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They tend to want to compete with the people you hang out with, fault their friends and always want to be in the spotlight. Watch out!

There is a fine line between the person next to you being a partner for all hours and being possessive and insecure. Generally, a healthy relationship is one in which there are no strings attached, which brake and pull back.

Often, insecurity comes in the form of “excessive care and concern”, causing the woman to not be able to go out alone because the partner is too worried about her protection. This limit needs to be well defined, as many insecure men use these tricks to manipulate and control a woman’s life.

Much of this behavior can be explained by astrology, whose role is to inform about the energy field that governs us and regulates our relationships. Check out the list of men of these five signs who are insecure in relationships and see if you know any of them:

1. Virgo

Virgo men are extremely insecure about everything, and this also influences their love life. They get confused very easily and use insecurity to try to control their loved ones.

They usually show themselves at the beginning of the relationship as if they were extremely protective and careful, they like to accompany the woman in everything, but make no mistake, if he starts to put a defect in the places he goes with you, he probably won’t like that. go there alone.

2. Aquarius

By living on appearances, they demonstrate a life that is not real. They like to squander glamor and wealth, and these attitudes make the sign gain confidence so that their insecurities are not evident, but at one time or another they will show up. The tendency to demand too much from others, without doing your part, is a clear sign of insecurity with yourself.

3. Taurus

They want at all costs to win the approval of others, always demonstrating their great ability to resolve conflicts quickly and intelligently. But, deep down, they are dissatisfied with themselves, and the fear of exposing their weaknesses makes them take attitudes that reveal their insecurity, for example, always being praised for doing the obvious.

4. Cancer

Here is one of the signs that should be at the top of the list. Because they are extremely sensitive, insecurity makes them afraid to expose their true opinions, always agreeing with everything at first.

After that, they start to get annoyed with every word that is not to their liking, turning into thick and harsh people. They want proof and demonstrations of love all the time, and if they don’t have it, they start blaming and victimizing themselves.

5. Gemini

They like to impress people around them so that they can camouflage their dissatisfaction and insecurity, which reveal traits of their true personalities. They are very good at hiding the pain, but they end up theorizing everything and rationalizing it according to their own experiences, not allowing the other part of the relationship to give an opinion.


They are obsessed with appearance and behavior, they always forget that the important thing cannot be seen with their eyes.

We live in a society that values ​​appearance. There are standards of behavior and beauty that must be followed, even considered the “key to success”.

This current superficiality is enhanced by the spread of social networks, where users share their perfect lives, without ever having any real conflict or appearance.

The number of people who are obsessed with their appearance and how the world sees them that in many cases we see complete body dysmorphia. Cosmetic retouching and plastic surgery ended up catching a ride on this complex wave that involves more what we look like than what we are. Who doesn’t know such an individual?

The signs listed below are the ones who are more likely to care more about their appearance than their essence, both for themselves and others. This does not mean that all people of these signs are like that, they just have a great chance of being like that, but the birth chart, in its entirety, also greatly influences the personality of individuals.

1. Libra

The beauty and the way the world sees the natives of this sign is a matter of honor for them, and they will never let others see them untidy. Endowed with good taste and a lot of charisma, the way they behave and act in a public environment is completely calculated.

They can spend hours in front of the mirror, but they don’t just admire themselves, many have a great lack of self-confidence, which makes them see many flaws in themselves. They tend to want to solve these “problems” through plastic surgery or methods that promise miracles.

2. Gemini

Geminis are extreme consumerists, and they usually spend on completely useless products, but they try to convince themselves that they are important. They believe that they have a sense of style, so they spend a lot of money on clothes, as they think only branded ones are worth it.

Fearing to age, they end up stuck in the past, and may even spend a lot of money on cosmetics to smooth out wrinkles, for example. In terms of relationships, they can be just as superficial, and they also tend not to show much empathy with their partner, criticizing their appearance.

3. Taurus

Taurus like earthly pleasures, and they don’t hide them. They can spend months saving money, saving up on a thousand trips to buy a luxurious and expensive object.

They are somewhat materialistic and are very attracted to other people’s appearance, noticing how they behave in public. They don’t know how to handle money, but they like to surround themselves with wealthy people, so it’s easier to get what they want.

4. Virgo

They are considered superficial because they believe that “the first impression is the one that stays”, and they judge countless people without even knowing them. For them, what matters is if “the saint knocked”, and, stuck to that, they show themselves to be completely arrogant and materialistic.

They do not want to delve too deeply into the history of others and are so demanding that they end up losing many friends and even family members, as most of them leave of their own accord.

5. Leo

They like every possible spotlight as if they were always walking on a catwalk. They want to be the center of attention and of all discussions, whether good or bad. Very egocentric, they end up talking more about themselves than creating true connections with others. Typically, fire signs want a horde of followers just fulfilling their desires, so they don’t care too much about the lives of others.

These are considered the five most superficial signs, which value appearances more than human relationships, so they are considered egocentric and with very little empathy.

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