New Images Of Eleven From Stranger Things Confirm A Fan Theory. Check Out The Video!

As is known, filming for the fifth season of Stranger Things has been underway for some time. From the images that occasionally surface on the web and social networks, often published by the actors and creators of the Netflix series themselves, several intriguing details have emerged.

The latest video published by Millie Bobby Brown, for example, seems to have removed any doubts about the setting of the new episodes which do not yet have a precise release date. The actress, now starring on Netflix with Damsel, showed what appears to be her new look: hair with a different cut and more sporty clothing, but there seems to be no doubt that it is a set look, considering that she is also getting nosebleeds – like Eleven when she uses her powers too much.


What does this mean for Stranger Things? The fan theory is that the beginning of the fifth season will coincide with a decisive leap forward in time compared to the finale of the fourth. In the last episode, Eleven had short hair and that’s enough to therefore think that the authors wanted to adjust the age of the actors and that of the characters.

Already a couple of weeks ago another shot from the set had pointed in this direction: from a detail of Caleb’s watch, the date of Thursday 2 November could be seen. Scanning the calendar of the 80s, it can be seen that the only year in which November 2nd falls on a Thursday is 1989. The last episodes of the Netflix series, however, took place in 1986. The Duffer Brothers will have decided to bring the facts of Stranger Things three years ahead.

The definitive answer will come with the episodes of the last season of the event series, but everything suggests that the protagonists will have a lot to tell…

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