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Money horoscope for the week of January 9-15. Virgo will get what she deserves in the end

Discover what the stars are preparing for you this week financially and see what you can do to have more money!

Aries – Money

You are usually the one who judges those around you and notices their every fault. On the career front, specifically your job, the wheel turns this week and all colleagues (and even the boss) are looking at you.

Only now do you realize how inappropriate your behavior was when you need someone to understand you, not someone to point the finger at your mistakes. Plus all this will cost you money!

Taurus – Money

You are responsible for several projects and it is important to meet deadlines to complete them.

You have to keep up with the whole team to avoid delays.

After all, your control freak nature turns out to be a good thing this week.

Thanks to you, you will also collect the money at the end of this week.

Gemini – Money

From a financial point of view, you have some promises that are slow to materialize, and this makes you seriously question the people you work with.

It is time to analyze carefully so that the current situation does not repeat itself in the future.

Cancer – Money

You will be lucky with the chariot this week.

Money will come to you from all sides, and a special event in your life will bring you money instead of gifts.

You like surprises, but if they are financial, so much the better.

Leo – Money

It’s harvest week for you. You reap the rewards of all your hard work and enjoy your professional and financial success.

The extra money will put you in an extremely good mood.

Virgo – Money

You have been wronged professionally and financially lately and feel the need to make things right.

Remember that justice is not done aggressively and that it is best to approach the matter calmly.

You will get what you deserve.

Balance – Money

You have made your plan for this period, but the account at home does not match the one at the fair and the money is slow to appear.

You will manage to find a solution and supplement your income on the last hundred meters.

Scorpio – Money

It’s not the time for expensive purchases, and even though you know, you can’t resist because you’re aware that you won’t come across this offer again anytime soon.

Fortunately, on the one hand you give and on the other you receive.

You will receive a bonus from your workplace.

Sagittarius – Money

You can’t understand how you spent more than you got. You blame the gifts you bought everyone and think of a way to cut back on spending from now on.

A brilliant offer could be your salvation, provided you keep your eyes peeled!

Capricorn – Money

You have had a difficult time professionally and you are eager for a change. Moreover, you want this change to be felt in your wallet.

It wouldn’t hurt to take a few days off to look at all your options and see if you can do more.

Aquarius – Money

A conflict escalates at work and you get more involved than you should.

Ideally, you should think carefully before you act or speak, because what you do or say could cost you…


Pisces – Money

You reap what you sow! You enjoy the money coming from a direction you have not looked before.

Have you helped someone in the past, collaborated on a project, played the stock market or bought cryptocurrencies, you will surely wake up with a nice profit!

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