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Only 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Trouble This Week: What Should They Expect?

Which 3 zodiac signs will have serious problems this week?

Just as there are lucky signs to whom the stars grant their blessing, there are also unlucky natives who have to face troubles and arduous situations… After all, life is like that! If the question of whether you are one of the disadvantaged signs is bothering you, just take a look below for peace of mind, and just in case, know what the Universe has in store for you. and plan your next move accordingly!


As far as you are concerned,  natives of the Gemini sign, the week is very likely to be tight… With the arrival of Venus in Pisces, an invading doubt could take hold of you, which means that you should avoid making important decisions during this period. Besides, you won’t even be able to make the right choices, so it’s better to postpone that for later. The Sun conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius and evoke a brake in your projects, likely to make them stagnate for a long time. Between idealism, principles, and beliefs, you may have to question what you want to accomplish. The urge to change and start a new chapter in your life might cross your mind. But would you be able to apply this transformation even if you feel that your idea is not very solid? Maybe it’s just a passing feeling! That said, understand that this is not inevitable, and do not cross your arms! Instead, bet on your qualities and skills to overcome this bad patch without too much trouble.


Natives of the sign of Virgo, you may soon face relationship problems with your work colleagues. If you have suppressed recent conflicts, unfortunately, these will now resurface and you may face unpleasant consequences due to your past actions. The Sun-Aquarius conjunction is not favorable to you and could make you anxious. The stars advise you, however, to exercise caution and take the necessary measures to resolve your conflicts at work, so you will avoid more serious circumstances in the future. Communicating clearly and honestly with the people involved will ease tensions and allow you to find solutions that will work for all parties involved.


For you  Aquarius, you are probably going to have a very hard week. Mercury forms a conjunction with Pluto, so get ready to make a very unpleasant discovery… Someone very close to you may have taken advantage of your trust! Learning this bad news can not only negatively affect your relationship, but also your emotional state. If you ever feel depressed, that’s completely normal! Especially if it comes from a friend or your partner. However, astrologers advise you not to blame yourself and feel guilty for what other have done. It is in no way your fault! This situation may be part of a bigger cosmic plan than you think. Everything happens for a reason, and you are fully aware of it! Although you find it difficult to accept this situation, the stars invite you to find inner peace to be able to move forward. Keep in mind that time heals all wounds, and there will always be people in your life who will support and love you unconditionally. So, what more do you expect?

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