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Simona Halep, born under the sign of success

Our athlete won the final of the Wimbledon tournament, after defeating Serena Williams in an incredible match. In addition to a titanic job, it is clear that the sign in which he was born is a lucky one!

Simona Halep was born on September 27, 1991, meaning she is a Libra.

According to astrology, people born under this sign are very ambitious, and intelligent, know what they want, and don’t give up until they succeed. They don’t settle for less and want to be among the best. Regardless of the means, Libra almost always manages to achieve its goal through its perseverance.

Libra is an air sign, ruled by the planet Venus, the goddess of love and passion.

But, she is also the Libra of the zodiac, which makes her fair, kind, direct and rational. Being the most sociable sign in the entire zodiac, but also very hardworking, Libra enjoys popularity and is very easy to please.

However, when it comes to serious business, Libra oozes determination. That’s why, for Simona, a career is such an important and challenging field.

Favorable circumstances for success

Moon in Taurus

From the astrogram of the tennis player, it is clear that the Moon was placed in Taurus at the time of her birth. This position gives him perseverance, determination, and self-confidence.

However, to achieve what he set out to do, he needs emotional and financial support. Fortunately, Simona had the full share of the love of her family, friends, and fans, who helped her have this exceptional route. And, if he didn’t have that much money from the beginning, now it can be said that he has reached financial stability that gives him more confidence in his strength.

Mercury in Virgo

This position gives him strength, intelligence, and logic. That is why, in most cases, she is very cautious and does not act impulsively, as seen in the field.

Also, people with Mercury in Virgo are gifted with extraordinary dexterity.

Venus in Leo

This position brings him success both on a sentimental level and especially on a professional level. It favors its evolution and puts it in the light, regardless of the field of activity it follows.

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