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New Moon In Taurus Brings Fresh Start In Love For 5 Zodiac Signs Until May 25th.

With every ending, there is also a new beginning. From May 7 to 13, the Taurus New Moon brings a sensual and gentle energy, promoting a reconnection with your partner or the discovery of a new love, thus paving the way for a fulfilled life. This moon phase creates a whole new beginning in your relationships, encouraging you to focus on what you want to cultivate rather than what you want to avoid. Under the influence of Venus, the planet of love ruling Taurus, a calming atmosphere spreads, allowing you to find happiness in the simple moments of life, such as watching the sunset with someone you love.

By slowing down and fully living in the moment with your partner, you develop a deep appreciation for what your relationship brings to your life. For singles, relationships that begin under a New Moon in Taurus are often remarkably stable and tender, which can help heal past wounds.

A New Moon is the perfect time to sow the seeds of the intentions you want to see fulfilled throughout the next lunar cycle. With the moon phase beginning in the sign of Taurus, it encourages you to focus on what you want to attract into your life, allowing you to fully enjoy the love and connection you have created.

5 zodiac signs will begin a new romantic chapter between now and May 25th, thanks to the New Moon in Taurus.


The New Moon in Taurus marks the start of a new chapter in your love life, as this zodiac sign rules your relationships. This is the first time since the end of the eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio on October 28, 2003, with the Full Moon lunar eclipse, that we are experiencing this energy.

It’s time to regain confidence in the beauty of love. You’ve worked hard to learn your lessons and approach love more healthily, so open yourself to the magic. Remember that your beliefs shape your reality, so think about how you view your partner, especially if you are single.

You might be ready to experience life solo. Growth involves consciously choosing to be single without attaching negative judgments to your dating situation. Don’t be afraid of being alone or generalizing feelings to everyone. A positive and open attitude can be beneficial. With this New Moon, you could attract healing, an old relationship, or a new, magical love.

You receive a gift: a new start in your love life. Hold space for lessons learned and desired magic in love. Remember that the love you deserve will come easily. You will never have to fight for the one you deserve.

2. Aquarius

The New Moon invites you to follow your heart and explore the changes that love brings to your life. Jupiter is still in Taurus for a few weeks before moving into Gemini on May 25, providing further opportunities for expansion in your home and family life.

This also means that this fresh start brought by the New Moon may include quality time at home with your partner, such as moving in together or looking for a new place for you both to live. This new moon in your home and family sector will help you navigate this new phase of your relationship, exploring the meaning of commitment and intimacy, and how to make love truly warm and tender.

Try not to let your old fears get in the way of what could be an extraordinary step in your journey; instead, take this opportunity. You risk missing out on the opportunity to achieve your dreams if you allow yourself to be guided by the fear of failure in your relationship.

Although fears are normal in love, it is best not to make decisions based on them. Doing so could hinder the development of your relationship. Instead, acknowledge your fears, understand their origin, and then focus on the logical reasons why you can move forward safely, as well as plans to achieve what you most desire in your relationship.

Taurus energy helps you understand your desires in a committed relationship. While protecting your independence, you can still have someone amazing to go home to at the end of the day. Just focus on trusting yourself and your partner, and enjoy the improvement in your relationship.


Even though romantic commitment is often associated with marriage, that doesn’t mean your relationship has to follow that path. As an earth sign, you tend to be attached to traditions, but the New Moon in Taurus will help you determine which traditions you want to keep and which ones you want to leave behind. This New Moon supports the relationship you desire and marks a perfect new beginning for you and your partner.

The New Moon in Taurus brings renewal to your relationship, bringing to the fore the idea of ​​deeper commitment. This could mean an engagement, planning a romantic getaway, or exploring what commitment means to you in a more personal way tailored to your needs and dreams. Jupiter stays in Taurus until May 25, bringing themes of luck and expansion into this area of ​​your life.

With this New Moon, you are encouraged to follow your path while determining what type of relationship is truly right for you. Be open to ideas that emerge during this time and discuss them with your partner.

Even if you are still planning to commit to marriage, this may require adjustments to your existing plans so that your union reflects the authentic love you both share. If your wedding is planned during this time, trust in the guidance of the stars and enjoy this celebration of the love you have consciously cultivated to usher in this new era of your life.


Allow yourself to believe in all your dreams of love and your relationship. While it’s important to ground your bond in practice and logic to build a solid foundation, try to find a balance by leaving room for adventure, new experiences, or even unexpected love if you’re single.

As an earth sign, you need security to feel loved, which implies that your needs are met and that there is a clear plan for the future of your relationship. However, this approach can sometimes stifle the spontaneity you’re looking for. Whether you are single or in a relationship, make room for new experiences, adventures, and unexpected life moments, which cannot be planned but only experienced.

The New Moon in Taurus activates your sector of luck, abundance, travel, and new beginnings, which intensifies the theme of a new phase in your love life. This energy may result in a long-distance relationship or a move for a relationship, but it also involves the need to step out of your comfort zone with your current partner to explore more of the beauty and sensuality of life together.

Try disrupting your routine by planning a different week or going for a day to unfamiliar places together. Offer to explore a new restaurant or participate in an unusual activity together to deepen your connection by sharing new experiences.

While security and stability are important in a relationship, it’s essential to also create moments of pure pleasure where you can simply enjoy what you’ve created together. Let go of the plans and savor the day and the love you share simply for the pleasure of being together because it’s in these moments that you might fall even more in love.


This year promises more personal and romantic growth in your life. And the New Moon in Taurus offers you gentle confidence that you’re on the right track. With the Moon Nodes still in your sign and Aries throughout the year, you’re encouraged to think about how your personal growth and healing impact your romantic choices and to continue investing in these relationships.

You have already experienced major changes, and although there will be more, take advantage of the respite offered by this new moon and firmly believe that you are on the path to obtaining everything you desire.

The New Moon in Taurus will light up your house of intimacy and connection, providing an ideal opportunity to strengthen bonds with an existing partner or to attract a new love into your life. Taurus and your sign, Libra, are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so this energy brings you comfort and boosts your self-confidence, allowing you to savor the love around you.

Dedicating quality time to your relationship will be beneficial during this lunar phase, whether through quiet evenings with your partner or doing activities you enjoy to attract more positive energies.

You have worked hard to understand what you deserve and to set boundaries to receive it. Now it’s time to reflect on how far you’ve come and create the space to fully enjoy it.

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