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I See Right Through You! Which Zodiac Sign Has The Strongest Intuition?

Today our Magic Ball tells which of the zodiac signs is like the Magic Ball and sees everything hidden and secret. Maybe it is you?

12th place – Sagittarius

The honorable last place in the horoscope of born mediums goes to Sagittarius – for their amazing ability to spit from a high bell tower on any premonitions and signs of fate. It’s not that Sagittarius are such fatalists, not at all. It’s just that if you guess about everything in advance, then why live at all? It’s also not interesting!

11th place – Capricorn

Intuition occurs in Capricorns, but it is extremely rare since it is an atavism – something like a tail in people. True, unlike the tail, as a rule, it falls off on its own around the time of puberty. Because Capricorn doesn’t use it, it’s clear: How can you even trust something that you can’t touch with your hands, huh?

10th place – Aries

In Aries, instead of intuition, such a useful thing grows in their inner world as hydronic sense: it works exclusively about money, but it never fails – Aries always knows where the smell of enrichment is. In all other cases, Aries, in general, does not need any premonitions: war is bullshit, the main thing is maneuvers!

9th place – Leo

The heavenly office did not give intuition to Leos for one simple reason: it is a pity to waste a valuable resource on someone who will not appreciate it anyway. But he won’t appreciate it because when they scattered conceit from the jar over the signs of the zodiac, the lid flew off right above Leo. And now, as we all understand, it is not a royal thing to see right through someone. And who? There are only slaves all around! It would be something to look at, by God.

8th place – Taurus

A completely useless intuitive: as they say, he looks at a book and sees you know what. This, however, does not prevent Taurus from living at all, because instead of intuition, he has a wagon and a small part of life experience, a memory like an elephant, and a fantastic ability to choose the right life strategy. So, let’s face it, intuition would be of no benefit to Taurus, except harm.

7th place – Libra

Schrödinger’s intuition: It seems to be there, but at the same time it seems to be not there. That is, Libra, on the one hand, can feel subtle matters much better than many signs, but the problem is that they are never sure whether they feel something. Or maybe it seemed? Or maybe it’s not a premonition that chills the inner world, but there was no need to eat the station shawarma? The devil will sort him out.

6th place – Virgo

An honorable central place in the horoscope of intuitive goes to Virgos – the greatest and most important craftsman in the difficult task of pulling owls onto globes. Virgo immediately extracts any premonition from the depths of her inner world, carefully sucks it, examines it under a microscope, disassembles it into molecules, and tries to justify it logically. As a result, the premonition predictably crumbles and can no longer be restored.

5th place – Aquarius

The top five opens with Aquarius – people whose intuition is of such a size that it interferes with walking. The problem is that Aquarians themselves seem to be somewhat afraid of it, rightly suspecting that if they start using it correctly, abysses will open. And, frankly, they feel very well that they are unlikely to extend the hand of friendship from the abyss, yeah.

4th place – Gemini

Just a little short of making it to the top three, Geminis, who see right through everyone at first sight, always know everything about everyone and can predict not only what a person will do next, but also what he is thinking about at the same time, and at the same time – what he will think and do until the end of his worthless days. The only problem is that 99% of the Earth’s population will neither think nor do anything interesting from the Gemini point of view. Well, what’s the point of diving into this at all?

3rd place – Cancer

The top three are opened by Cancers – born intuitives: they always know what will happen, but, unfortunately, they have no idea how to calm their hearts: Cancers have a bad gift of foresight. But if you need a person who knows how to deal with any troubles, from over-salted borscht to the zombie apocalypse, this is Cancer for you.

2nd place – Scorpio

The most mystical sign takes an honorable second place: inside Scorpio, in addition to a heart of stone and an untouchable reserve of cunning, designed for all of humanity, there is also a built-in lie detector. It is impossible to deceive Scorpio, even if you deceive yourself and sincerely believe in what you say. But, unfortunately, Scorpio does not know how to use this skill about his beloved. Therefore, it has the habit of carelessly waving its claws away from the internal siren signaling danger. Alas!

1st place – Pisces

Ta-damm! The honorable first place, gold medal, and title of chief intuitive of the entire zodiac goes to Pisces. Pisces feels at home in the ocean of subtle matters. Nothing can be hidden from Pisces, including what you hide from yourself. Fish always know where the warm current is, which itself will bring a school of nutritious herring to them. And most importantly, Pisces are not greedy at all and generously share their premonitions with everyone willing to listen. But you’re not listening, are you? That’s it.

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