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Libra: Personality Traits Of This Zodiac Sign

From September 24 to October 23, we celebrate the natives of the zodiac sign Libra! An air sign, she is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and if we know how to listen, we will quickly realize that she only talks about that. Indeed, the native of Libra is peaceful, helpful, and correct but he is always in search of romantic stability. Do you want to know more about this zodiac sign? This article is for you! Here is the compilation of all the character traits of this Air sign…

Introducing Libra

An air sign, his watchword is justice. We are talking about Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. Its constellation is positioned between that of Virgo and that of Scorpio. It is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. The sign of Libra is known for its honesty, uprightness, and balanced character.
In Greek mythology, we saw in this constellation, the scales of Astrea, the goddess of justice, daughter of Themis and Zeus. Thus, Astrée personified human justice, while Themis, her mother, represented divine justice.

General characteristics of the sign of Libra

Symbol of justice, fairness, and balance, the native of Libra is peaceful like fresh water and loves righteousness in all aspects of his life.  He is helpful with his family and close friends because he adores the common and convivial life. Moreover, he has a sacred notion of friendship, family, and home and does not hesitate to rely on those close to him to make decisions and make optimal choices. On the other hand, he demands a lot of good manners and mutual respect in his relationships. Otherwise, he will not hesitate to cut ties forever. In love, he seeks emotional stability and considers it the essence of his entire life. Finally, we cannot go without saying that Libra also has the vice of emotional dependence, which is why they must avoid rough or strong-willed partners.

The qualities of Libra

If you are a native of Libra or know someone who has this sign in their birth chart, you will confirm these qualities:

  1. Sincere

The Libra native abhors hypocrisy more than anything. He prefers to assume the bitterness of the truth than to live in the lie of illusion. For this, he chooses soft and appropriate words that will not hurt his interlocutor. It’s his way of showing honesty and good faith to the people he loves.

Libra always takes the right path and avoids anything that might go against their good values ​​and good upbringing.

  1. Diplomat

Libra often demonstrates skill and dexterity in all situations. In case of conflict, she always finds compromises and median solutions that leave no one aggrieved. That said, the Libra person unites all opinions around a single vision by using their communication and conviction assets.

  1. Eloquent

The representative of Libra masters the art of communication. He always finds the right words for each situation and nuances in his speech according to his interlocutor as well as the message he wishes to convey. In addition, this eloquence serves him to convince by the quality of his speech, and this earns him points in several conversations or debates.

  1. Clever

The native of Libra has a well-made little head: he knows himself in several areas as interesting as each other. Fashion, sport, art, science, and philosophy… are all areas that are no strangers to him. In addition, he always has a little gag to tell to spice up the conversation.

  1. Courteous

Libra knows their limits well, which is why they are always delicate, polite, and skillful with others. She will not go so far as to interfere in their personal life. This is how she demands mutual respect and sustains her relationships.

  1. Elegant

The native of Libra attaches great importance to his appearance. This air sign is the ambassador of charm and elegance. No wonder, since its ruling planet is Venus, which embodies beauty and sensuality. The native of Libra always pays homage to this planet of love by taking care of his image with taste and refinement.

Libra’s flaws

If the qualities of the native of Libra earn him the sympathy of the other signs of the zodiac, he has parallel faults. Always between two opinions, the natives of Libra have the vice of indecision and dependence. We tell you more…

  1. Undecided

The native of Libra is certainly intelligent and eloquent but he does not always manage to assert his choice. This is why he always asks the opinion of others to decide on a decision or make a rational choice. We understand that this great undecided can only take the plunge if he has completely weighed the pros and cons of the situation.

  1. Afraid of being alone

Although the native of Libra is a calm and peaceful person, loneliness is something that displeases and frightens him. He may claim to be sociable and outgoing, but his need to be surrounded by a tender and loving partner always takes over. We understand that he can only consider himself happy and fulfilled if he is surrounded by love and attention.

  1. Fear of making mistakes

Need perfection or fear of failure? A bit of both! Indeed,  Libra’s indecisiveness and long thinking can be explained by their fear of making mistakes and consequently failing in their plans. Besides, this is also the reason why she often asks for confirmation from a third party.

  1. Does not respect its commitments

The native of Libra is benevolent and helpful, but he sometimes slips away and does not give any feedback regarding a possible agreement or appointment. He won’t answer the phone and will reappear until he feels like it.


For people of this constellation, physical intercourse is more of a sensual experience than a sexual one. This is the reason why Libras attach particular importance to the comfort of the place, to the preliminaries, to the tender words to the gestures… to deeply appreciate each moment with their partners.

Family and marriage

Representatives of the sign of Libra have an idyllic and sacred vision of marriage and the family that they try to achieve in their homes. Thus, we see them as perfect partners and loving and devoted parents. However, they demand a lot of respect and good manners in their couple and with their children too, which is why the first years of marriage are generally a real ordeal for Libra couples.

Libra: What kind of parent is that?

Libras are good parents. In education, they find the right balance between severity and tenderness because they are convinced that the only way to properly educate your child is to inculcate good values ​​and habits. On the other hand, they listen to their child, understand his needs, and correct him if necessary. Finally, respect and communication are the watchwords of Libra’s parents.


Endowed with a peaceful and jovial temperament, the native of Libra weaves bonds of friendship with astonishing ease and speed. He’s the kind of friend who pays attention to detail, gives helpful and constructive advice, puts everyone at ease, and finds no harm in giving sincere compliments. However, he tends to dread friendship breakups or betrayals, as this is interpreted as a gesture of abandonment that he takes personally more than anything. Only true friends know and understand what their Libra friend can do for them!


The capricious nature of Libra is manifested in the choice of hobbies. Sometimes he wants something, sometimes he wants something else. This is why he is often seen spending his free time in creative activities, namely painting, music, writing, sewing, or embroidery. Moreover, Libras are great collectors of antique objects and vintage decor. Likewise, Libra women are very into fashion and luxury clothes.


The native of Libra likes to exercise artistic professions that appeal to his creativity and constantly animate his passion. We see them as actors, writers, musicians, fashion designers, marketers, graphic designers…and the list goes on. Moreover, the thirst for justice is also a major factor in their career choice. Thus, we can see them in the professions of lawyer, judge, politician, or diplomat.


During periods of stress and overwork, it happens to the native of Libra to experience difficult moments of depression which can even impact their tone and physical performance. He takes a step back before taking his situation in hand. In addition, the most sensitive areas of the body in the native Libra are the kidneys, the bladder, and the lower back.


The native of Libra has several common affinities with the representatives of the Air element or with the signs of Fire. Thus, he obtains more harmonious agreements with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

What attracts Libras

Librans are attracted to loving people who speak an expressive love language, who listen to them, support them, and help them make the right choices. In addition, they enjoy accomplishing creative projects. Moreover, they adore little moments of joy spent with their family under the same roof and consider them a blessing.

Libra Woman

The Libra Woman is elegant and mysterious. She naturally seduces with her pronounced charisma, her impressive beauty, and her unparalleled eloquence. She is a very caring woman, who pays a lot of attention to her appearance and her hygiene. She may seem peaceful and silent, but she will fascinate you with her strength and her presence when you tackle an interesting and controversial subject. She knows how to defend her cause while leaving little power to her interlocutor. She is also kind, helpful, and has a good sense of humor. This is how she creates a warm atmosphere around her and wins the admiration of those around her. Finally, we cannot go without saying that the Libra woman is often indecisive about her life partner, which is why,

Libra Man

The Libra man is gallant, kind, charming, and charming to the point that his excessive gallantry can sometimes be interpreted as a way of seducing, even if his intention does not take on this audacious aspect. Moreover, contrary to what one might think of him, the Libra man is a faithful, romantic, and caring partner who feels no need to seduce outside of his couple. Likewise, he always wants to be in harmony with his half with whom there must be a lot of complicity, support, and trust. It’s his way of staying motivated and being able to move mountains. Finally, it should also be said that the Libra man has a great penchant for material goods, namely cars or luxury clothes, or even luxurious places and trips. A little boastful? Yes,

Libra Child

The Libra child is easy-going, he does not complicate the life of his parents. He is generally docile, polite, and respectful. He shows diplomacy from a young age and never tolerates rudeness or violence towards him. Moreover, the parents of the Libra child know very well that they must treat him with respect, not shout at him and not hurt his esteem. On the other hand, this little one knows how to live in his little world by simply appreciating the beauty of things as he is an esthete by default. Thus, toys, clothes, and small goodies are his source of joy and entertainment. On the other hand, the Libra child is an extravagant dreamer who cares little for the practical aspect of life, in particular helping his mother with the housework or making his bed alone. Likewise,


The element of Libra is Air, which largely determines its diplomatic, peaceful, and sociable character. It is an element that represents change, movement, and intellect.


Libra is ruled by the planet of love and diplomacy, Venus. The latter is more sensitive in this sign. The reason why the native of Libra always has a thirst for love which makes him capable of landing on the moon if he is madly in love. Likewise, she inspires him with good manners with which he can charm those around him and earn their respect.


All representatives of zodiac signs have lucky numbers and favorable days that can affect their career, wealth, and even luck in the lottery. Thus, the favorable numbers for Libra are 2, 7, 8, and 15 as well as all numbers divisible by 6.


In blue and pink, the Libra native will be even more sociable and outgoing. By the way, these colors will help her reveal her charm and approach people with joy and ease.


For people of this constellation, the following minerals are most suitable as amulets that protect against the evil eye and negative energies, here they are Diamond, Emerald, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Agate, Turquoise, Labrador, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.


Bronze is a suitable metal alloy for the Libra representative. It gives a lot of strength and energy to this Air sign, pointing it in the right direction. Similarly, silver and all-white metals including gold, rhodium, palladium, and platinum, come in second place.


If you need to choose a tree for yourself, the easiest way to do so is to follow your zodiac sign. Indeed, each representative of the zodiac corresponds to a totem or protective tree that has a positive effect on health, energy, and even mood. So, if you celebrate your birthday from September 22 to October 23, your protective tree is olive. The latter protects you from stress, and overwork and boosts your ability to make rational decisions in twisted situations.


Being a peaceful and peaceful being, the native of Libra is associated with the Talisman flowers which embody his sweetness but also his strength. That said, the rose with its large buds and subtle color, the orchid symbol of love and purity, and finally the lilac synonymous with calm and serenity are the three flowers that correspond to this sign. On the other hand, Irises and Gerberas are not suitable as a gift for Libra.


The natives of Libra seek above all balance and justice, but also nobility, and beauty. For this, nothing better than pets that reflect these qualities. Unsurprisingly, we evoke the cat with whom the native of Libra will create a unique connection. His favorite is the Chartreux cat, beautiful and elegant with its gray and majestic coat. The Libra representative is also attracted to docile dogs endowed with natural elegance. Why not a Dalmatian, easy to live with?

Famous libra

Brigitte Bardot, Alexandra Lamy, Marion Cotillard, and Julien Clerc are all French artists born under the sign of Libra. Do not hesitate to read up on their biographies to find out if you have points in common.


Who is not compatible with Libra?

If he has affinities with the signs of Fire and the other signs of Air, the native of Libra is incompatible with the signs of Earth and Water because people who are too dark or on the contrary too sensitive can downright destabilize its balance.

What is the most hated character in the native of Libra?

Failure to keep commitments is the fault for which the native of Libra is often blamed (or hated). Yes, it happens to him to do as he pleases.

Who is Libra’s worst enemy?

The worst enemies of the native of Libra are the dishonest people who come to interfere in his life just to upset his balance. His sense of fairness and justice does not rhyme with their bad intentions.

To evoke the sign of the zodiac as opposed to the native of Libra, we can cite Capricorn. The latter likes to isolate himself and is always worried and overwhelmed by the realization of his projects, while the native of Libra is often relaxed and likes to be surrounded by his friends and loved ones. Their relationship will therefore be very hostile.

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