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Love Horoscope For The Week Of April 1st To April 7th.


Changes in your love life will make you feel better about yourself. Although communication problems intensify due to Mercury retrograde, you will find the strength you need to understand what your partner is feeling.


You may allow someone to take steps toward your heart these days. If you have the necessary openness, you can be part of the beginning of a delicious love story. The important thing is not to put a shield in front of you and not to hide your feelings.


You have a week full of romance, even if you want to focus seriously on the professional level. Work responsibilities can wait until your loved one passionately declares that they would like to spend more time in your company.


The stars advise you to be cautious when it comes to relationships and not to venture into a relationship with a man who does not inspire you with confidence. Do not think that you will get to know him along the way, it is important to create a climate of safety from the first interactions.


You will enjoy yourself like a child between April 1 and 7, especially after you realize that the love between you and your partner is growing. Emotions run high as you go through all kinds of unforeseen situations together. You will have fun, even if at first you will be afraid to say what you think in the presence of your soul mate.


Pleasant coincidences will make your days more beautiful and help you enjoy life. Even if you didn’t think you could fall in love again, this week will prove to you that everything is possible at any time.


You might be in for a huge love surprise, so get ready for intense and unique emotions. The thrill of love will change you radically in the coming days, which means that there are chances that you will also change your relationship status.


Don’t be afraid to tell your significant other why you have reservations when it comes to the plans he/she wants you to implement. You have to be prepared for heated discussions and misunderstandings but don’t think that your whole week will be marked by unpleasantness. There will only be a few episodes.


The news you receive during this period will unsettle you terribly. Only the person you love can improve your mood, so you have to let romance transport you to other worlds, where bad luck can bypass you.


Problems will keep coming up in your relationship and you will try to keep misunderstandings at bay. This fact will consume a lot of energy, but you will manage to remain optimistic and love your partner just as much.


You may feel that you are not getting the attention you want from your soul mate. To avoid unnecessary drama, you could tell him that you need more affection. If you wait for them to figure it out on their own, you could accumulate serious frustrations.


Although you will feel extremely restless these days, you will manage to focus on your love relationship and your partner’s needs. Try not to share your moods with him/her, especially if you are thinking about your future together.

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