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Signs that can’t keep a secret

These signs cannot keep a secret and have no respect for the privacy of others. Do you find yourself or know someone with such habits?

Not everything in life has to become public. Whether it’s great news, a terrible burden, or a juicy little piece of gossip about someone, some zodiac signs feel the need to share whatever they find out with others.

You have to know who to trust! Even if they are your good friends, some really can’t keep their mouth shut and because of that you can’t reveal intimate details about yourself to them.

  • Signs that can’t keep a secret


Aries is short-tempered and cannot control his impulsiveness at all. He doesn’t always understand the emotional needs and vulnerabilities of others, or sometimes he just doesn’t care. Aries have very few secrets, so they don’t understand why others want so much to keep quiet when they have a problem or something going on in their life.

At best, Aries might think he’s doing you a favor by revealing your private issues so he can make you face them. At worst, he’ll do it as a joke, just because he knows it’s bothering you.


Everyone loves to talk to this native. He is great at conversation, listening to others and making them feel comfortable in his presence. No matter what you say to him, he seems to understand everything immediately. The downside is that sometimes, out of a desire to be liked, he tends to gossip. In his constant quest to fit into any group, he is likely to say almost anything just to be accepted. He will say anything, even those things he promised to keep only to himself.

Reserved and withdrawn, Virgo doesn’t seem like the type of person to divulge anyone’s secrets. What happens to her is much worse than that! Virgo will patiently listen to anyone, analyze the information, and then, in detail, list everything that you are doing wrong. Virgo really wants to help solve the problem, even if you revealed something to her just to unload, without asking for her help. Even if you give her good news, she will still find something to criticize. Being an overly critical perfectionist, she won’t be able to resist telling you exactly what you did wrong and what you need to change. The upside is that he’s usually right. The downside is that she will make you feel worse than you did before you talked to her.


Scorpio knows the value of a secret, but can also be the most manipulative sign in the entire zodiac. Scorpio loves it when someone trusts him enough to be vulnerable and open up to him, but he never reveals his secrets. If you share intimate details with a Scorpio, he will keep his promise not to share them. But now that he knows more about you, it can be quite risky. Scorpio tends to turn someone else’s secrets into blackmail material or use the information they learn to control or manipulate someone.


Because of his innate honesty and lack of subtlety and tact, Sagittarius is prone to divulging any sensitive information he has about someone that he has promised to keep hidden.

You don’t have to open up to him, although he makes you trust him from the first meeting.


Even if you tell Aquarius to keep a piece of information to himself, if sharing your secrets will help him achieve his goals, he’ll do it without a second thought. This native always seems to retain only what is useful to him.

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