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Love Tarot Spread For All Zodiac Signs: Week From September 26 To October 2

What to expect from a relationship with your loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – 9 of Wands

A calm life together with your lover is possible only if you give in to him and also give up your desires. At the same time, the card speaks of devotion to each other, and if outsiders want to interfere in your life, you will be able to fight back. Constancy and deep feelings will prevail in the union, and remember that fleeting passions this week can create difficulties.

Taurus – Page of Cups

If you are in a couple, then your relationship will be filled with mutual understanding and respect and will become a real source of joy and positivity. Small conflicts based on jealousy are possible, but all these misunderstandings will be overcome. But you should remember that both of you this week will be prone to frivolity and sometimes behave playfully – because of this, arguments may arise.

Gemini – 9 of Cups

Your vitality is at its peak – you are full of energy and ready for new achievements. Your union this week will be successful in any field. The path you travel with your partner will make you closer. The week will be full of harmony in terms of love.

Cancer – Lovers

This week will be remembered for your ideal relationship. Don’t be afraid to trust him, and if he offers you to legitimize your relationship, agree. If you are not at that stage yet, just enjoy the harmony of love.

Leo – Chariot

An amazing week awaits you. If you and your partner have common goals, be sure that you will achieve them. So you have every reason to look forward positively and make grandiose plans.

Virgo – Empress

This week you will be surrounded by care and attention. Also expect surprises, new impressions, and bright emotions!

Libra – Death

The week is full of difficulties: your personal life needs serious reorganization. If possible, do it immediately, do your best. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will simply have to part with the person you love.

Scorpio – Jester

Be more consistent and serious, and your relationships with the opposite sex will become less chaotic. If you are lonely, answer yourself the question: “Do I have a desire to find a soul mate?” Be careful: no matter how you have to reap the fruits of your frivolity.

Sagittarius – Devil

This week is not going to be the best on a personal level. Perhaps there will even be a feeling of hatred. In any case, there’s no need to talk about love this week.

Capricorn – Tower

Perhaps circumstances will force you to separate for a while, or you will be in a state of conflict. However, you must understand that this is just a moment, and therefore you should not act as if everything is over between you. Otherwise, you can ruin your relationship.

Aquarius – Moon

Your relationship with your partner will create many reasons for doubts and worries. And they will probably give rise to a lack of confidence in themselves and the future. Perhaps this is what will be the cause of all your current negative thoughts.

Pisces – Magician

You are charming and very attractive! And if you are in a quarrel with your loved one or don’t know your partner well, then this week is the time to take a step forward, because it will certainly be perceived positively.


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