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Mercury Retrograde In Aries From April 2nd To 24th, 2024: What Are Its Effects?

It’s stressful and exciting at the same time. Mercury, communication, has decided to make a U-turn in the sky in April 2024. On the program: hazards, surprises, and a lot of questioning. However, I promise, there is also some good to be expected.

Drama, nervous breakdown, and thunderclap. The most feared event for astrology enthusiasts is back. A comeback that gives goosebumps. For good reason: when Mercury goes retrograde, nothing goes right! Well, that’s what the legend (and social media) says. “Mercu-what?” » You haven’t done Astrology LV1? Do you feel the tension rising to the ceiling without really understanding what is happening? We’ll go over the basics to explain everything to you.


From April 2 to 25, 2024, Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Aries. From an astronomical point of view, this simply means that the planet will enter orbit. It then gives the impression of slowing down, if not turning around in the sky. A phenomenon that is not exceptional since it takes place three to four times a year, or more or less every 88 days. Except that in astrology, it’s all about energy. So when the planet of communication and intellect no longer runs smoothly, our whole life is turned upside down. Delay, forgetfulness, loss of object, incomprehension, headache… Mercury retrograde sows confusion in our exchanges and invites doubt to the party. During this period, there were many questions. For good reason, the planet invites us to review our way of opening up to the world. What relationships do we have with others? How do we manage to organize ourselves? What are our ways of communicating? To think? Spend? Mercury retrograde invites us to take stock of our lives using a rather brutal method. Tension, stress, and annoyance. You can expect anything, even the worst.


For the first retrograde of the year, Mercury has taken up residence in the sign of Aries. Its energy is then tinged with that of the most aggressive and competitive sign of the zodiac. Always on the move and looking for something new, Aries is the type to want everything to go quickly. So obviously when Mercury retrograde adds its grain of salt, the opposite effect occurs. In the coming weeks, it will be a question of slowing down to better analyze what is happening. We must see this period as a perfect opportunity to think about a new strategy. How can we go even further? What are the paths that we have not yet explored? All this with the idea of ​​succeeding in pushing our limits.


As you will have understood, Mercury retrograde is often synonymous with chaos. To avoid seeing her sabotage our dates, make us “miss” a train, or worse, get into trouble with all our loved ones, it is important to take some precautions.

  1. Don’t try to force your way through. If Mercury retrograde tends to create emulation, it is important to listen to others. Do not stay in your positions at the risk of seeing misunderstandings and misunderstandings multiply.
  2. Remember to give yourself time to slow down, reflect, and take care of yourself. Mercury retrograde requires a return to oneself and a questioning. This is a time that encourages introspection, so don’t be afraid to meditate, engage in journaling, or simply take a breath from time to time.
  3. Get organized. Take notes, check your reservations, and ask for confirmation. If Mercury retrograde tends to cause hiccups and mishaps, it is good to write everything down and make backups of our documents so as not to lose anything or forget anything.


It is often wrongly thought that Mercury retrograde only has negative points. However, this phenomenon has a lot to offer us. It is an invitation to review our plans, to rethink our way of acting and communicating. In other words, it’s time to reevaluate our life plan. Mercury retrograde highlights certain blockages that require our full attention to evolve and feel better about ourselves. Notice to Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn: this phenomenon will allow you to understand that it is sometimes good to dive into the unknown and not always have control over everything… You still have to succeed in letting go to take a step off. This is the lesson that Mercury retrograde seeks to teach us.

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