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Love Tarot Forecast For All Zodiac Signs: The Week Of August 15th To 21st

Aries – 8 cups

This week, with complete dedication, you need to devote yourself to love. The middle of the week can bring hustle and bustle and technical confusion (such as communication problems), while the weekend can be marked by emotional instability and mood swings.

Taurus – 8 of Wands

The Taurus in Love will prove to be incredibly adventurous at the start of this week. They prefer not to wait, but to take the initiative themselves. Perhaps sometimes the manifestations of their emotions will be excessive and unpredictable, but the partner will not have to doubt their true feelings for a minute.

Gemini – 9 of Wands

This week you will have to act according to the situation and not build large-scale plans in your personal life. It is worth controlling your momentary impulses and emotional swings in the middle of the week: at this time, both bouts of coldness and despondency, as well as moments of nervousness and temper are possible.

Cancer – Star

Cancerians will receive an encouraging sign for the future. The stars advise not to get carried away with detailing the prospects, as fate can still surprise you. The week is suitable for close communication, as well as for listening to your own heart.

Leo – 3 cups

The most striking and memorable will be the beginning of this week. Having experienced a storm of enchanting emotions on Monday and Tuesday, many Lions will wait for the logical development of events, but the next phase of the holiday may not take place. The stars are hinting that this is not the final…

Virgo – Knight of Cups

The manifestation of initiative in love will be very successful for you. Your words and deeds will not go unanswered!

Libra – Knight of Wands

This week, you should not give up an active personal life, but it is better not to expect predictability from it: from time to time, unexpected turns of events are likely. Fortunately, they will be rather pleasant and any surprise will serve to develop the novel. On weekends, emotional or domestic interference is possible.

Scorpio – Emperor

You will have to play a certain role in love for the sake of your partner! After all, the current scenario does not suit the partner. On weekends, you should try to talk with your passion.

Sagittarius – 6 of Cups

The beginning of this week will be happy for you, but tiring. You will have to try to arrange a date of the highest level to justify the hopes of passion or amuse your pride. In the middle of the week, there is a risk of minor disagreements. Weekends will require delicacy.

Capricorn – Devil

This week, the most vivid experiences await lovers. You will discover unexpected talents in your loved one, and new facets in your novel.

Aquarius – Moon

The rapid course of events will be in question. Perhaps a loved one, well aware of his attractiveness, wants to test your patience and further warm up your feelings.

Pisces – 4 cups

Avoid too long and close communication with your loved one between Wednesday and Friday. At this time, the likelihood of minor quarrels and misunderstandings will increase, which may seem like a trifle at first, but complicate the harmony of relationships later.

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