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November New Moon In Scorpio Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs Most

The new moon of November is not for the faint of heart. The lunar cycle is full of ups and downs, but each step of the process is important. If you belong to the zodiac signs influenced by the new moon, you will understand that beginnings can be as intimidating as endings are often bittersweet. When considering a long journey, remember that it may seem impossible to reach the finish line until you take the first step.

The most significant moments of the lunar cycle occur in two distinct phases: the new moon and the full moon. While the full moon is intense and dramatic, the new moon offers a more subtle, but no less powerful, experience. In reality, the new moon is the starting point of the entire experience, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter.

The themes and situations that emerge during a new moon are often deeply meaningful, revealing opportunities to be seized. If you set out to launch a project or engage in a new relationship during a new moon, it greatly increases your chances of success. However, even if you don’t do anything in particular to celebrate the new moon, it nevertheless marks the beginning of a journey whose contours are not yet revealed.

On November 13 at 3:27 a.m. in Quebec and 10:27 a.m. in France, a new moon will occur in the sign of Scorpio.

A sign is renowned for its intimate, intense, strategic, and dark character. This time usually marks the start of new cycles, and this new moon, being close to the planet Mars – coupled with the fiery and primal energy of Scorpio – promises to be as intense and dramatic as a full moon.

It is important to remember that new beginnings are often linked to the conclusion of other chapters. This new moon could awaken your senses and lead you down unpredictable paths. Mars, adding its power, and the opposition of the Moon to Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, create an atmosphere charged with repressed aggression. It is advisable to remain aware of your emotional triggers and take precautions to avoid escalating already tense situations.

However, when complications arise, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes things have to get harder before they get better. Scorpio understands the cyclical nature of life, where nothing is created or destroyed, but rather transmuted into something new. Stay open to transformation and growth, even if the path seems daunting.

Certain zodiac signs will be particularly impacted by the next new moon in Scorpio.

If your Sun sign, Moon sign, or, more significantly, your Rising sign belongs to one of the zodiacs mentioned below, this could mark a crucial moment in your life. Here are the reasons why:


Relationship dynamics take a significant and potentially surprising turn, Taurus. With the arrival of the new moon, a renewed understanding of compromise emerges, inspiring you to make your partnerships even deeper.

By peering into the truth in your seventh house, which encompasses loves, friendships, spouses, and antagonists, you identify the key players in your life and the roles they play. Deep introspection also reveals your contribution to relationships and the impact you have on them.

Explore shared dynamics, as this could uncover significant revelations, especially regarding who you want to move forward within this chapter and who you are ready to walk away from. Don’t hesitate to broaden your horizons, even if it means shaking up some certainties and questioning the perceptions of others.


This new moon touches your most intimate sphere, revealing vulnerable aspects of your life. Moving into your fourth house, which concerns domestic and personal matters, shines a light on what goes on behind closed doors, escaping the public eye but visible to your family.

If you can’t find a safe and welcoming haven, Leo, it might be time to think about where you plant your roots.

This lunar phase may encourage you to reorganize your home, organize a family movie night, or even consider moving. It can also spark emotional confrontations, especially in the domestic sphere. For a Leo to confidently explore the world, a stable and secure home is essential.


Admit it, Scorpio, you enjoy being admired and revered. Even if your nature pushes you to avoid the limelight and prefer to express yourself in private and singular ways, you nevertheless cannot deny the importance of feeling understood and appreciated for your true self.

With this new moon, your first house of self is illuminated, emphasizing the authentic expression of your identity and your quest for independence. Expect deep introspection, to see a completely renewed version of yourself.

By embracing the change and evolution of your identity over time and experiences, you recognize how far you have come. You took risks, spoke your truth, stood up for your beliefs, and it contributed to your growth into a more powerful and fascinating person. Allow this new moon to guide you toward the person you are destined to become, even if it takes considerable effort.


Whether you like it or not, Aquarius, you are the focus of many people’s minds right now. This new moon injects a dose of energy directly into your tenth house related to public image, prompting you to share the news that could transform your life or take action to improve your reputation and strengthen your expertise.

You have the power to receive meaningful recognition now, whether by participating in competitions, advancing your career, or applying for new professional opportunities.

However, be prepared to face potentially difficult criticism that could catalyze rapid improvement. It’s time to set ambitious professional goals with the power of this lunar cycle at your side. This new moon sets the tone for your professional journey, and your determination will not be in vain. You are about to move up a major ladder, so move forward without looking back. The Aquarius personality flourishes when such challenges present themselves.

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