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In astrology, there are especially favorable days for making wishes – when the chances of their fulfillment are the highest. One of these periods will happen very soon and will bring its astrological event, which will take place in early February.

If you dream of love, the full moon in February 2023 will be an assistant in its search. At this time, it is easier to attract romance and flirting into your life, as well as create the basis for a long-term relationship. The significance of an Astro-event is also given by the constellation in which it takes place. In our article, we will answer this question, as well as tell you when the full moon will take place and what moods it will bring with it.

Full moon in February 2023: in what sign, what date, and how long does it last

The first February full moon will stop in the fiery sign of Leo. This will happen on February 5, at 21:31 Moscow time. During the day, the strength of the Earth’s satellite will be most active, after which it will already decline. The upcoming astrological phenomenon will be the culmination of the lunar cycle, so it will have an impact on many people. How will this manifest itself? Our feelings and emotions will come to the surface, and logic and reason will step aside. Therefore, in order not to do things that you will regret later, it is better to postpone the decision of important financial, career, or housing issues.

The beginning of February will generally be an unfavorable period for business activity – you can easily succumb to unnecessary feelings. But for taking care of the personal sphere – this is the best time. The moon in Leo will help to put things in order in it – to meet love, to strengthen existing romantic relationships.

The Moon will give special assistance to people who are ready to take some risks for the sake of love. For example, they will not be afraid to confess their feelings or take the initiative in resolving a conflict with a loved one. Moreover, it can be not only a sexual partner but also someone close.

Full moon February 5: what to do on these days to attract good luck

It is best to focus on simple and pleasant things that will bring you a sense of joy and peace. We have compiled a list of things that are best planned for this day:

  • spend time with family, friends, or loved ones;
  • take up a  hobby ;
  • arrange cleaning in the apartment;
  • think over an educational walk or choose a vacation date;
  • call a loved one on a date;
  • conduct rituals designed to improve personal relationships and attract love.

List of things not to do on a full moon:

  • try not to provoke conflicts.
  • do not have noisy parties;
  • refuse to solve financial, career, or housing issues;
  • do not borrow or lend money ;
  • do not take on cases and issues that require concentration and efficiency;
  • do not find out about personal relationships.

Full moon in February: rituals for personal happiness

With the advent of a special time, you can perform certain rituals to attract love. These rituals can be performed as soon as the moon enters its full phase. It is believed that at this moment special energy emanates from the night luminary – strong and inspiring for action. She is capable of picking up sincere desires, helping them not to get lost in space, but filling them with energy sufficient for accomplishment. Therefore, all rituals performed at this time are more likely to be realized.

The only thing is that it is undesirable to perform such manipulations on Thursday of any week. But since this full moon will be on Sunday, this prohibition has no effect. However, it is better to consider it for the future.

Remember the time of the full moon in February 2023 and prepare for it with the help of special rituals. They are harmless, that is, they do not belong to dark magic or witchcraft, therefore they will not negatively affect your energy and fate.

The full moon is not suitable for ordinary fortune-telling on narrowed mummers, since it has strong energy. They can only be carried out by an experienced fortune teller.

Rituals to attract love success

To take advantage of the favorable moon condition on February 5 and improve the situation on your horizon, wait for the indicated time and prepare the necessary props. Which? Depends on which rite from our list you choose.

1. Rose of love

What you need: a red rose and a couple of red candles.

  • Place the flour in a beautiful vase a few hours before the full moon.
  • At the appointed time, move the vessel with the flower to the windowsill, and place lighted candles on the sides.
  • Look at the rose for a few minutes, mentally imagining the image of a future partner – write down the qualities that are important to you on paper and read it out loud.
  • Then put out the candles, and hide the leaf from prying eyes.

Very soon, the energy of the moon will bring into your life a person who has the necessary qualities.

2. Romantic message on a handkerchief

What you need: a new red handkerchief, a pink candle, and scarlet thread.

  • Spread a scarf, and put a lit candle on top.
  • On a sheet of white paper, write a letter to your future second half, painting your feelings in bright colors.
  • Put a small symbol of love on the scarf – a figure of swans, a ring, and a small plush heart.
  • Roll the leaf into a tube and tie it with a scarlet thread.
  • Pass a bundle over the fire of a candle, mentally inviting a loved one into your life.
  • Tie a folded sheet around your waist and go to sleep.
  • In the morning, untie it and burn it with a pink candle.
  • Scatter the ashes through the window, and then roll your love souvenir into a handkerchief and hide it away – so that no one but you can see it and pick it up.

Be sure that love and luck will smile at you shortly.

3. Cinnamon and basil – spices of love

What you need: a large plate, cinnamon, basil, a red candle, scarlet thread, a ceramic bowl, a piece of red cloth, and your photo.

  • Take a candle in two hands and charge it with your energy before the arrival of the full moon – this can be done by remembering the happy episodes of your life or by imagining something good in the future. In general, all thoughts should be optimistic and bright. This “charging” will take 1-3 minutes.
  • Then put your photo on a large plate.
  • Mix the cinnamon and basil in a separate bowl and sprinkle the spices around the plate while saying, “Love surrounds me.” Do this three times.
  • Next, collect the spices and put them in a ceramic bowl, saying: “Love will come to me.”
  • Sprinkle cinnamon and basil on a red cloth, wrap it around with thread and tie it like a bag.

This will be your talisman. You need to carry it with you for exactly seven days. During this time, the situation on my horizon will improve.

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