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September Harvest Full Moon Could Threaten Relationships Of 4 Zodiac Signs

If you’ve been feeling some tension lately, know that you’re not alone. Luckily, a significant change is in the works: September 29, 2023, Full Harvest Moon is on the horizon, especially for thrill-seeking Aries, bringing a bit of hustle and bustle into our lives. This lunation will have a notable impact on the signs of the zodiac, emphasizing their relationships.

Full moons, as the final phase of the lunar cycle, symbolize liberation and provide an ideal opportunity to pursue your goals. However, it may be a good idea to keep a pack of tissues on hand. When the sun, which rules the ego, comes into conflict with your emotional center, the moon, it is common for emotions to take over.

Read on to find out if you’re one of the zodiac signs that September’s full harvest moon could threaten relationships.

Aries zodiac sign

It’s okay to focus a little more on yourself right now, Aries. The full moon illuminates your self-awareness, prompting you to step back and reflect. You are questioning many things about your identity and your path to success during this time.

If you focus on this introspection, you will be able to discover what you have overcome and find a new direction to follow. Be prepared to face possible resistance from those around you, but have confidence in this process.

Taurus zodiac sign

Have you questioned your reality recently, Taurus? This powerful full moon can push you to expand your consciousness, which can destabilize you. The square between Venus and Uranus can cause unexpected tensions in your relationships.

Since Uranus has been transiting your sign, be prepared to face changes that will significantly impact your life. You might also feel external pressure on your love life, which might surprise you.

Leo zodiac sign

Leo, do you need to engage in difficult conversations? With Venus currently in your sign, your relationships are full of passion and tension.

Be careful with your words, but also pay great attention to how you communicate them. This is a delicate exercise: think carefully before speaking, while being honest and direct.

Zodiac sign Libra

Your relationships are in the spotlight right now, Libra. Pay attention to your reactions to others and try to break away from habits aimed at satisfying the expectations of others.

You are learning to free yourself from indulgent behaviors and loopholes that hinder your success. The more you brush up on your social skills, the more refreshed you’ll feel as fall approaches.

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