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Signs that always need attention. Cancer does it out of fear!

There are signs that like to stay in the shadows and signs that always need attention. The latter would do anything to get it!

If you’ve ever forgotten to water your plants for an extended period of time, then you know what happens when something or someone is neglected. You might not like being the center of attention and don’t seek the limelight, but you definitely need attention in one form or another. Attention is when people think about you. Some of us like to give more, while others like to receive more. In any case, attention makes us feel like we are part of this world.

Each of us needs attention!

You know that feeling when a friend tells you they were thinking about you? Yes, this is a type of attention. So is the kind of attention that makes you feel extremely loved. Like when you get a lot of birthday wishes. Being the center of attention isn’t something you can’t live without, but a sense of belonging is necessary to live as a human being.

Finding your place in the world takes time, but it’s worth knowing that where you are is exactly where you’re meant to be.

For some signs, feeling this sense of belonging is not enough. They want to be the center of attention, as they feel most comfortable in the spotlight. For others, the happiness of getting just the right amount of attention, not too much, is enough to make them feel loved and welcome.

Like respect and friendship, attention is a two-way street. The amount of attention you want from someone should be equal to the amount you give that person. When you’re desperate for attention, you’re belling people that their only goal is to make you feel better about yourself. Doesn’t sound good, does it?

Signs that always need attention


Aries demand attention because they feel they deserve it.

He likes to think that’s not what he’s after, but everyone knows he’d do anything to get it. He loves to be the center of attention! Aries is very confident and independent and likes to know that people are crazy about him. Aries is bossy and can be quite dangerous when he doesn’t have all the attention on him.


Geminis love attention because they feel they have so much to offer those around them. They may not be as crazy about attention as other zodiac signs, but they certainly won’t stand to be ignored. The way Geminis get people to pay more and more attention to them is by giving them what they want: someone to talk to, gossip with, and keep an eye on. Their dual personality helps them transform into whoever they want, which means they will easily be able to capture the attention of others.


Cancer loves to know that loved ones will never leave his life. He becomes desperate for attention when he feels things are changing or when people start relying less on him and more on themselves. The truth is, Cancer is pretty insecure. He needs constant attention and validation so he knows he won’t be abandoned by the people he loves. Even though deep down he knows this won’t happen, the constant attention makes him feel safer.


Leo loves to be in the spotlight. Even though he is extremely confident in his strength, even he feels the need for attention from time to time. For all, his world is a stage, and he is the most loved actor in the whole country. Regardless of the relationships he has, to will make sure he gets the proper attention.


Sagittarius likes to be independent and alone on their own, but also the center of attention when they have the chance. If he has the chance to tell his experiences in front of a large audience, he will not hesitate. He loves to be popular and the center of attention and knows that he is so interesting that he cannot help but captivate those around him.

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