no! Capricorn is more important than relations of achievement in society. Yes, he can throw them at the feet of the woman he loves. However, in pursuit of them, he can see his family for a couple of hours a day. He is an avid workaholic, and this is not for everyone. Often he is reserved and it is impossible to understand what he feels. It is possible to reach out to Capricorn, only the time lost will be a pity. Try to understand the rules of the game and accept it as it is, then Capricorn will shower you with all the benefits and achievements obtained, but will still cool you with his dryness, restraint, and closeness. You can count on this person, humility and duty are not empty words for him.

7th place – Virgo

Scrupulous, meticulous, and thorough partner. He values ​​duty, and reputation and therefore cares about marriage. You don’t have to clean up after him at home. For Virgo, cleanliness is important, so he will observe it. If that’s not your thing, then: “Houston, we have a problem!” It is difficult to come to terms with such a Virgo. So much so that the uncleanliness of a loved one can even lead to a break. Virgos are hardworking and ready to work for the good of the family. At the same time, the men of the sign perfectly show care, sincerity, and attentiveness. But their excessive criticality can harm a marriage.

6th place – Pisces

Another impractical representative of a dual nature. They are dreamy and succumb to other people’s influence. They are characterized by suspiciousness and life in their world. In life, they are indecisive and secretive. They often go to extremes and love all kinds of renunciations. The opposite s*x, they are attractive and mysterious, they can captivate with their mystery and depth. But only you think that you caught Rybka, take it and jump out, because she changed her mind. Pisces are good-natured and well-disposed to everyone and while they idealize a partner, they are ready to be faithful. What’s wrong – succumb to temptation. Be a friend of the beautiful Rybka, be able to hear, and then together you can comprehend Zen.

5th place – Leo

The level of Leo’s responsibility can go off the scale, but only if he decides that it is important to him. Leos are amazingly generous, generous, sincere and honest. This royal sign does not tend to be trifling, so he can dazzle his life partner with gifts and blessings. Leos need attention, and they are ready to provide it in return.
Having chosen his lioness, Leo will protect her from all difficulties, remain faithful to her and build his pride. A man of this sign can correctly choose goals and lead, be a caring patron and keep warm in the hearth with attention. Lions love children and are ready to mess with them, but in everyday life, they can be lazy because the king should not deal with trifles. But Leo will never ignore a request for help.

4th place – Cancer

Cancer is considered the most family sign. It would be possible to put him higher in the ranking, but sometimes excessive familiality and gentleness interfere with his achievements in society. Home for Cancer is a comfort zone, so they often stay there. Representatives of the sign may marry late because they feel good with their mother and her pies. But if a Cancer man sincerely loves, he will make his woman happy! In addition, he is an excellent keeper of traditions, who is characterized by depth, sincerity, and caring. In everyday life, Cancers are economic and will insure their soul mate in everything.

3rd place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is just, lucky, sincere, and knows how to abide by the laws. Can be obsessive in beliefs. If you do not agree with him, it is better not to argue – you have no chance! Sagittarius is sometimes too correct and fair in his views, and you have every chance to seem imperfect, which can push him away from you. After all, he is an inveterate idealist, and overly optimistic. Instead of understanding your feelings, he will say “Come on, it could have ended worse!”. However, if Sagittarius is with you, then you will not find a better ally. He will support you, inspire, help, and solve all family issues with amazing practicality.

2nd place – Libra

The best diplomats, which is important for building relationships. Libra knows how to negotiate, find compromises and maintain relationships. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, so love, luxury, and beautiful life are important to them. Men of the sign are mobile, can do business, and money goes to them. With this zodiac sign, you definitely will not starve! In addition, Libra is purposeful, so family goals will be easily achieved. They are courteous, polite, and tactful. Such a partner will not cut the truth womb but will reckon with your feelings. This is a gentle, contact, initiative partner, but sometimes hesitation interferes with decision-making. However, these are trifles in comparison with the comfort of relations with this person.

1st place – Taurus

Another sign ruled by Venus. He also gets the money. He knows how to conduct business, negotiate and take the initiative. This is the most balanced, family and calm person. The family is in the first place for him, he loves children and is ready to build his life taking into account the best benefits for them. He remembers birthdays, goes to children’s parties, deftly manages a business, pays attention to his partner, and does not whine. Unlike Libra, Taurus is more practical. He has an enviable thriftiness, knows how to bear responsibility, is constant, and has a sense of beauty. Therefore, gifts from Taurus will be not only timely but also tasteful.

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