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Love Tarot Spread For All Zodiac Signs: Week From September 19 To 25

What to expect from a relationship with your loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – 4 of Wands

You are ready for challenges, both external and internal. Your life is harmonious. There is an understanding between you and your man. And you stay together not only because of love or sexual attraction. You have common interests, desires, and hopes. This unites you more than romantic love, and therefore this week’s union will be happy.

Taurus – Queen of Cups

Beware of pride and the desire to establish yourself at the expense of your partner. If a fragile relationship is established between you, you will begin to take advantage of each other, and also constantly quarrel. You need the ability to listen to another person. Selfish actions will confuse your lover, but striving for common goals will smooth out the rough edges in the relationship. The union will bring both joy and sadness, so it is worth preparing for different periods this week – light and dark.

Gemini – 7 of Cups

Life together will be difficult, entangled in rumors and conversations. Those around you will create obstacles, not out of malice, but to save you from endless dreams and delusions. Real feelings can save you from collapse. Mutual love will help build a real and strong union, which, as it seems, will be based only on physical attraction. The connection will become stronger, and extraneous worries will become a thing of the past.

Cancer – 10 of swords

The separation may be temporary, but if you conclude that it will be better for both, then a final break is possible. A willingness to forgive and the ability to compromise and forget about past mistakes will help save a relationship. While continuing to build relationships, wait for a favorable period – now is not the time for a serious relationship.

Leo – King of Cups

You should beware of dissatisfaction or pickiness – considering yourself more experienced or correct, each of you will strive to establish your own rules. Compliance will give your union strength and stability and will help resolve all doubts. Some people will think that you are not ready to make sacrifices for the sake of your love, and they will start plotting. Beware of those who try to interfere in your life with their advice. By trusting each other, you and your partner can achieve peace and prosperity.

Virgo – Sun

Your love future is completely illuminated by the sun’s rays and filled with the warmth of lovers. Joint efforts will bring wonderful results – together you can achieve great success in your career, work, and creativity. This week you will inspire and encourage each other, protecting each other from enemies and envious people.

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Libra – 9 of Cups

Your vitality is at its peak – you are full of energy and ready for new achievements. Moreover, everyone in your couple has enough experience not to make past mistakes. Your union will be blessed with success in any field. The path you travel together will make you closer.

Scorpio – Ace of Swords

If you live with your partner, living together this week will bring many pleasant experiences, but you should work on your views. Being categorical will not lead to good – learn to formulate your thoughts more softly. Your relationship has a long journey that starts now. If you want to spend many years with your partner, do not be afraid to share your fears with him – be open and honest. If you feel that a threat is looming over your union, then you should take on the fight against troubles together, and not alone.

Sagittarius – Ace of Wands

If you live with your partner, your life together will be full of periods of ups and downs. You will be burning with feelings and passion, and the next moment you will become cold and aloof. This relationship is incomprehensible to others, but you will be able to preserve your feelings. There may be a day when the union is on the verge of collapse, but this will quickly pass, leaving no doubts behind. You will have to work hard for the good of the family. If you are ready to sacrifice yourself, then fate will give you the strength to maintain your relationship.

Capricorn – Star

By being careful of selfishness and narcissism, you will be able to achieve many successes and win victories. However, this period will end as soon as one of you begins to take all the credit for yourself. You can preserve love only by showing respect for each other. If you live with your partner, living together this week will bring the most pleasant experiences.

Aquarius – 2 of swords

A strong union is possible this week, but only with constant effort. You should not rely on luck or the strength of feelings – you need to constantly analyze what is happening, and trust reasonable arguments and observations. A union can only be destroyed under the influence of betrayal or coldness. However, such problems are unlikely, because you have tender feelings and are ready to compromise. This week is suitable for you to get married or start living together.

Pisces – Ace of Cups

It’s worth waiting a little to conclude – perhaps your partner is still not sure whether the relationship needs to be taken to a new level. He may doubt not you, but the surrounding circumstances, his strengths. Give him time, and a lot will become clearer and better. If you get close, everything will go well, but you don’t need to tell others about your happiness.

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