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Love’s End: These 3 Zodiac Signs Separate Before Christmas

For three zodiac signs, the celebration of love turns into a celebration of heartbreak. Read here who has to prepare for separation shortly before Christmas.

The festive season is approaching, and while many of us are looking forward to harmonious hours with our loved ones, some zodiac signs are facing major challenges in their relationships.

A particularly intense turning point is emerging for three zodiac signs: They will go through a separation before Christmas. We’ll reveal who can save on buying presents for their boyfriend or girlfriend this year…

Capricorn: Stop the emotional roller coaster ride

Capricorn-born people have experienced a real rollercoaster of emotions over the last few months. While the ambitious earth sign is ready to give everything for their relationship, their partner simply doesn’t want to commit themselves yet.

Shortly before Christmas, the knot finally breaks for Capricorn: Things can’t go on like this! A separation is imminent, but with it a phase in which the zodiac sign can fully concentrate on itself.

Cancer: new beginnings in the new year

Cancers are deeply emotional creatures who often hold on to their relationships even when they are no longer fulfilling. You’ve been drifting apart for some time, but neither of you wants to bring it up.

The stars suggest that the water sign will gather all the courage to realign their lives and separate before Christmas. Without the baggage of this unfulfilling relationship, Cancer can start confidently in the new year.

Pisces: Flood of emotions

Pisces are currently going around in circles in their relationship: Arguing, reconciling, arguing, reconciling… You love each other but are not doing each other any good. The watermark must therefore prepare for a separation before Christmas.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. Some time apart allows both of them to break out of old patterns. And maybe you’ll find each other again in the new year – but this time on an equal footing.

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