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Mars In Aries On May 1st: Its Ox Effect On All Astrological Signs

From Wednesday, May 1st to Sunday, June 9th, 2024, the planet of action plays at home, in Aries. Energy, rage to win, and decision-making: we explain to you how Mars in Aries is preparing to wake up the entire zodiac. Well, especially certain signs.

Spring takes a completely different turn. The mercury is rising (and no, nothing to do with any retrograde), and the temperature is rising. With sensual Venus in Taurus, Taurus season instills a need to please oneself and less to take the lead. No cattle will be taken by the horns for this article, since Aries will be responsible for boosting the atmosphere to balance things out, until June 9. Mars, the planet of action, returns like every year in his favorite sign, the tumultuous Aries. It will get warmer. We explain to you what this means for each sign of the zodiac according to astrology.


There’s a lot of trouble. Mars in Aries is an opportunity to push the envelope to speed things up. For what? The red planet named after the Greek god of war, Ares, is the one that represents our will to act, our setting in motion. And since each astrological sign has its favorite planet, it turns out that Mars’ darling is the very “Fast and Furious” Aries. Mars in Aries is a boost of combativeness tenfold. This transit stimulates the desire to prove oneself, to put oneself forward, and to defend one’s point of view at all costs. This is an opportunity not to give up, to insist before giving up, to get off to a flying start rather than hesitating too much.

On the professional side, it is an effective fuel in terms of self-confidence, energy to start projects, and the salary you deserve. When it comes to relationships, we are more direct and more frank. We favor friendships that allow us to be ourselves, unvarnished and without pretenses. In love, we dare to go for what we want, we undertake. Because Mars is also the planet of libido and sport, so whatever discipline you choose: the important thing is to sweat. But since this transit does not only have good aspects, watch out for bloodshed. Fortunately, Venus in Taurus should help temper things if we rule a little too hotly.



A new breath stimulates these signs. Aries takes the opportunity to activate all possible levers, give their all, and listen to their desires. Scorpio feels like an authorization to act, to make the necessary decisions after a long winter reflection. On the Aquarius side, Pluto (transformation) and Mars form an effective duo to give an impetus to get out of yourself, to change what can be changed while you have the energy.


These three are very talkative, but this month, we’re going to have to act instead of talking. At “truth or dare”, they have just drawn the “action” card. Leo feels energized and redoubles his desire to show what he is capable of at work, to make people understand what his value is in intimacy. For the duo of little jokers that are Sagittarius and Gemini, we take ourselves a little more seriously. No more running away from conflict situations, and professional and personal decisions: we stop talking and we act.


It is a detonation in the quiet meadow of Taurus, the well-ploughed field of Virgo, or the oily sea of ​​Pisces. These three could discover a desire to take the lead. At work, decision-making is faster and the tone is firmer. On the relationship side, we gain self-confidence. Even if it means that the atmosphere heats a little, for good or not. There is no longer any question of running away from conflicts or repressing your anger. Mars in Aries is also the opportunity never to set your limits, even if it means arguing.


Mars in Aries shakes up the branches of these cardinal signs. Cancer and Capricorn, security enthusiasts, are destabilized. The challenge? Taking risks, getting involved at work, no longer choosing the most reassuring option for the heart. But the sign that is most likely to get out of its comfort zone is Libra. The opposite sign of Aries is pushed to the forefront. At work, she takes responsibility. In love, she stops following the expectations of others. In short, she is called to reinvent herself as the boss of her own life. Intimidating? Remember, the man known worldwide as the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, was born under the sign of Libra.

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