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Rare Soul Man! Who Is The Kindest Zodiac Sign?

Today our Magic ball tells which of the signs of the zodiac is kindness itself. Maybe it’s you?

12th place – Gemini

The honorable last place in the horoscope of good signs goes to Gemini – and not at all for the wickedness of nature, as one might imagine. Everything is much worse here. The true villain, at least, has at least some business with his neighbor, while the Twins have nothing at all. “We don’t care about you” is their motto. In general, we, miserable little people, usually touch Gemini – something like cute tiny hamsters. But let’s be honest: Do you, for example, sincerely empathize with the problems of hamsters? That’s the same.

11th place – Capricorn

The true emotions of Capricorn are hidden in the egg, the egg in the duck, and the duck in the hare, The hare changes his identity and calls himself a saber-toothed snail so that no one would guess. Therefore, you might think that Capricorns are not kind at all, and you know what? The way it is. Because Capricorn expresses his kind attitude towards someone not in words, but in deeds, and on a large scale: to whom Capricorn is kind – he lives like Christ in his bosom. But such an attitude is not enough for everyone, of course, so Capricorns are kind only to those who deserve it. And, frankly, there are few of them. Homeopathically little, we would say.

10th place – Cancer

Unexpected turn! Cancers, these wonderful sincere people who feel sorry for all the orphans, the poor, and the undereducated, who are ready to feed, drink, and put everyone to bed after a session of kitchen psychotherapy, are not kind at all. I mean, to you. Cancers are kind only to relatives and friends, but they are ready to provide the above to everyone else, but no more. No money will be given, in short.

9th place – Aries

Firstly, Aries considers kindness a weakness: before you have time to look back, these orphans and the wretched will sit on your mighty neck and demand cocoa and marshmallows to be served to them, and thanks again if they don’t write a claim for the insufficiently warm wind that they blew into the well-known place. This time. And two – yes, they are weaklings! Who needs a good attitude toward others – those placed on the sidelines of life? Let them stand, and wave handkerchiefs to our armored train, which is rushing at full speed into a brighter future. This is Sparta!

8th place – Aquarius

“Do no good – you will not get evil” – this is the motto of Aquarius. Evil, however, Aquarius, too, as a rule, does not do to anyone – firstly, they disdain, and secondly, they are too lazy. But a kind attitude towards one’s neighbor requires some involvement in the life of that neighbor, and Aquarius, you know, has something to do without it. In short, God will provide.

7th place – Pisces

The honorable seventh place in the horoscope of good people goes to Pisces – incomprehensible creatures who are kind in general to everyone, but at the same time to no one in particular. If you enter the inner circle and at the same time have not yet managed to crush the Fish’s favorite fin (which in itself is another quest) – she will certainly be kind to you. Words. As for good deeds, then here, excuse me, you are demonstrating a blatant breach of her boundaries, calls from above, and toxic behavior. All the best!

6th place – Libra

An honorable central place in the horoscope of the kind and generous goes to Libra, who is not so much kind as sweet, charming, and well-mannered. They never refuse anyone – this is a fundamental point, keep in mind. They will try their best, but force majeure circumstances, alas, will interfere with them. As a result, you, having not received help, will be forever grateful to them for their participation. Amazing talent for sure, right?

5th place – Leo

The top five are opened by Lions – complacent, kind-hearted, and sympathetic people with a heart of gold. True, to bathe in the rays of Leo’s kindness, you will have to arm yourself with at least a Kalashnikov assault rifle and start making your way to the commissar’s body from distant frontiers. Because the near frontiers have long been occupied by a crowd of admirers, who also hope to bathe in the rays of kindness.

4th place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the main defenders of the humiliated and insulted, the self-proclaimed Themis of the entire zodiac, fighters for everything good against everything bad, almost fell short of the top three leaders. There is only one problem in all this: good in the performance of Sagittarius is always ready to bring evil to its knees and brutally kill. Well, okay – at least publicly flogged. Also, you know, nothing pleasant.

3rd place – Virgo

The top three Virgo leaders are open – such special useful people whom the Heavenly Office forbade to say “no” in response to a request for help, and it does not matter from whom it comes. Virgo is the very person who will drag home a flea-ridden blind kitten, save a ficus that was put out to agonize on the porch, and give dinner to the enemy, not because it would be necessary to lose weight, but because the enemy needs it now. So the unfortunate Virgos would have laid down their whole lives for the benefit of bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes, but, fortunately, they are very good at pretending to be indifferent cynical scoundrels. Even when doing good deeds.

2nd place – Scorpio

Unexpected turn! The very embodiment of all the evil of the zodiac takes second place and a silver medal in a frenetic race for kindness. The thing is that Scorpios are emotional comrades, and they, as a rule, first bite off their heads and then ask for their last name, but there is no need to be scared: if your head tells Scorpio that you need help, he will sew it back on you in the best form, after stuffing them with good, and most importantly, effective advice. And put money in your pocket. A lot of. But in secret!

1st place – Taurus

Ta-dam! An honorable first place, a gold medal, and a drum around the neck go to Taurus – the kindest, most generous, most humane, and sincere sign of the zodiac. This Taurus will take off his last shirt for the sake of his neighbor, whom he sees for the first time. This Taurus will respond to any call for help, even if you call your mother from the airport at three in the morning to meet. This is Taurus, the soul-man, always ready to share his time, his strength, and maybe even money (but this is not certain). True, then he will start yelling about parasites who sucked the last blood out of him, but we guarantee: even in this state, Taurus will not leave you in trouble. And his mumbling can be tolerated.

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