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Let’s Bring It To Light: What Do The Zodiac Signs Lie About?

As the great Dr. House said, everyone lies. And our Magic Ball added: everyone lies in different ways and each about his own. We’ll tell you when you shouldn’t trust each zodiac sign!

Capricorn – “I haven’t decided yet”

Blatant, blatant lie! Capricorn decides almost everything while thoughtfully picking his nose with his finger while sitting on the potty, although some say that Capricorns do not wait that long and make all the important life decisions in their previous incarnation. So if you hear this, know: the decision has been made, and probably not in your favor (although, maybe Capricorn just wants to torment you).

Aquarius – “I’ll do it later”

Yes, yes, when the cancer on the mountain whistles, and not just like that, but in honor of some significant event such as the coming of the Antichrist, that is, never. Aquarius either lights up with some kind of idea, or he doesn’t, there is no third option. Why not honestly say no? Well, because he gave you his word that he would be the one to do the dishes.

Pisces – “I can handle it myself”

Yeah, right here with these paws. Completely independently, Pisces can only hang out in the depths of their rich inner world (and even then, if someone catches them in time, feeds them, and releases them back), In all other cases they need at least support from the “Mother” level, and, at a maximum, to it was all done by someone else. And then he regretted it again, otherwise, Rybka is nervous!

Aries – “I am calm!”

See the exclamation mark, right? Then nod vigorously, say “Of course!” and quietly retreat to a safe distance, because now it will explode and pieces will fly through the back streets. And you will get it simply because you are in the affected area – well, unless, of course, you are also an Aries. Then you will detonate and there will be a big badaboom. Hooray!

Taurus – “I’m not jealous”

This comes from a person whose piece of sausage cannot be stolen from his plate without a significant risk of getting hit in the eye with a fork! Taurus considers any person who entered into a relationship with him to be his personal property, and it is not necessarily about love: Taurus friends are also jealous, so admitting that you were in a bar with someone else is very, very reckless!

Gemini – “I don’t have anyone”

Hello, you have at least 100,500 subpersonalities, so this is a lie even technically. But in general, Geminis always have not just someone, but a whole collection of different someones: someone in the friend zone, someone for warm friendly sex, and someone for late-night conversations in the kitchen, which is much more intimate than any than there is sex. But if the Gemini is silent on this topic, it means that the truth is not. Rare case, by the way!

Cancer – “I’m normal”

I’m normal, I’m in the house, and the house is burning, and I’m burning, and we’re all in hell – this is roughly how these words of Cancer should be understood. Not only because Cancer, in principle, can always find a reason to hurt himself on a grand scale against reality, but also because in life he will not ask anyone for help. It is he who is the savior of all living things and these little ones. He is not supposed to. Well, he thinks so. So bring a blanket, and mulled wine, and wait. He’ll tell you soon.

Leo – “I understand you”

Of course, he understands! Approximately the same way a lioness understands a gazelle: where it is looking now and where it will rush later (there, therefore, it is necessary to jump). In all other cases, Leos does not understand and does not want, which is typical, to understand all sorts of pathetic mortals. Where are they and where is Leo?

Virgo – “You are doing the right thing.”

From the point of view of the Virgo, it should be clear to anyone that only the Virgo is right, the rest of the maximum commit not too rash acts – well, if this one, of course, is not a fool. But, since, from the point of view of the Virgin, only the Virgins are not fools in this world, these words are an absolute, concentrated lie. So it goes.

Libra – “It didn’t offend me”

It is pronounced with treacherously trembling lips with a tear in his voice: offending Libra is easier than stepping foot in the snow somewhere in January. Libra is offended by almost everything that we do – people completely devoid of sensitivity, tact, and empathy, but they somehow put up with it. But if they lie about it, the offense is mortal.

Scorpio – “I don’t know if I love you or not”

Every Scorpio knows a thousand ways to show a person that he does not love, from gentle and even sympathetic ones for preparations to striking in their cruelty – for those who do not understand simple hints. And Scorpio doesn’t have only one way – to show that he is so in love that he has fallen into complete dependence. And this “I don’t know” means “You will love me no matter what, right? Is it true?”. Fuck to be like that, of course, but that’s what it is.

Sagittarius – “I don’t care”

If a person is not able to calmly walk past a fly beating against the glass (catch and release it!) Says that he doesn’t care – he, of course, should be believed, this is no worse than believing in wonderful fairies and winning the lottery. But if you are not inclined to magical thinking, know: that he is blatantly lying. You should know this because when Sagittarius cares, he acts. But how – as God puts it on your soul, to be honest. It’s not for him to rake then!

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