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Love Tarot Forecast For All Zodiac Signs: The Week Of August 22-28

What to expect from a relationship with a loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – 10 cups

Get ready for the fact that you will finally meet your other half, which you have been looking for for so long, and create a harmonious couple with her, in which there will be sincere love, complete trust, and mutual understanding. However, do not forget that your partner can be a very vulnerable person.

Taurus – Temperance

Be patient, be humble. This card indicates that you should avoid extremes, and be careful and deliberate in your actions. You need to analyze all your steps.

Gemini – Judgment

An important event awaits you (a marriage proposal, a wedding, the birth of children, the strengthening of marriage) or you will finally meet your destiny. If the current relationship has become obsolete and brings only pain and disappointment, it’s time to put an end to it.

Cancer – 2 of Pentacles

A wonderful period of spontaneous and easy relationships. A touch of sweet carelessness and frivolity will make it easy to meet and part, flirt, have an affair, and “resort” novels.

Leo – 5 wands

You are expected to resolve conflicts and achieve certainty in relationships. It cannot be said that such comforting results will come easily, for this card does not promise easy paths to anyone. But the result is more important, isn’t it?

Virgo – 6 cups

This week’s card promises the pleasure of a date. But only those who do crazy things in the name of love and try to do everything to only increase mutual interest will get it. If you are single, then expect a surprise.

Libra – Ace of Swords

If you are lonely, know that love is close. If you are in a relationship, expect new sensations, passion, and emotions. And, in general, you are expected to reach a new level.

Scorpio – 9 of Wands

Find strength in yourself, distract yourself from the recent negativity, soon everything will change for the better – you may open up to new feelings, although there is a chance that the old love has not faded away and will still get better.

Sagittarius – 4 swords

New relationships will develop slowly, they will feel some detachment and reticence. If you are alone, then it is better to pause in search.

Capricorn – Devil

The week will be full of attraction and charm for a partner, and completely unworthy of it. Be careful. If you are in a relationship, first of all, think about your pleasure, and not about how he feels.

Aquarius – World

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” is already on your table! Enjoy life and love. Now everything is for you and in your name!

Pisces – 7 swords

When meeting new people, do not be gullible, listen to yourself and your inner voice. If you’re in a relationship, don’t find out! You still don’t hear the truth.

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