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Signs that prefer to blame their partner for all the problems in the relationship

Here are the signs that prefer to blame their partner and never take responsibility!

Blaming someone else for your own mistakes is an extremely ugly and annoying gesture. And yet, it happens every day. Many times, we simply cannot face the consequences of our actions, and if we are immature enough, we shrug our shoulders nervously and blame someone else for our mistakes.

Some people cannot be held accountable for their actions, even if they know they are the ones at fault. This happens especially in the case of representatives of certain zodiac signs, whose personality traits and behaviors have an increased predisposition to run away from responsibilities.

Signs that prefer to blame their partner for all problems in the relationship:


If all of a sudden, the Aquarius relationship is put to the test, it is only and only the fault of the other. He thinks it’s everyone else’s fault but his own. And when the partner blames him, he already has a plan made to humiliate him. They accuse him of everything he has done wrong in his life!


Geminis are those who only accept praise for their victories, and when conflicts arise, it is always the partner’s fault. They do not take responsibility for their actions and call everything fake news, for self-defense.


In her mind, she is perfect and all her decisions are as perfect as she is. So if there’s anything in her life that doesn’t go according to plan, it must be someone else’s fault. She can’t take responsibility for things that are not going well in her relationship, so her partner must have gone wrong somewhere.


Capricorn does not like to make anyone suffer, and when he does, he immediately finds a way to get away with it. He becomes ice-cold and blames his partner immediately.

Suddenly he doesn’t care about the consequences and has to win no matter what.


Cancer never admits its mistakes because it does not want to create a negative image. He blames his partner for moving away from this label and the fear that the one next to him might stop seeing him as a flawless hero. He’s just a scared kid.


Libra laughs at everyone and hides its contempt for most people. The hatred towards her fellows is so great that the easiest thing in the world for her is to blame everyone for her failures or suffering.

This applies especially in love, with his partner. She never takes responsibility for her actions and always blames the person next to her.

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