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Single Horoscope: The Relationship Status Of These Zodiac Signs Changes In April

The star constellations are on a new beginning in April and have romantic moments in store for some zodiac signs. Are you one of them? You can find out here in the singles horoscope for April 2024.

The universe has once again reached into the star box and has some particularly tingling feelings in store for some singles in the new month. Read here what the star constellations predict for singles in April 2024.

Who does your zodiac sign harmonize particularly well with? Take a look at your singles horoscope to find out.

Capricorn singles horoscope

Mars has a stimulating effect

Want some spring fever? The sensitive fish is happy to share them with you! He immediately senses that you both have a lot in common. That leaves you wanting more. You will receive clear instructions from Virgo. You two have similar views and values, that’s what connects you. Sense and sensuality are on the agenda with Taurus. Love can feel so beautiful!

Aquarius singles horoscope

It has to be something special

Gemini listens to you with fascination when you tell your exciting stories. You will experience a lot together. The Aries feels exactly where your erogenous zones are. Hot feelings of a special kind are at play for both of you. Venus also tickles your fascination with Libra. This flirting is getting under your skin.

Pisces singles horoscope

Longing for closeness

Taurus is consistent enough to dispel your doubts. It also manages to bring more lightheartedness into your life. If you’re looking for more peace and comfort in April, you’ll get your money’s worth with Capricorn. You can recharge your batteries with him. Cancer also irritates you because it is serious. But you only gradually trust him.

Aries single horoscope


Sun and Venus offer you and Sagittarius the stage for great emotional cinema. You are getting very close. Electrifying sparks fly between you and your twin. With him, life seems carefree and easy. You are both open to new things and enjoy traveling together. The lion carries you away with his stormy nature and knows exactly how to inspire you. He is your perfect match in April.

Single Horoscope Paths

Intense feelings

The Capricorn immediately catches your eye and you flirt intensely. You just can’t resist him. Together you can achieve anything. Enjoyment of life and a beautiful home are the order of the day on the Libra side. With her you find peace. But you also like the virgin. With her, you can enjoy a really good time and rediscover eroticism.

Gemini singles horoscope

Still undecided

Aquarius makes you happy. You feel that, but you’re not ready for a deeper connection yet. Aries also tempts you. Venus inspires you both, which can give you an erotically active phase. In April, Leo is full of joy for life. You don’t have to promise him anything and you can just enjoy a carefree time with him.

Cancer single horoscope


The stars are currently inspiring you, especially on an erotic level. The fish feels the same way, you both have a strong physical attraction to each other. An encounter with a scorpion offers psychological harmony, but also a rather seductive note. Taurus ticks like you in April. Whether he’s making himself comfortable at home or going on an adventure tour: the main thing is that you’re there.

Leo singles horoscope


Gemini gives you a feeling of carefreeness and that’s exactly what you need in April. His carefree confidence and youthful attitude simply make you happy. Aries also tempts you. He is a person of action and ensures that all sorts of things happen in your life. In April, Virgo is open to everything that makes life more beautiful – and to love for you!

Virgo singles horoscope


You don’t have to have a big discussion with the lion, everything runs itself. You get the support you need from him to achieve ambitious goals. With the Scorpio it is fate. You two just seem to belong together. Sagittarius will carry you along with his adventurous spirit. With him, you are always where life is pulsating and have a lot of fun.

Single Horoscope Libra

More harmony

Aquarius is a born entertainer, and you quickly forget your cautious distance. A fire is lit that can become love. Everything with the lion is a lot of fun. He gives you your space and notices exactly when you want to allow closeness. Scorpio also has a soft spot for you. The relationship with him quickly becomes intense and special. Saturn reveals: This has prospects.

Single Horoscope Scorpio

Your smile is enchanting

The fish knows exactly how to treat you and what is going on inside you. This makes working together wonderfully easy and uncomplicated. Cancer is your rock: he’s always there when you need him and quite passionate in April. But Libra also fascinates you: it knows how to conquer you again and again.

Sagittarius singles horoscope

happiness in love

Venus brings you and Aries together. It’s love at first sight with you two! But the lion also fascinates you completely: it will be a fiery affair that touches you deep inside. You will probably spot Aquarius in a colorful crowd. His stars of fate and plans suit you perfectly in April!

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