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I Will Never Marry You: The Main Bachelor By Zodiac Sign – Who Is He?

Today our Magic Ball tells you which zodiac signs it is better not to even try to make matrimonial plans with. If you suddenly need it for some reason, of course.

12th place — Cancer

Cancer does not need to be persuaded to marry; there is another problem with him: how to get rid of him if he has decided to marry you. The “throw him to hell” option will not work, because if Cancer is refused, he will begin to ACHIEVE.

11th place – Pisces

Pisces only dreams about how to adopt someone more successfully, otherwise how can he sit here alone – so handsome and misunderstood – without clean socks and borscht? So there is no problem dragging Fish into the registry office – he runs there ahead of his squeal.

10th place — Taurus

Taurus is an undemanding and unpretentious man, so in general, he is ready to marry anyone at all because a bird in the hand is better and all that. In addition, marriage, from the point of view of Taurus, is a profitable enterprise, since it is more convenient to increase capital together. True, you need to take into account that sometimes Taurus’s main capital is a sofa from Ikea. Well, how could I?

9th place — Scorpio

Unexpected turn! Everyone thinks that it is almost impossible to wait for a proposal from this demonic handsome man, and in general, Scorpios are the main zodiac ladies’ men and heartthrobs. There are one and a half cripples of these Scorpios for the entire chitinous population. And the rest have been married for a long time and deeply. Their wives simply forbade them to tell them that they were Scorpios, yeah.

8th place — Capricorn

It is vital for Capricorn that everything in his destiny be correct and in perfect order, and it is correct, as you know, to be a family man. Another thing is that Capricorn chooses his wife so carefully that if a marriage proposal has not arrived after a year of relationship, then it will not come again, it’s easier to say goodbye.

7th place — Virgo

Another sign undeservedly recorded as a bachelor: marrying a Virgo is as easy as shelling pears, the recipe is the same for all Virgos, failsafe – you need to propose to the Virgo yourself. Believe it or not, it will be awkward for him to refuse. True, you will most likely be uncomfortable living with him, but these are details.

6th place — Leo

The honorable central place goes to Leos, who have absolutely nothing against marriage, they are very much in favor. It’s just that the requirements for a potential bride take up more space than a large Soviet encyclopedia. But, as soon as such magnificent beauty, a rare smart girl, an excellent hostess, a sexy bombshell, and a candidate of science are found, they immediately yes!

5th place — Aries

Aries sincerely imagines himself as a lonely wolf with powerful paws, whom all the surrounding old maids want to get into their raking hands. Get him, and then put him in a cage, break his free will, feed him by hand, and tie a bow around his neck – in short, ruin the man’s whole life. And Aries kicks in advance, even if he is the elusive Joe, whom no one catches because no one needs him.

4th place — Sagittarius

Be careful, dangerous moment! Sagittarius, of course, are freedom-loving kings of the roads, carefree angels flying into the distance, and yet, yes, lonely wolves, unlike… Let’s not point fingers. But in general, Sagittarians don’t mind going to the registry office if a woman needs it. The problem is that they don’t mind going there again, and again, and many, many more times. If you plan to be the sixth wife, then maybe it will work out, but we don’t recommend being the first or even the third: it won’t last long.

3rd place — Aquarius

The top three are opened by Aquarius – people who are ready to fight for their illusory freedom to the last drop of blood. In reality, of course, they simply do not want any of the responsibility that marriage is supposed to impose on a man. But, of course, they can be convinced that they won’t have to bear responsibility. They won’t anyway, so what’s the difference?

2nd place – Gemini

The silver medal goes to Geminis – people who are horrified by the thought of having to live their lives with one woman. It is impossible to hammer into this guy and his crowd of subpersonalities that there is nothing wrong with this: Gemini can love you to the skies, but the word “forever” (and also “for a long time”) acts on him like incense on the devil: they blow – and then no!

1st place – Libra

Ta-dam! The first place and the title of the main zodiac bachelor go to Libra – men who are rarely alone, but paradoxically, rarely get married. Because they haven’t decided yet – this is the time. And two – they are fed well anyway. And finally, three – this is how you get married, and tomorrow you will meet the true love of your life! No, but what if? Could this possibly be the case? That’s the same!

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