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Showing emotions can be difficult for natives of these signs, who are not always able to say what they feel.

While some signs have no difficulty in talking about their emotions, going so far as to exaggerate the dose a little, for others this is extremely difficult. It may even be something rationalized, but the truth is that most of the time, the natives of these signs simply don’t know how to be more “emotional”.

There are many reasons people choose not to talk about their feelings, it could be lack of trust, fear of getting hurt, sheer detachment, whatever it is, they refuse to open their hearts.

Is your sign among them? Check the list!

1. Aquarius

Who hasn’t heard that Aquarians have the “heart of ice” or Elsa’s heart from the movie Frozen? It’s not that they don’t feel love, they just have serious difficulties spending their time with those who aren’t worth it. You can be sure, if an Aquarius or Aquarius is not talking about emotions, it is because they are simply not feeling anything deeply.

When he is with his friends, feelings flow much more precisely, without difficulties, because in that environment he does not need to think about the feeling, there is no charge. But if the subject is effective relationships, know that not always what is expected is what the person is feeling. Perhaps the best thing is to lower expectations!

2. Taurus

Taureans are of the Earth element, they like to feel worldly pleasures, comfort, and, above all, security and down to earth. This means that they have extreme difficulty showing their emotions if they do not perceive certain reciprocity. As they are very suspicious, it is very difficult to trust them right away, but if that happens, know that you will have a loyal person for life!

Interpret the signs of Taurus or Taurus and send some too, after all, the relationship is a two-way street. If the other person doesn’t know what’s going on, he may even be suppressing his feelings because he thinks nothing will happen there. The natives of this sign just want to protect their hearts made of sugar, so only invest if you want to!

3. Virgo

Virgos prefer to solve everything themselves! Have you noticed how it can be a matter of honor? They would rather find any kind of solutions to their problems than face that conversation in which they open their hearts, this is too difficult for these rational beings. Sometimes natives of this sign end relationships simply by running away, for fear of facing emotions.

Trying to talk about feelings can be a real challenge, but it’s not impossible. Virgos and Virgos don’t like wasting time (time is money, isn’t it?) and they only feel that it’s worth facing up to when they sense some kind of connection with the other person. They hate the idea of ​​talking to people who won’t hear them. So the tip is: truly listen to Virgos!

All people have moments when they prefer to suppress sensations rather than face them, and this will depend a lot on each one’s life and birth chart. The important thing is to respect others and face any kind of relationship with a lot of emotional responsibility!


These signs listed below have very strong tempers and never allow anyone to dare say what they should or shouldn’t do!

Some people have tremendous difficulty following rules. Due to their strong temperament and a good dose of rebelliousness, since childhood, they insist on doing only what they like in all aspects.

Dominating them or inducing them to do something against their will is a practically impossible mission, as they are endowed with a unique personality, marked by the desire to disobey previously established standards.

People who act this way tend to belong to five zodiac signs, according to astrology scholars. According to them, the attitudes of those people who live the way they want are traced by the stars.

Check out the most rebellious signs below:


This is one of the strongest zodiac signs. Aries doesn’t have time, let alone patience for dramas. The representative of this sign just wants to know about running after your goals, doing whatever is necessary for the name of his happiness, and without listening to anyone.


The Virgo is not as explosive as the Aries, but he also gets what he wants very subtly, without creating enmities with anyone but, at the same time, acting in the way he thinks is right. The representatives of this sign are unique people, they are in a hurry, but at the same time, they take the utmost care with each step they take.


This sign designates those people who are feared and respected by everyone. They don’t take it home and are rarely wrong about their convictions. The representative of this sign has a cold and calculating mind, and everything in his life has to go according to plan.


Capricorns are the owners of the truth, they rarely admit to being wrong about something. Before taking any initiative, they already imagine what the characteristics of their actions will be, making this one of the most methodical signs that exist. When the Capricorn native has a goal, he achieves it, even in the face of the greatest adversity that arises.


Sagittarius values ​​their freedom above all things, so they don’t get along with rules dictated by other people. He feels limited, trapped when he needs to fit into patterns of behavior. Sagittarius tends to make their own choices, always, without having to obey anyone. Sagittarius is simply indomitable, there is no way to control it under any circumstances.


The stars help them and influence how quickly they forget love. The hearts of these women are broken for a short time. Check the list!

Relationships that don’t work out can leave marks. Some women keep reliving this moment, regretting and dragging out a sad situation for months. Others can get over it more quickly, pick up the pieces of their heart and soon manage to love again.

Astrology explains, through the zodiac, these differences in behavior after a breakup.

See the list below with the four signs that are characterized by women who are easily able to forget the past and move on:

1. Aries

Women of this sign are trailblazers by nature. This characteristic prevents her from dwelling on the past and ceasing to live intensely in the present. They cannot bear to suffer for love, so when there is a breakup in the relationship, even if they are upset and the moment is painful, they suffer all at once to end the cycle. They automatically heal in this process, being open again to another relationship. They replace the pain with the excitement of a new crush.

2. Leo

Leos are intense, so believe them when they’re heartbroken. They will feel sadness in its most real form, but they quickly accept reality and refuse to suffer for a long time. The healing process is fast, precisely because they do not like to see themselves in this situation of emotional vulnerability. They enjoy living in the real world, so they won’t waste time or energy trying to guess what could have been if the relationship worked out. Leos run with their heads held high to achieve their goals and keep moving forward. They hardly go back. Your walk is always forward.

3. Sagittarius

They love adventure. They are willing to quickly heal the pain of love to go in search of other stories. Even if they are still upset, they will at all costs eliminate that feeling from their hearts. Sagittarius hates sadness. They are optimistic about everything, including relationships. They don’t tolerate wasting time feeling sad. They will immediately engage in activities that arouse positive feelings. They don’t linger in endless crying. A very peculiar characteristic of the women of this sign is that they quickly throw themselves into extreme sports, which release endorphins and start taking more care of their health. This also helps in the recovery and transformation of the body and mind.

4. Aquarius

Women of this sign are incredibly intelligent. They have a very great emotional dexterity, which is commonly referred to as “ice heart”. An Aquarius woman’s reputation is usually based on her high degree of detachment. As soon as they end a relationship, most of them leave their lives completely, leaving no room for possible returns. It’s a door they close, lock, and throw away the key. They prefer to move forward to discover new opportunities because in the past they already know what it was like.

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