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Scorpio Or Virgo: The Cutest Zodiac Sign Among Women

Some zodiac signs more often than others demonstrate boundless good nature and friendliness, while others communicate dryly and reservedly. Today we’ll figure out which zodiac sign is the cutest among women.

Which sign is the cutest among all the zodiac signs? Are you sure it’s yours? Let’s check!

Rating of the cutest zodiac signs for women

Twelfth place – Scorpio

Scorpio women are multifaceted, passionate, ardent, emotional natures. They are straightforward and sometimes harsh. Many representatives of the sign tend to harbor grudges and not forgive mistakes. Scorpios are also quite vain; for the sake of their goal, they may not take other people into account. Many reproach them for deceit, rancor, and vindictiveness. Outwardly, such a woman is often charming, but do not delude yourself, because Scorpios are far from the sweetest sign of the zodiac.

Eleventh place – Capricorn

Girls born under the sign of Capricorn do not like to open up to people. They are quite closed, aloof, and keep everything to themselves. They show their true emotions only in critical situations. Capricorn women do not give the impression of being cute at all, however, in reality, they are not alien to kindness. But still, due to external coldness and indifference, we give them only eleventh place in the ranking of the cutest signs of the zodiac.

Tenth place – Pisces

Pisces women are prone to passivity and do not like to take initiative. Sensitive and vulnerable, Pisces can be very upset when they hear a rude word addressed to them, and then spend a long time going over all the details of the conversation in their heads. Due to their suspicious nature, Pisces behave suspiciously and overly cautiously. They are touchy, but not vindictive. Pisces ranks tenth in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs among women.

Ninth place – Aries

Aries’s kindness is somewhat downplayed by his impulsiveness. Although he will not deliberately cause pain, his thoughtless harsh expressions can seriously hurt. The power and authoritarianism of the Aries woman sometimes make her quite callous. Saying too much and then regretting it is a common thing for a representative of this sign. Therefore, we place Aries only in ninth place in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs.

Eighth place – Gemini

Gemini is hardly the sweetest zodiac sign for a woman. They may show interest in what the other person is saying, but feel indifferent. Geminis are much more concerned with their well-being and the thought process that constantly occurs in their heads – so much so that the restless whirlwind of ideas can be difficult to organize. If a Gemini has little energy, he will not waste it on politeness and friendliness towards unfamiliar people. In this case, Gemini behaves dryly, sometimes irritably. Gemini women come in eighth place in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs.

Seventh place – Leo

The Leo woman is a born leader, prone to demonstrating her superiority. She is quite vain, which makes her focus primarily on achievements rather than people. But she can be very gentle with loved ones. Lionesses usually do not show their true attitude until it comes to open confrontation. But, it must be said that representatives of the sign usually have a good reason for hostility. We put them at number seven in the top cutest zodiac signs among women.

Sixth place – Cancer

Like Leos, Cancers are friendly mainly with close people whom they trust unlimitedly. With others, they will remain neutral and communicate, albeit politely, but with restraint. Nevertheless, one cannot deny Cancer’s warmth and sincerity towards those who were able to earn their favor. And this is not so difficult to do, you just need to be sincere and open with them. Cancers rise to sixth place in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs among women.

Fifth place – Virgo

This is not to say that Virgos are unfriendly, but they lack liveliness in emotions. When communicating with people, they most often look cold and unapproachable. This happens because the Virgo woman always tries to think through her words and predict in what direction the conversation will develop. This is their analytical mind. Add to this also the fact that representatives of the sign are quite categorical – if they decide to exclude a person from their social circle, there is no turning back. Therefore, Virgos takes fifth place at the top of the cutest zodiac signs for a woman.

Fourth place – Sagittarius

Sagittarius is certainly kind and sympathetic. He is the life of the party, easy-going and sometimes simply charming. But women born under this sign have a heightened sense of justice, which simply does not allow them to behave politely with deceitful and two-faced people. In general, if a Sagittarius treats someone badly, he will find out from it. Therefore, Sagittarius falls a little short of the podium and takes fourth place in the ranking of the cutest signs of the zodiac.

Third place – Aquarius

Aquarius women truly love people. They like big noisy companies, parties, and social events. In general, they are those about whom they say “Just darling!” But at the same time, Aquarians are very demanding of their environment and do not like to compromise. We rank them as the third cutest female zodiac sign.

Second place – Taurus

Incorrigible and gullible optimists. It is their gullibility and desire to see only the good in people that can play a cruel joke on the representatives of the sign. They should be a little more skeptical, which will allow them to stand more firmly on the ground of reality and not be deceived by illusions about a kind and just world. But when it comes to friendliness, Taurus is simply brilliant. We welcome them to second place in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs for women.

First place – Libra

Which zodiac sign is the cutest? These are Libras – very sociable, open guys who can find a common language even with strangers. Polite and well-mannered, able to conduct casual small talk, Libra seems to have perfectly mastered the art of communication. Therefore, the editors and astrologers unanimously decided that Libra deserves victory in the ranking of the cutest zodiac signs among women.

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