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Relationship Drama: How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Romantic Relationships!

No matter how beautiful relationships are, some things can drive you crazy. Of course, no one likes unreliability, flirting with others, or dishonesty. But there are certain characteristics that you absolutely cannot tolerate in your partner, depending on your zodiac sign.

Pisces: Emotional coldness

With the zodiac sign Pisces, you are a little sensitive. You are built close to the water and quickly react hurt if your partner chooses the wrong words. Therefore, you can only deal with men who can tolerate your sensitivity. You expect your partner to always listen to you and comfort you when you’re not feeling well. It becomes difficult when you come across a rather cold man who blocks you as soon as you start to cry.

Scorpio: lack of humor

As a typical Scorpio, you are a real fun-lover and often play the entertainer when you are out with your friends. Many people appreciate you for your funny nature, but for some people, your humor is too crude. Because you often talk like your mouth has grown. A partner who weighs every word is not for you. So it’s best to pay attention to how a man reacts to your jokes on the first few dates!

Cancer: self-promoter

With your zodiac sign Cancer, you have a pretty quiet nature. You don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer an interesting conversation to any party. This means you get along better with other introverted people who may only seem attractive at second glance. So you can’t do anything with self-absorbed pretty boys. So when choosing a partner, don’t pay too much attention to his appearance!

Taurus: Jealousy

As a Taurus, you impress those around you with your charisma. You appear seductive, especially to men, often without meaning to. However, you are loyal and your partner should know that too. Very jealous guys can’t handle the fact that other men are often watching them. So as soon as your partner makes accusations or tries to control you, you see red.

Sagittarius: Not addressing problems

As a Sagittarius, you are a very emotional person who can also be impulsive at times. So arguments are not exactly rare in relationships with you. Therefore, you need a partner who can endure this and is even able to express his or her opinion. After all, there is nothing worse for you than going to sleep with an unresolved conflict. So if you notice at the beginning of a relationship that communication is not his strength, you should pull the emergency brake. More

Aries: Too sensitive guys

As an Aries, you can sometimes be quite stubborn. Arguing with you can be quite stressful because you know exactly how to get your way. Above all, your partner has to be able to deal with this. If you meet a man who is too sensitive, you will have a hard time. Because it only makes you angrier when he never talks back to you.

Gemini: Not enough s*x

As a Gemini, you are a very versatile person. The better we get to know you, the more of the interesting facets you reveal. One of them is your passion, which is very important to you in relationships. Your biggest fear is that your relationship will fall apart due to a lull in s*x. As soon as he stops making an effort during s*x, you start to doubt him.

Aquarius: Attachment

As an Aquarius, you have a strong personality and go through life quite confidently. That’s why you only find men attractive who can stand up to you. You don’t need someone who depends on you or who always tells you what to say. So as soon as your partner becomes too clingy, it can become a real problem in your relationship. But that doesn’t make you a heartless person, because there is an explanation for why clinginess seems unattractive.

Capricorn: Waste of money

Capricorns are usually very disciplined and reliable. This is especially true when dealing with money. Therefore, poor management can quickly become a problem in relationships with you. A partner who has never learned how to handle money will infuriate you. But many arguments about finances are actually about completely different things.

Leo: laziness

With the zodiac sign Leo you are extremely ambitious and are rarely lazy. This also applies to your household. However, in a relationship, you don’t see the need to serve your partner. If he doesn’t lift a finger, you quickly become angry and somehow his lazy attitude also makes him unattractive. So spoiled mama’s boys are not for you!

Libra: Choleric

As a Libra, you simply need harmony in your life. Even small conflicts worry you a lot, especially when it comes to your relationship. Therefore, you can only get along with a partner who has a similar need for harmony as you. You cannot deal at all with choleric people who become loud or even aggressive. But you should keep in mind that verbal arguments can sometimes be good for your relationship.

Virgo: Intrusiveness

As a Virgo, you are a real pragmatist and prefer to be organized rather than go through life completely planned. This is often practical but can become a problem in relationships. Because you can’t handle it when your partner is spontaneous and unexpectedly tries to convince you to have a quickie. You also simply need a lot of time alone to recover from your strenuous job. Sometimes this character trait may annoy you, but maybe you should just look for a partner who is similar to you.

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