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How Zodiac Signs Ruin Their Love Lives

They named the qualities that it is advisable to adjust if you do not want to lose your partner.

The relationships that arise between people are a subtle and multifaceted matter. Each of the zodiac signs enters them with their life principles. Some of these installations have a destructive effect. Astrologer Galina Yanko said what behavior of representatives of the sign can destroy their personal lives.

Aries – excessive stubbornness

Individuals born under the sign of Aries do not accept compromises and do not know how to be flexible. Where an amicable agreement can be reached, this fire sign will push like a tank and demand immediate surrender from others. Aries are always stubborn: especially desperately when they are wrong. Their position irritates even the most patient people, which is why they, too, sooner or later disappear from view.

To break this series of breakups, Aries needs to learn to count to ten before giving another opinion and stop escalating. For example, if a partner is communicating with another girl, it is not necessary to arrange a debriefing right there on the spot, but you should give yourself and him a chance for a calm dialogue.

Taurus – fixation on grievances

Stingy with emotions, Taurus are very touchy people deep down. They have lived in the past for years, experiencing certain situations within themselves. Often this tendency in behavior does not allow Taurus
to look into the future, making them slaves to their grievances. People of this zodiac sign can “simmer” in negativity for a very long time, from time to time remembering past sins to their partner. This behavior does not help strengthen the relationship.

Only the representatives of the sign themselves can overcome this quality: a partner, no matter how sensitive and understanding he may be, will not be able to break through the armor of old grievances. One way to distract yourself from the past is to focus on the present and invite your loved one to write a joint list of plans for the coming months.

Gemini – constant search for new sensations

This is how all Geminis are designed: they cannot live without new sensations. For this reason, this sign is rightly considered one of the most windy and fickle. In conditions of predictability, Geminis wither like flowers without water, so they ruin the relationship by going in search of adrenaline and adventure in the presence of a caring and attentive soulmate.

At the same time, representatives of the sign are sure that the partner they left should welcome them with open arms after each “search for themselves.” Geminis knows how to convince them that this is the last time, but after a while, they again succumb to their desire to unwind. Only the categorical attitude of the other half can stop them: if you deprive Gemini of the feeling that they always have a chance to renew the relationship, they will quickly understand that they are causing pain with their behavior.

Cancer – obsession

In their personal lives, Cancers practice the principle that “they lived happily ever after and died on the same day.” This is exactly how representatives of the sign see ideal happiness in a couple: tightly “sticking” to the other half. It is impossible to get rid of Cancer since he is determined to absorb all the free space of his partner – entirely and completely. Sometimes his affection is not just annoying, but even frightening with its manicness.Particularly cautious ones prefer to escape from Cancer before he decides to handcuff them to the radiator so that he will always be nearby.

So Cancers can only save their union if they loosen their grip and recognize the right of their loved one to personal space. It will be easier to do this when representatives of the sign put themselves first: they direct their energy to their favorite hobby, work, and communication with friends.

Leo – desire to control everything

Leos can be caring, merciful, and generous, but most often they prefer to control everything around them. In their personal lives, they adhere to a similar approach, so they can pretty much spoil the psyche with their
demands and nagging. It is useless to remake Leo since he is always aimed at absolute dominance. Close people have to either silently put up with the situation or leave their fiery partner.

It is advisable for Leo partners to occasionally initiate a heart-to-heart conversation with their fiery companion, and not remain silent when there is discontent. Representatives of the sign are very responsive in this sense: they will willingly take part in dialogue and listen to reasoned claims addressed to them. In general, the main thing with Leos is not to be modest, otherwise, they will sit on your head.

Virgo – pettiness in everyday life

Virgos could be ideal if not for one “trick” of their character, namely, the manifestation of pettiness in everyday life. Clean, tactful, and neat Virgos can turn into a tyrant in the blink of an eye when it comes to such trifles as a poorly made bed or bread crumbs on the table. Nonsense, which many would not notice, pisses off pedantic Virgos once or twice and turns them into professional bores. Only the most patient and loving can withstand such surprises in character.

Ordinary gratitude and praise will help smooth out Virgo’s irrepressible desire to clean up their surroundings and the accompanying irritation. Representatives of the sign are people who are not fooled by flattery but highly appreciate it when others notice their contribution to comfort. This attitude will reduce the intensity of everyday passions.

Libra – inability to show character

Libras are generally considered to be people who do not know how to show character when necessary. This belief was not in vain. Libras, despite their nobility, generosity, and wit, often lack determination and will. In situations where it is necessary to show their temper or protect loved ones, representatives of the sign get lost and give in, which immediately spoils their impression of themselves. In particular, this behavior forces Libra’s partners to reconsider their attitude towards them.

Scorpio – intolerance towards others

Scorpios never forgive others for any weaknesses. Moreover, they love to “finish off” people: they will gladly take advantage of their opponent’s weak position to destroy him. Unfortunately, they adhere to the same principles about loved ones. Scorpios do not know pity, so
this position often makes them loners in life.

At the same time, representatives of the sign respect partners who do not curry favor with them and make concessions in everything, but are ready to defend their position. Yes, such a confrontation can lead to conflict, but the likelihood that after a quarrel Scorpio will take the first step towards reconciliation is higher than if he realizes that in front of him is a person who cannot defend himself.

Sagittarius – superficial approach to relationships

Under this constellation people are born who take everything in this life too easily. Sagittarians always and everywhere show their frivolity, even where it is necessary to be responsible and thoughtful. This attitude, on the one hand, makes Sagittarians extremely positive and sweet, but on the other, people often turn a blind eye to important things. Those who start relationships with Sagittarius give up after a while because living with such personalities is very difficult: while they “bury their head in the sand,” the partner has to put everything on his shoulders.

To pull Sagittarius out of their infantile state, it is important for partners not to allow representatives of the sign to delegate important tasks to themselves. Literally from the first days of the relationship, it is advisable to show your beloved Sagittarius that he has his area of ​​responsibility.

Capricorn – categorical judgments

Capricorn always thinks in the format of “you always” or “you never”. There is no third. People of this sign do not accept opinions other than their own and make disarming verdicts. Capricorns also tend to discuss and criticize others. Moreover, they label people once and for all: they do not give a chance to convince themselves. Such categorical behavior has a bad effect on the personal life of representatives of the sign. After all, having once failed to live up to Capricorn’s expectations, the partner is unlikely to win their favor. Capricorns will read all attempts to justify themselves as an admission of guilt.

Capricorns will be less categorical if they understand that they are not perfect either: they make mistakes and change their judgments. Representatives of the sign willingly get involved in conversations about their childhood or school years, so you can use this “loophole” to find out what has changed in their worldview and why. Such reflections sober up Capricorns and make them softer.

Aquarius – the desire for independence

Aquarians put freedom above all else, so even in relationships they strive for complete independence from their partner. Such aspirations do not make the personal life of representatives of the sign better, because few people like such a position. Moreover, in case of any difficulties, Aquarians do not stoop to explanations and attempt to understand what happened, but simply run. As a result, tired of tolerating such an attitude towards oneself, the other half leaves.

In the case of Aquarius, two types of partners can somehow ground them. The first is a person who is very confident in himself and can give Aquarius a feeling of security: after all, the freedom of representatives of the sign ends where they lose comfort, so they always need a strong shoulder. If they find him, they will never let him go. The second is the same lover of independence. Yes, such a couple probably won’t last long together, but everyone will be happy.

Pisces – the tendency to look for drama in everything

Pisces love to dramatize their lives: they look for reasons for worries, violent emotions, and tears. This sign can easily make an ideal actor, whose whole life is in theater. Moreover, Pisces always plays the role of victims: sometimes their drama is so off the scale that it becomes difficult to separate the real from the far-fetched. For most Pisces partners, such fiery feelings cause bewilderment and rejection. However, the collapsed relationship for this sign becomes a new reason to play out a Shakespearean tragedy around itself.

You can outplay Pisces in their “one-man show” if you shift the focus to yourself. For example, if a loved one is the first to share his worries, Pisces, being very inclusive nature, will immediately switch to a wave of understanding and encouragement. In this case, the main thing for the partner is not to overdo it and not turn into a “drama king” himself.

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