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Is Everything At Home? Zodiac Signs And Their Everyday Problems

Your home – your rules! And each constellation has its own. Today our Magic Ball tells how the zodiac signs behave in everyday life, and what problems they have.

The behavior of zodiac signs in everyday life is a very interesting topic! So what makes them different from each other?


Capricorn should be comfortable, like that cat. That is, it’s absolutely 146 percent comfortable, but what it looks like is not even the least important thing, so Capricorn’s house can be kept sterilely clean and tidy, like in an operating room, or there can be stacks of unfortunate devils lying in the corners, having broken all their limbs in Capricorn’s mess. queues. This, strictly speaking, does not matter. The only important thing is that nothing can be touched or rearranged in Capricorn’s house. Because if Capricorn suddenly becomes uncomfortable, the guilty party will see the torture of the Holy Inquisition as a joyride. Some zodiac signs are adamant in everyday life, and the first among them is Capricorn!


The characteristics of the zodiac signs in everyday life are different, and Aquarius is primarily distinguished by its love of innovation. His home is a natural exhibition of the achievements of the national economy: as soon as a new gadget appears, designed to make the hard life of a housewife easier, Aquarius immediately needs it. This will help! True, it later turns out that the robot vacuum cleaner helps the cat have fun, the steam mop helps the wallpaper come off the wall, and the multicooker perfectly grows other forms of life in its incomprehensible interior, but these are trifles. The main thing is not the result, but the process. The process of pleasure from shopping: I bought it and, therefore, took care of the house.


Among the zodiac signs in everyday life, Pisces are distinguished by their desire for beauty. They are obsessed with beauty: the house must be magnificent, otherwise, what is the point of being in it at all, right? Therefore, Rybki can turn even a murdered Khrushchev’s grandmother into a real palace. Another thing is that Rybka, unfortunately, is not able to expand this pitiful space to at least the size of a ballroom. But she will certainly have figurines on the mantelpiece! Well, okay, not on the mantelpiece – what are you nitpicking about little things?


Zodiac sign compatibility is a topic on which millions of articles have been written. But when it comes to household chores, remember: Only a perfectionist will suit an Aries. This sign is obsessed with spring cleaning. This, in principle, is not surprising, because Aries is not satisfied with half-measures in any area of ​​life, and everyday life is no exception. All that remains is to sympathize with the household members of Aries, who have to take part in this because after Aries storms through the apartment, tearing off the curtains and throwing away stuff from the mezzanine, they will have to do the actual cleaning. And Aries will fall into a chair with a tragic cry, “What a mess the apartment has been brought to, you Herods!” Look at the mess all around!” And you can’t argue.


The house of Taurus must have the Best of All because the house is not only the place where Taurus lives, but also what he lives for: to come to his fortress in the evening and relax there in the best chair in the world with a cup of the best in the world coffee. And from this chair, you can view all the other best things – from the carpet under your feet to a dressing room the size of half the territory of the Vatican. These zodiac signs behave like sybarites in everyday life, and we will not blame them!


The behavior of zodiac signs is often eccentric, but Gemini surpasses everyone in this. Their main household rule is no rules! At least somewhere their freedom-loving nature should feel undisturbed by anything, right? So, at least in their own home, let no one tell Gemini how to live, including the Gemini themselves. That is, that bad subpersonality that for some reason doesn’t like sticking its socks to the floor. Please tell me how cool it is!


Our Magic Ball assures that Cancers are absolute maniacs, obsessed with everyday life, but we do not agree with him: Cancers are obsessed only with cleanliness and food, but they are obsessed with going to bed without washing the floors in the entire apartment and without making five liters of borscht for tomorrow is simply unthinkable for them. And the fact that it is quite possible to build a small home guillotine from pillowcases starched and ironed by Cancers is not at all crazy. So, just a little economic quirk, we think. So these zodiac signs are completely normal in everyday life. True true!


Lionesses are ideal housewives who will never invite you to dinner if you are the seventh guest, and they have a service for six people. It won’t be pretty! That’s why everyone admires Lionesses – that’s it. And two – no one suspects that her main joy and outlet is to occasionally allow herself to create a terrible, monstrous, unimaginable mess at home! The next morning, the Lioness will experience pangs of conscience and a mental hangover, and she even knows about it. But today – it wasn’t! – Just like that, he’ll take it and throw the towel onto the floor with his own hands, and throw the stub past the trash can. Know ours! Few zodiac signs are capable of such liberties in everyday life!


The main household problem of Virgos is that someone should live in the house. In the sense that the Virgo herself does not count, and what kind of vital activity she has is just an appearance. But an empty house brings such melancholy to Virgo that as soon as she gets a house, Virgo immediately starts dating someone. More often than my husband, because he is a generally useful pet. But it would be better to have a husband, a cat, and a dog: they will collectively sniffle, fart, knock their claws on the parquet and leave traces of their snotty nose on the mirror, and Virgo will be happy: the house has come to life, everything is fine. Everything you wanted to know about the compatibility of zodiac signs with Virgo fits into one phrase: the mansion must be full, and whoever does not understand this – let him go to the garden!


Libra is obsessed with cleanliness: if, while Libra is not at home, you hide all the sponges, rags, mops, and polishes from the neighbors, Libra will not immediately figure out what’s going on, but they will feel somehow uncomfortable – everything seems to be as always, and their hands will be busy nothing. At the same time, which is typical, Libra themselves are not aware of their mania at all: they ask forgiveness from the guests for the mess, and the guests are ashamed to take off their shoes – you will stain this sterile floor with your unwashed socks! How good it is that Libras are unusually polite and tactful people and will never hint this to guests. They’ll just come out for a second to “powder their nose.” That is, quickly wipe the floor in the hallway with antibacterial wipes. These zodiac signs are uncompromising in everyday life: 100% of microbes must be killed! And if it works out, then 110%.


Scorpios love to take care of the house – that’s right, with two capital letters. About once a month, Scorpio wakes up and feels like she has been bitten by a rabid Cinderella: an insurmountable itch in her hands makes her grab cotton swabs, dip them in ammonia, and rub the oven rack, for example. Or door frames. A couple of hours later, tired to death, Scorpio calls the housekeeper and in a dying voice asks her to come right now, and not tomorrow, as agreed. Otherwise, I don’t have any strength to live in such a stable! Well, the behavior of zodiac signs is sometimes very logical: why do something yourself that you can entrust to someone else?


A Sagittarius house usually looks like a bomb went off in the closet, which, by the way, maybe almost true. Because in Sagittarius’s closet, in addition to warm, cozy sweaters and lace panties, you can find a raincoat, a four-seater kayak, and a young survivalist’s kit, which must certainly include a camp stove with a gas cylinder. That’s why he probably exploded. What? Didn’t explode? Well, that means the cat got into trouble. Oh, why did you get on with your “You don’t have a cat!”? But everything else is there: in a Sagittarius house you can easily survive a zombie apocalypse because along with a gas burner, a year’s supply of vodka, stew, and Zvezdochka balm is stored there. Some zodiac signs are very practical in everyday life – and sometimes this practicality even extends to the unexpected end of the world!

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