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Love Tarot Spread For All Zodiac Signs: Week From November 14 To 20

What to expect from a relationship with your loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – Justice

Your relationship is not threatened by emotional instability. You don’t have to complain about your partner. The card does not recommend moving away from each other, both physically and mentally; you both need mutual support.

Taurus – Empress

Positive emotions reign in your relationship and equally positive changes are coming. There won’t be any problems! Harmony and love are your accompaniment during this period.

Gemini – Moon

This week you will feel discomfort: you are worried about fears and self-doubt. That is why it will be very difficult for you to carry out any actions in the personal sphere. Work through it.

Cancer – judgment

If you are planning a pregnancy, now is a very favorable time. The week is very suitable for renewing relationships. This is a great time to move on to a more serious stage.

Leo – Moderation

You should not spend so many of your resources to maintain existing relationships or acquire new ones. Relax and move according to the will of fate, and then everything will resolve itself. But don’t lose the golden mean between calmness and irresponsibility.

Virgo – Devil

You won’t spend this week alone. Your partner means much more to you now than you think: all joint actions carry a global meaning in his and your destiny. Your relationship will be full of passion and hot moments. Be careful: make sure that emotional overstimulation does not develop into a scandal.

Libra – Peace

It seems you have dreamed of such a period all your life. You are happy with everything: your mood, his, and your atmosphere as a couple. Everyone is happy and full of positivity!

Scorpio – Emperor

Everything will be stable: the week does not foretell any conflicts. This period is very suitable for making joint plans that have many chances of their implementation.

Sagittarius — Hierophant

This week, all the decisions you make will be fateful. Nothing will pass without a trace. But the result will be positive. Try, with all your serious approach to your personal life, to still add a little bit of lightness!

Capricorn – Death

It’s not an easy week on a personal level: your personal life needs to be reconsidered. Do everything in your power to do this. If you never get to this point, circumstances will reform everything without your participation. But it’s not a fact that it’s not for the worse.

Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune

This week will give you fateful acquaintances, especially if you are not in a couple. If you are still lonely, take a closer look at a new acquaintance (or a forgotten old one). Most likely he is the one who is destined for you!

Pisces – Hermit

There will be no misunderstandings between your couple. The sweet fruits of your personal life are your merit. The responsibility for your love future still lies with you, and it is up to you to continue to be happy.

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