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How zodiac signs behave in a stressful situation: Aquarius has an extreme reaction

We’ve all found ourselves at least once in our lives in a strange, pressing situation where we didn’t know how to react. Here is how each zodiac behaves in such cases.
Nothing can prepare you for the moment when you end up, with or without your will, in a bizarre situation – there are people who are amused, some get angry, and others simply get stuck. The way you react is also influenced by the sign in which you were born.


You act like you don’t care what other people think. But when you start watching the scene again, you can’t stop and you only think about it, again and again, until you feel sick.


When you are dealing with a stressful or uncomfortable situation, you blush. It is obvious that you do not feel at ease.


You leave the room and thus leave the stage. You try to get out of this as quickly as possible, even without explanations.

You apologize. You feel that everything that is not right is happening because of you and you try to fix it.


You immediately put your hand on the phone to write to your friends about what is happening to you. You feel better when you have someone by your side.


Don’t get overwhelmed. This kind of thing happens again, so there’s no point in dwelling on it.


You claim that nothing happened. You act as if everything is normal.


It makes you laugh, whatever it is. You try to make a joke to remove the tension.


keep your mouth shut Don’t say a word about what happened, so as not to make the situation worse.


You quickly put your headphones in your ears or sink your head into a book. You do everything you can to get out of it.


You’re going crazy. You think that everyone hates you and doesn’t want to deal with you anymore. It is very difficult for you to calm down.


You start to comb and run your fingers through your hair. You can’t find your place and you’re fidgeting in the room.

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