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Signs Who Prefer To Be Single Vs. Those Who Prefer To Be With Someone

Here are the signs who prefer to be single:


Aries is a very changeable sign. The one who can fall in love and fall out of love in just a few days. You can be single today and start fresh tomorrow. This is why he prefers to be single because then he doesn’t have to explain himself to anyone. He has very crazy impulses and knows that, when he is in a relationship, he must be careful not to hurt the other person. This doesn’t mean that Aries doesn’t know how to be in a relationship or that they will never be in a relationship. When falling in love, Aries is capable of giving much more than they imagined. And also support what is not written. But just because of his condition, he should be single.


Geminis also change their minds from time to time. Today you may want to fall in love and at a moment you hate everything related to love. He may fall in love 3 times on the same day: with you, with a look and a smile he encountered. Even though he often doesn’t understand himself, he indeed feels much more comfortable when he’s single. He is a very sociable person, who likes to meet new people, interact with others, talk to anyone, etc… When he is in a relationship, he feels that he cannot be as free as he would like it. You don’t want to hurt your partner and you don’t want them to have reason to distrust you. Gemini can fall in love and maintain a relationship. They love it when it happens. But when you’re single, it’s absolute freedom.


Virgo likes being single because they like spending time alone. He knows that he is a very special person, with many quirks and a strong character, and prefers to fend for himself without anyone bothering him. Virgo indeed likes good company. He is a fan of these mature relationships, in which respect is the basis of everything, but it is very difficult for him to find relationships like these… In the end, he always wants to have time for himself, his affairs, and the small. other. For Virgo, it can be very difficult to find a suitable person.


Scorpio likes to experience love intensely. It is a very passionate sign and it will never say no to a relationship in which it can enjoy long nights of s*x… But it must also be recognized that Scorpio is a sign that likes to immerse itself in its thoughts, in its darkness. You know that at some point in your life, you are going to fall in love and enjoy love to the fullest, but this is a sign that prefer to enjoy being single while you can. He doesn’t want anyone to invade his privacy or betray him and that’s why he prefers to be alone. This avoids drama.


Sagittarius has always been said to be one of the most independent signs of the zodiac. Moreover, it is very difficult for him to commit and that is why he prefers to be single. In a relationship, Sagittarius can become a super dedicated and dedicated person, but the truth is that they prefer to go through life without giving anyone explanations. He wants his life to be a constant adventure and few are ready to follow his pace of life. Sagittarius doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone and he doesn’t want anyone to be a burden to him either. It is very good to be alone because then he can do whatever he wants at any time.


Aquarius has always been a person who goes his way, who breaks the rules, who does not depend on anyone. Even though deep down he has a huge heart ready to fall in love, he prefers to stay single for a while longer. He knows how to enjoy alone time better than anyone. She’s not a person who needs to be with someone to feel complete. Aquarius is super independent. He doesn’t need his half because he is already complete. He has very different ideas in mind and it is very difficult for him to find someone who understands him and does not judge him. For this reason, he prefers to be alone rather than in bad company.

Here are the signs who prefer to be with someone:


Taurus needs others just as he needs oxygen to live. He can be a very independent person, who knows how to fend for himself, but he feels better when accompanied. Things as they are. When you’re with someone, not only do you feel safer, but you also feel like you can vent, and that someone is listening to all your drama. Taurus has no problem being single, in fact, now and then he needs to be, but deep down he loves feeling those butterflies in his stomach. It’s a kind of necessity for him.


When single, Cancer will invest part of their life looking for the ideal person. You have always dreamed of falling in love, of enjoying love, of experiencing this idyllic relationship. He is a very sensitive person and needs to be with someone who understands his feelings and helps him deal with them. May it help you to be at peace. You need someone who can be there when you need them. But just because I prefer to be with someone doesn’t mean I’ll be with just anyone. He is very cautious when it comes to falling in love because he doesn’t want his heart to be broken. But the fact is that even if he breaks it, he prefers to experience the feeling of being in love, even if it hurts later. So yes, Cancer prefers to be with someone…


Leo likes to be with someone. You need attention to survive and when you’re single you don’t get as much attention as you’d like. He likes to feel that there is a person in his life who will support him when he needs him, who will give him all the love he deserves, and who will compliment him 24/7. He loves to share everything with his favorite person and feels bad when he realizes that he almost always gives more than others. Leo likes to feel loved, just as he is. He can be very independent when he wants to be, but he feels that in a relationship he will be much happier, with things as they are. When single, Leo dreams of finding true love. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be real.


Libra likes to surround themselves with people. He knows better than anyone how to enjoy his time alone, but he can become quite depressed if he spends a lot of time alone. And if not, let us tell him after having lived through forty even if we no longer remember it… He goes through life hard, but deep down he has a huge heart. A heart that needs to stock itself with good love. Libra prefers to be with someone because they feel like they can share all their fears and insecurities with another person. He feels that this way there will be someone to listen to him whenever he has these existential crises that he experiences from time to time. Libra needs good love.


For Capricorn, it is important to be with someone. He copes perfectly well with being single. He doesn’t need anyone for anything. He is a very hardworking person and does not need anyone to solve his life. Capricorn is a very familiar sign that cares a lot about its people. Although behind this image of coldness and extreme independence, there is someone who is dying to find someone who knows how to respect him and be faithful to him throughout his life. She is a person very committed to love and she loves when she finds someone who shares the same values ​​as her.


Pisces likes to be in a relationship because they like to be in love. It’s a super sentimental sign and what’s better than being with someone to share all those feelings with? He’s super dedicated and the truth is when he’s single he feels like he’s missing something. Like everyone else, Pisces can survive alone, but they know that they feel better when they have another person to whom they can give all the love they have inside them. In addition, sharing is part of its essence. She is a very romantic person who constantly needs attention and is born to love and also to be loved.

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