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Mercury Enters Taurus On May 15th, 2024: What To Expect Based On Your Astrological Sign

What happens when the planet of the mind meets the sign, king of common sense? Here are the energies that Mercury in Taurus is preparing to broadcast above our heads from May 15 to June 3, 2024.

Mercury retrograde is well and truly over. We breathe again and let the new energies available to us come. From May 15 until June 3, 2024, the planet of communication and intellect invites itself into the gentle sign of Taurus. What does that mean? May Mercury be tinged with Taurus energy to invite us to use our practical spirit more intensely? A way to successfully bring our projects to fruition. A little decryption to understand everything about its influence on all astrological signs.


In the zodiac, each astrological sign has a defined role. Aries initiates projects, Taurus makes them germinate, Gemini opens up to the world to promote them, and so on. When Mercury invites itself into the sky of the cosmic ox, it is above all a question of securing its support to be certain that all the objectives that we have set for ourselves are progressing well. We slow down to better observe, to take stock, and to analyze the situation as it is. Astrologer Kris Brandt Riske, MA explains: “With Mercury in Taurus, your practical mind carefully weighs every decision. » It’s about taking our foot off the gas to allow us to make better decisions, to act more thoughtfully.

A point with which the astrologer Marianne and the moon agree, who shares the following few words on her Instagram account: “You could start to see things more clearly, and it is easier to move forward in making things happen. of your projects. To implement your ideas effectively and productively, take the time to think pragmatically about your goals and the resources you will need to achieve them. » In the coming days, Mercury in Taurus asks us to use our common sense. “Your thoughts and decisions are often centered on material and financial security,” emphasizes Kris Brandt Riske, MA in “The Grand Guide to Astrology” (ed. Arcana Sacra).


What you need to understand behind all this is that Taurus is an Earth sign for whom it is important to secure the future. This requires material comfort and knowing that one’s little papers are in order. “The more you cultivate serenity of mind and inner calm, the more you will offer moments of silence and tranquility, and the more you will be able to get in touch with your instinct to make informed decisions,” advises Marianne and the moon. He who likes to “play by the rules” seeks to “border” administrative questions and other less fun details so that he no longer has to worry about all that. Once his mind is calmer, he can then dive into a really fun break.

Because if Taurus often has the reputation of being “square” and “a stickler for procedures”, he nonetheless remains a tender and charming being. Under its influence, Mercury invites us to ease tensions and to inject more gentleness into our exchanges and discussions. While it is important to favor clarity and simplicity – Taurus hates beating around the bush – the fact remains that this period will be ideal for flirting and making pretty declarations. Especially since Venus (the planet of love and the ruler of Taurus) will move hand in hand with Mercury until May 23. Enough to give us time to speak with open hearts, to dare to confide our wildest desires and even to meet wonderful people.


If the passage of the planet of communication and intellect in the sky of Taurus is rather a good omen, we will still have to remain vigilant. For good reason, between May 15 and 22, Mercury will wage war with Pluto (the star of destruction and transformation). This could push us to our limits and make us more critical than we expected. It will then be important not to set the bar too high – towards ourselves or others. Cultivating kindness and gentleness is also a lesson that Mercury in Taurus seeks to teach us. This is why at the slightest hesitation or doubt, it will be good to turn to others, to discuss and confide. And this is to find the necessary support to move forward as comfortably as possible.

Fortunately, after this slight slump, Mercury will form a beautiful alliance with Saturn. This will solidify our desires, and strengthen our pragmatism, our motivation, and our power of reflection. A period that promises to help us take charge of our responsibilities, without fear. Enough to make the end of spring particularly exciting.

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