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Mercury Retrograde, Eclipses, Aries Season: Should We Be Afraid Of April 2024?

This is one of the most intense turning points of the year. The month of April 2024 is punctuated by numerous astrological events that push us to rethink our daily lives. Between stress and the need for novelty, here’s how to navigate this great cosmic blur.

Do you feel like nothing is going right anymore? Or worse, that you are completely lost right now? Don’t panic, you are not alone in this problem. Although astrology is not a science, it does help us to put certain words to our problems. This is exactly what we are trying to do today by deciphering the different cosmic movements. With the arrival of spring, we were promised a strong return of our energy. The desire for change becomes more intense, but we may feel at a crossroads. Where to go? What do we want to put in place? Which direction to take? This may all seem vague. And bad luck, in April 2024, the situation is more intense than ever. But should we be afraid and let stress skyrocket? We explain everything to help you live as best as possible with the transformative energies of the moment.


It is one of the most important times of the year. While Aries season (which runs until April 20) pushes us to initiate a new dynamic in our lives, several astrological phenomena disrupt our plans. First, there’s Mercury retrograde. Like three times a year, the planet of communication and intellect seems to turn around in the sky. This provokes strong questions about our way of approaching relationships with others. How do we communicate? What place do we give ourselves in our groups of friends? Don’t we feel like we’re giving too much without receiving? It is time to review what we have learned and ask ourselves what value we place on ourselves. To us, but also our talents. Coupled with the eclipse season, initiated by the Full Moon in Libra on March 25 and which will end with the New Moon in Aries on April 8, everything is a matter of movements, changes, and transformations. We review our achievements, we ask ourselves how to overcome our limits to initiate positive developments in our daily lives.

On X (formerly Twitter), the astrologer behind the nickname @astrouniverse11 explains: “In the coming weeks, we could experience big changes and new desires. Our aspirations could change completely. » This goes even further since another exceptional phenomenon is added to the list: “This month of April is pivotal this year since we will experience the rare Jupiter /Uranus conjunction which happens every 14 years. […] Jupiter and Uranus meet in Taurus, the sign of comfort. Perhaps we need to reach a point of no return to accept leaving this comfort zone. » You will have understood, that it is more than ever time to accept movement and change. The unknown awaits us. A small internal revolution could then take place. “The eclipse of April 8, and the retrograde of Mercury both in Aries, could act as triggers for a deeper change: Aries is the sign of action, impulsiveness but also anger. Pay attention to what makes you angry this month. Perhaps we should listen to our anger more. Maybe we’ve missed too much.


Frustration, inability to give up certain things, difficulty getting started. There are lots of reasons why you might feel stuck this month. “We can be assured that this period is decisive from an astrological point of view. It’s a very significant month,” says Annabelle Lhem in her podcast “The Art of Astrology.” April presents itself as a cosmic portal. It is a time when new doors open, where paths diverge while others begin. “It is not a season that is peaceful, it brings a lot of transitions, important transformations.

This period questions us about our choices, our motivations, and our perspectives. Real awareness can take place. “This can give us access to things that we perhaps didn’t have access to before and at the same time, there is a notion of treasure,” adds Annabelle Lhem. In this cosmic micmac, our inner wealth is highlighted. It is by finding solutions and seeking to do things differently that we will bring about something new. Creativity can be unleashed. In other words, while the period can be scary, the transition promises to bring us a lot of happiness. Through this process, we learn to listen to ourselves better and to understand ourselves better, too. “It’s incredible to see how Jupiter/Uranus can open up potential,” admits the astrologer. All that remains is to know what actions we will decide to take and above all what solutions we will put in place to (re)find our balance.

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