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Signs most likely to return to former partners

Getting back to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a mantra for some. It’s like there’s always an opportunity to go back in time. But this has consequences that occur over time that must be understood and faced.

o, here are the signs prone to return to former partners as if bound by a force that even they cannot understand. For this reason, they always end up repeating the mistakes, but also the joys of the past.
These are difficult people to evaluate. Maybe a little immature or maybe just brave.

Signs most likely to return to former partners:


The truth is that Taurus manages to end some relationships in a very honest and open way.

At least when he wants to, he proves to be one of the most determined signs in the entire zodiac.

But, he always maintains a bridge to his exes, and after a while, the past resurfaces in a disturbing way and everything seems to turn in a different direction in less time than expected.

He seems to have a very strange way of doing things: he likes to have mature and honest relationships, but it is inevitable that from time to time he will not give in again to a person he once loved.


Pisces are among the most romantic of the entire zodiac. They never question their feelings and believe that passion, even the most contradictory and difficult, should be lived to the fullest.

Pisces are people who let everything flow spontaneously and naturally, but sometimes they get caught up in a very personal state, that is, they force things to go back to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

I know it won’t last long, maybe, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is living in the moment.


Capricorn tends to maintain relationships with exes. As a result, when there are moments of boredom and great loneliness, he returns to them at least for physical contact.

After the fact wears off, everything becomes again the memory of a love affair, a long-closed relationship.

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