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Super Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign. Very Interesting!

Super horoscope for every zodiac sign. Find out if health and happiness depend on your birthday. When it comes to the impact of a birthday on a person’s health, career, and family life, astrologers usually provide the answer. However, now doctors and psychologists have taken up this issue. Susceptibility to overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or allergies seems to depend on the month of birth. And even whether a person is timid or brave, left-handed or right-handed, whether he will have many children, also depends on his birthday. Back in the 1950s, the Austrian doctor Stuhr noticed that most of his patients with cancer were born in certain months. He analyzed data on nearly three thousand cancer deaths. The result confirmed his assumption: those born between May and August had a much lower risk of getting cancer. Later studies showed similar results.

People who were born in autumn always celebrate their birthday in the company of numerous friends and relatives. They reach the most advanced age. Having a birthday in the winter seems to increase the risk of certain diseases. Women born in winter are more likely to have high cholesterol, decreased pulmonary function, and an increased susceptibility to cardiovascular disease by about 24%.

Left-handers are more likely to be born between September and February, and children born in the spring are often extremely timid. The lucky ones are born in the summer; it seems that they have grabbed the bird of happiness by the tail. These studies have nothing to do with astrology. Scientists explain the reasons using scientific factors. During pregnancy and the first months of life, environmental factors – climate, nutrition, infections, hormones – affect people differently. The month of birth appears to influence likes and dislikes and may represent an independent risk factor for certain diseases or, conversely, increase resistance to other diseases.

However, there is no “optimal birth month”. Each of them has its pros and cons. Those people who know about them have the opportunity to make the best use of their chances and, by leading a certain lifestyle, counteract possible risks.

Super horoscope for each zodiac sign:

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Symbolizes life. He is a child and, like any child, he is completely absorbed in his own “I” and is occupied only with himself. His interests come first. Like a baby, he is not interested in what others think and feel. If he needs anything, he won’t hesitate to call you at 4 a.m. Kindly stand up and get what he needs. Aries views the world around him as an annex to himself. He is so natural and sincere in all his manifestations that this somewhat brightens up his selfishness and aggressiveness.

People born under the sign of Aries have enormous vitality, impulsiveness, and the ability to quickly make decisions. By nature, these people are pioneers. Therefore, they are attracted to those areas where they can show independence and initiative. The main thing in their life is dynamism: they need a motorcycle, a car, a boat – anything to overtake others. If he is an intellectual, there is a race of ideas and enterprises. Aries either picks up a new idea with enthusiasm or is completely indifferent to it: there is no middle ground. If he wants something, there is no point in objecting to him. Great ambition gives rise to high goals and great intentions, which are not always completed due to lack of patience, on the one hand, and approaching completion of the matter, on the other. The main assistants in all their affairs and endeavors are loyalty to their ideals, devotion to their work, to their partner, as well as the confidence that they will do everything better than others. A big role in this is played by conscientiousness, generosity, honesty, justice, an inventive mind, a painful desire, even mania – never to lag anywhere, but always strive only forward and upward.

Aries are natural leaders, leaders, and bosses. Their philosophical mindset, strong logic, ability to operate with convincing arguments, and accurate facts allow them to stand at the head of any business. Most people of this sign achieve their life goals and material well-being thanks to the positive traits of their character if they can curb some of the negative traits that hinder them both in work and relationships with people. In Aries, a realist and an idealist coexist amazingly. Rarely can anyone demonstrate such perseverance and fortitude, and at the same time, few can be as sentimental, poetic and so sacredly believe in miracles. All Aries are prone to exaggeration. They just don’t know where to stop. Their place is always in the first row of attackers. He is convinced that he understands everything very well. He is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles; on the contrary, he loves them, and they spur him on. He is not afraid of conflict and will help his neighbor in difficult times, he is even capable of heroism, but he wants to be praised and rewarded for this.

People whose patron is Mars are often accused of having an intolerable character. And this is partly true. But they are not vindictive, do not know how to grieve for a long time, and are always surprised by those who cannot forget for a long time about the insult caused. Only in the case of a particularly unfavorable position of the planets at the time of his birth, Aries can be cruel or unfair, but this happens quite rarely.

Aries are usually very romantic people. Their passion for change is a vital necessity; they love politics, public life, public speaking, and sports. The life of any Aries is a continuous struggle. He loves to do favors, and the larger the gesture, the better he feels. Aries fights fiercely for what is right and passionately defends the offended. The characteristic complex of Aries usually manifests itself in moments of depression and is expressed approximately by the following attitude: “I am not original, not noticeable, no one sees me as I am. I’m afraid they won’t see me.” But this person remains a big child all his life.

He is naive, and trusting, he blurts out all his secrets and is completely incapable of keeping other people’s. Doesn’t understand people. He sees a friend in everyone who approaches him with a smile.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20)

Taurus can always be recognized by their calm and silent appearance. If you are not one of his close friends, then, most likely, in a conversation with you he will limit himself to the words: “yes,” “no,” “thank you,” “bye,” or even interjections like “uh-huh.” Typical Taurus are not hasty in their movements and conversation. Taurus is a solid and calm creature. Nothing can throw him off balance. You can pour a tub of cold water on his head, rush at him with your fists, scream at the top of your lungs, proving that you are right, and try to hypnotize him – all in vain. Taurus is a rather peaceful creature. He will never cross anyone’s path, but he likes not to be disturbed either. Leave him alone and he will be happy.

Taurus is not impulsive by nature, but if you manage to piss him off, I won’t envy you. His anger is terrible: he destroys everything in his path. Fortunately, such scenes rarely happen to him. Taurus people are very stubborn by nature. They do not consider themselves as such, being confident that they are simply reasonable and firm. Taurus is difficult to budge, both literally and figuratively.

Taurus’ loyalty and devotion to family and friends is limitless. Most Taurus deserves a medal for an exceptionally rare quality – indomitability of spirit under the blows of fate. A person born under the sign of Taurus comes across as a confident person who has both feet firmly on the ground and knows what he wants in life.

People of the Taurus sign are materialistic and engage in activities that bring in money, but they are not like the power-hungry people of the Capricorn sign. They live in the present.

Being an Earth sign, Taurus is called to deal with material matters. Loves the pleasant aspects of life, and strives to take possession of material values. His motto is: “I have.” Values ​​convenience, contentment, and pleasure. Venus, his mistress, gives him the ability to appreciate beautiful forms and things. Taurus is a lover of beautiful clothes. The main thing for him is emotional and material security. Taurus strives to win a place under the Sun. He wants life to be full, including all the pleasures. The goal of Taurus’ life is to achieve economic stability and security because economic stability provides him with inner peace. He is not afraid of any job, provided that it pays well.

As a rule, they do not strive too much for high peaks. If there is a staircase going up, they will first carefully check that all the steps are intact. Among people of this type, there are hardly any unrestrained gamblers. The game appears to be enjoyable entertainment, and the game is played on a dime. If there is a desire to play “to the last”, then on the condition that the main amount remains at home, while in a secret pocket, in any case, there is money saved for a taxi to get home. Taurus cannot be called a refined nature. He loves to laugh at the old comedy movies where people fall after slipping on banana peels or dipping each other’s faces in cream cake. Subtle irony is not held in high esteem by Taurus. They prefer rough folk humor to her.

Negative traits of Taurus: anger, dark thoughts, love of luxury, excessive stubbornness, and lack of control over emotions, but Taurus is a peace-loving creature until he is enraged or frightened. Taurus has a hard time understanding others. But, in general, Taurus is a positive sign. He is friendly, although sometimes a little boring due to his reserve and silence. People of this sign do not have the habit of complimenting their lovers or wives (husbands). Most Taurus people replace poetic speeches with gifts or specific actions.

Taurus will eat everything with equal pleasure: from fried potatoes to chocolate cake and pickled vegetables. But the most favorite dish in his diet is still meat, washed down with a bottle or two of good wine.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

If, when looking at a person, it seems to you that you are seeing double, do not rush to put on glasses. Most likely, this is a Gemini, one of the most elusive and changeable signs of the Zodiac.

On his face, you can simultaneously read delight and despondency, love and hatred, joy and sadness. Moods constantly replace each other with lightning speed.

Geminis are difficult to catch on the spot. They are in constant motion, changing clothes, jobs, friends, and places of residence. When they pick up a book, they immediately look at the last page.

Rarely does any Gemini read a book from beginning to end, and if you come across such a unique copy, then, most likely, there was certainly some Taurus or Capricorn in his family.

Gemini’s impatience manifests itself not only when reading books, but also in all other activities.

Unfulfilled Geminis fuss, not finding their place in the world, and are often a constant source of chaos.

Geminis always don’t have enough time, they run after the bus and are late for the station. Gemini is always terribly busy, he is always late for meetings. However, he can talk for two hours with a random person he meets. His eternal busyness helps him overcome difficult moments in life but greatly tires those around him.

Gemini is a cheerful, seemingly forever young sign. But this is also a classic example of a “split” personality. People of this captivating, mysterious sign confuse everyone, including astrologers, with their wavering, fickle personalities.

In the eyes of others, they are unreliable, two-faced, fast, and cannot be relied upon. Their words also come from their dual nature, making them difficult to latch on to.

They slide through life, trick, bargain, talk all the time, and always have their benefit in mind. All this is true and not true. This character is just too addicting. Two souls in their chests are constantly rushing out and yearning for unity.

Anyone who does not understand the true essence of Gemini considers them extremely frivolous. Often these people look like this. Inconstancy of ideas, views, and lack of attachments naturally cause many life crises. But Gemini cannot stop in their curiosity.

Where other signs will think about whether or not to knock on the door, Gemini will sit for a long time and drink tea, asking all the details about the family, about the children, about the grandchildren.

They generally do not tolerate strict time frames, so do not be offended by Gemini. They may not be completely accurate. A flexible schedule suits them at work.

Variety is the main characteristic of Gemini. They are extremely versatile but must learn to concentrate on one thing and not waste their strength.

Mercury puts a pattern of curiosity into Gemini’s brain, which forces them to analyze everything, split it, connect it again – and then switch to another task. Everything changes for them almost every minute: mood, thoughts, plans. They rush from one idea to another.

Geminis can do several things at once without any apparent effort. Some astrologers claim that Geminis are born with a telephone receiver in their hand. But in life, we ​​also meet other Geminis – persistent, purposeful, and even somewhat slow, quite capable of completing the work they have begun.

They are excellent conversationalists. With a good education, they are pleasant and cultured in communication.

Geminis are messengers of the gods, one of the types of spiritual mediation. They can lift people’s spirits; when they appear, society becomes enlivened, infected with enthusiasm, fun, and excited conversation. It has been noticed that when Gemini enters your field of communication, you can expect changes.

Geminis most often emerge victorious from any verbal battles, but, being friendly by nature, they rarely use this gift for evil.

If Gemini argues, they easily drive their interlocutor into despair. Firstly, the interlocutor is overwhelmed by their erudition and well-spoken language. Secondly, they do not listen, and if they answer, it is in the form, and not in the substance of what was said.

Geminis are capable of languages, so polyglots are often found among them. Gemini’s verbal abilities are so great and varied that they can convince anyone of anything. In the mouth of a Gemini, the most absurd ideas sound reasonable, and lies seem true.

They learn from their experiences and want to pass them on, this is their strength. They are spiritually mobile and thanks to this they are attractive.

Gemini needs change like air. Constancy can undermine their health. Geminis quickly adapts to change.

Geminis grow up late or never grow up. How does the mature character of a Gemini differ from the immature one? A person born under this sign was born in disagreement with generally accepted norms. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he always knows what he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to be like his father, mother, uncle, aunt. He doesn’t want to do something just because it’s customary; as a last resort, he will do it, but in some completely different, unusual way.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer’s favorite time is a moonlit night. It is at night, full of mystery, that Cancer indulges in his dreams. The transparent light of the Moon fits perfectly with his changeable mood.

Cancer’s frequent mood changes occur under the influence of the Moon, the ruler of this sign. But the Moon does not change, it only seems changeable. The same is true with the character of Cancer: despite the apparent inconsistency and polarity of moods, this is the same person.

He has difficult emotional experiences. He either gives the impression of having mental strength or seems like a helpless child. This is explained by the fact that the Sun stops in this sign, changing its direction, and all heavenly affairs stop with it. This time of year has the longest days and shortest nights.

Cancer gives a calm and meek impression, but his thoughts and feelings are difficult to decipher, so, as a rule, Cancer remains misunderstood. No one knows what is going on deep in the soul of Cancer, including himself.

Mysterious processes are constantly going on there, and from time to time the result appears on the surface and becomes available to the consciousness of Cancer – but not always to the general public. They listen to the inner side of themselves, so in a world dominated by the outer, they seem alien.

Cancer is very secretive, and this is due not only to the fact that he keeps the secret of his internal metamorphoses but also to the fact that he is deeply emotional and therefore easily vulnerable. Therefore, to protect himself from worries, he builds up a means of defense – a thick shell.

It is not so easy to understand people born under the sign of Cancer: due to fear of restrictions and ridicule, they often wear a mask that has nothing to do with their true essence.

It is not difficult to offend him with a careless word or look. Having been offended, he remains sullenly silent, and you will never find out the reason for his offense.

Sometimes Cancer, like Scorpio, is capable of deeply harboring a grudge and craving revenge. True, unlike Scorpio, who despises danger, Cancer prefers to take revenge secretly.

Cancer, like a mirror or a movie camera, has the ability not only to capture moods but also to store them and transmit them to others. This is why Cancers are so committed to the past, history, and antiquity.

In the eyes of others, this character is too soft, too receptive, lacking a core, maternal, obliging, capricious, and above all, too conservative. A typical Cancer will act out the insulted innocence, then whine. But this sensitivity is also their strength; it makes them creative and constructive.

Cancers are very susceptible to mental influences. Communication with people of a lower mental level can be disastrous for them.

Cancer is a flexible and sensitive sign, endowed with subtlety, a vivid imagination, and the ability to penetrate deeply into the souls of other people. Perhaps this is why the sociability of Cancers is selective; quality of communication is replaced by quantity.

And yet, Cancers often seem to be carved out of solid wood, because… capable of not showing outwardly any feelings even with bad news, although in reality they are only defending themselves in this way!

They know how to listen like no one else, they know how to understand, and, on occasion, with one or two questions, lead the speaker to the right path. Cancers are reliable keepers of secrets and secrets of all kinds. Thanks to their intuition, compassion, and ability to sympathize with others, they often become confidants of human souls.

Cancers are ambitious almost as much as Capricorns are their opposite. They slowly move towards what they want to possess, and then, at the most unexpected moment, they grab their prey and hold it tightly. And they will never let go of their prey from their claws.

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

Super horoscope for each zodiac sign. Leo, as you know, is the king of beasts. Therefore, his namesake claims a similar position among the other signs of the Zodiac. Leo’s behavior combines exceptional activity and royal laziness.

In the appearance of people born in the constellation Leo, both men and women, there is something of their royal counterparts. The gait is straight and proud, with a pronounced cat-like softness in its movements. When they walk down the street, they feel like everyone is staring at them because they are used to attracting attention to themselves.

Among Leos, you will rarely meet an introvert. All Leos are expansive, proud of themselves, and full of self-esteem. Try not to show them due attention and respect, try to infringe on them at least a little in some way, and instead of a lazy, affectionate kitten, a proud and terrible beast with a rearing mane will appear in front of you.

All Leos have a noticeable desire to rule; they look down on mere mortals. Leo’s speech is as leisurely as their movements. Leo loves to be the center of attention.

At first, especially in their youth, Leos seem somewhat frivolous, and only after enduring a series of severe life tests do they gain the strength that they are endowed with from birth.

Leo is a powerful and noble sign. He is very attractive, and when people of this sign want to achieve a certain personal goal, his charms cannot be resisted. They are proud of themselves, radiating strength and peace – even if they are restless. They are hard to miss. They speak with wide gestures and strong emphasis.

People with the Sun in Leo seem to be on a throne, even if they are just sitting on a shoemaker’s bench, so they look down on others a little – however, quite good-naturedly.

As his commander remarked to Lev in the line of soldiers standing at attention: “Couldn’t you stand less expressively?” Sunny Leo cannot, and this is often difficult for others to understand, who believe that he is stupidly showing off. But they need to be admired and imitated, then Leo will feel at his best, and those around him will join in the joy and be generously rewarded.

Leo wants everyone to think well of him and does everything for this. He knows what impression he makes and tries to make an even better one, which does not mean that he will begin to delve deeper into himself or fight with his essence.

Leo is endowed with considerable talent for dramatic art, so, in fact, he plays a noble role, getting used to it for the rest of his life. He has a very high opinion of himself, and this replaces his conscience.

For peace of mind, Leo needs to be beautiful, amazing, and extraordinary. Leo also feels the need for physical and mental activity. Leos are born leaders and leaders. Power boosts their self-esteem.

They have excellent shaping power and are capable of inspiring. These are excellent organizers. If they have found themselves, then they open up completely in the matter.

Leos are self-confident and behave with self-evident authority, hypnotizing those around them. Their orders are full of force, their self-confidence is unshakable. Their courage is great, but so is their vanity.

Leo rises above trifles – often too high. Even in the dirt, he is a prince. A true Leo is never petty or vindictive.

Leo strives to be above average, and if there is no throne nearby, he sits on the shoulders of his neighbors. This seems like arrogant impudence but for Leos themselves,

They never take active steps to achieve power, do not push forward, pushing others aside, they strive to stand out and show their “I”. Leos spread their influence around, acting through intermediaries. These are not warriors, but kings, sovereigns, rulers, rulers.

Leo, being of a strong nature, does not like to be dependent and rely on anyone. On the contrary, he loves it when people depend on him. Sometimes, however, he grumbles that he has to do too much, while the others just sit and stare at his mouth. This situation suits him extremely well.

Try to offer him your help, and he will immediately reject it with indignation, but if you ask him for help, he will gladly do for you whatever you ask. Giving good deeds is in his blood.

The Sun, Leo’s ruling star, gives him ambition. Leo is generous and loves stage lights and big exits. He demands that others remain silent if he deigns to speak. He is characterized by a royal manner of hints and ambiguity.

But they live themselves and let others live. They wish everyone happiness and know how to instill strength and confidence in others.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Super horoscope for every sign of the Zodiac. A pleasant, intelligent young man with books under his arm, with a clear analytical mind, methodically noticing any little details. Who is he? There is almost a 100% guarantee that he was born under the sign of Virgo. And the girl in white gloves and with excellent manners, patiently waiting at the bus stop? Upon entering the bus, she will not ask the driver to change the bill. In her wallet, there is always the necessary change to pay for travel. That’s how Virgos are.

You can recognize a Virgo without difficulty. She simply cannot sit still. After some time, she begins to walk around the room, moving chairs, showing with all her appearance that she has no time and has a lot of urgent matters.

The first thing you will notice about Virgo is the traces of thoughts and worries that linger on her brow. She seems to be constantly thinking intensely about something. The nervous charge that is present in Virgo rarely comes to the surface, but from the inside, it often eats it up. Therefore, Virgos often suffer from indigestion.

People born under the sign of Virgo are distinguished by extreme conservatism, extreme rationalism, scrupulousness, pedantry, rationality, prudence, and practicality. They can remember a very large amount of factual material, and process and analyze it.

Virgos have good, sober powers of observation. If they need to investigate something, they almost turn into detectives. They know the texts of the laws well, they fill out all the points of the questionnaire correctly and accurately and read everything written in small print. They understand the instructions of the administration better than others.

In the event of a car accident, they will be the first to grab the camera. They are not so easy to approach: it seems that they have a built-in adding machine.

If you have a Virgo friend and you want to see how he uses his intelligence, ask him to help solve a problem that you have been unable to solve for a long time yourself (Virgos will not be able to resist the temptation to help).

Order, rationality, and work are the life principles of Virgos. They are the ones who make the Earth habitable; they not only talk about civilization but also create it.

Virgo feels the call of fate every time she needs to put things in order and show diligence.

Work is the god of Virgo. For her, work is the salt of the earth. Virgo does her work with meticulous accuracy, noticing all the details. She is thorough, precise, and brings order to chaos.

A responsible, executive worker, Virgo organizes her household very practically. Where personal initiative or independent decisions are not required, it is irreplaceable.

Virgos are people full of information, like encyclopedic dictionaries. It’s better not to argue with them – it’s useless: they will crush you with their argumentation. They love to be admired for their intelligence and abilities and respect these qualities in others.

Virgo’s habits are something unshakable, established once and for all. If Virgo is used to storing socks in the left middle drawer of the chest of drawers, then when she checks into a hotel, she will put them there.

Virgo is a born critic. Virgo’s criticism is usually fair, but it hurts deeply. People of this sign should understand that criticism that deeply hurts and is unpleasant most often does not achieve its goal. Virgos rarely praise and never do.

At a low level, the sign of Virgo gives extreme tediousness. To the question: “How are you?” Virgo of the lower octave will answer in great detail and equally boringly.

In the eyes of others, they may seem like grumpy upstarts, ambitious sycophants, know-it-alls tied to their duty as performers, and petty fanatics of order. However, they can be trusted, and their value is difficult to exaggerate!

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Super horoscope for every zodiac sign. Libras, as a rule, have a graceful build and a beautiful complexion. People born under this sign have the most refined type of beauty. Even anger and excitement are not able to spoil the face of Libra or drive away the expression of serenity from it.

There is a certain, subtle shade of the opposite sex in their appearance. Libra’s smile is soft, gentle, and slightly mysterious. They often have dimples on their cheeks or chin. Dimples on the cheeks are called the signs of Venus.

Outwardly, they are elegant, unusually attractive, make an impression, and always seem to maintain a distance that is always felt. This is not an intentional distance, but rather an intuitive fear of inharmonious contacts that could upset their inner balance. Good manners are extremely important to them.

Libra loves subtle humor, subtle irony, and play on words. They are connoisseurs of human weaknesses and are well aware of their own.

At first glance, dealing with Libra is easy: they keep their shape well, strive for harmony, and have good taste and excellent manners. Libras are artistic people, partial to all types of art: music, painting, and literature.

They do not like bright colors, and prefer pastel colors; they passionately love books, not only for their content but also for their appearance and even their smell. Many Libras have huge home libraries. For the most part, they make art in one way or another.

It is difficult to communicate with them because they are very demanding in their external manner of manifestation. Libras always try to improve themselves and others.

But Libra overestimates shape, appearance, and behavior. The beauty of speech is much more important for them than the essence. They can be dazzled by external form and therefore are not difficult to win over with good manners.

Libras are interested in psychology and human relationships. They know how to advise, help people resolve personal issues, and often act as a justice of the peace.

They do not like to upset people; it is difficult for them to refuse someone’s request. Others may take this as a weakness, but it is not a weakness, but rather a desire to live in peace with everyone, although this is a practically unattainable ideal.

Libras do not like to argue, they are peacemakers, and they sincerely suffer from quarrels and disagreements, but they can wear them out, discussing a problem with their opponent for hours until he becomes exhausted and gives up.

Libras know the laws and strive to follow them. Libras are the most talented diplomats, capable of finding methods for reconciling warring factions; they are outstanding lawyers such as Fyodor Plevako.

The tragedy of Libra: they see the world as it could be, and not as it is. They idealize this world and see everything through rose-colored glasses. This creates a lot of problems for them in life. And, as a result, there are a lot of disappointments. Therefore, they intuitively build a wall that helps them adapt to this world.

Nevertheless, they need society and strive to occupy a certain circle in it, mainly the elite. For them, life is unthinkable without connections: family, relatives, or friends. The more connections, the happier they are.

The main character trait of Libra is the desire for harmony with the whole world. The deepest desire is to dissolve in others, in society, and marriage. This makes them ideal partners in any business.

Libras spend their entire lives looking for an ideal husband, but when they find one, they are rarely happy. It’s hard to say why this happens. Perhaps Libra is in love with love itself? Perhaps, just like the surface of Venus, which is poorly visible due to its foggy atmosphere, people of the Libra sign hide their essence behind a veil of external gloss.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)

Super horoscope for every zodiac sign. If the possibilities of any sign are limited, then the possibilities of Scorpio are unlimited. Therefore, the fate of Scorpio depends to the greatest extent on himself. A person born under the sign of Scorpio, more than anyone else, can be called the master of his destiny.

Scorpio cannot be confused with anyone. His eyes have a hypnotic quality. Under his gaze, people feel uncomfortable and try to look away.

Scorpio’s gaze is intense, tenacious, magnetic, and piercing, it seems that it penetrates your soul, and strives to influence, but this property is unconscious. Is this why Scorpios prefer to wear glasses with tinted lenses?

Scorpio has good intuition and can read minds, which is why almost all Scorpios have the gift of prediction. Nature endowed them with the abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, and hypnosis. Therefore, there is no point in being a hypocrite with Scorpio; he will feel it instantly.

Scorpio’s speech, regardless of the timbre and strength of the voice, is unusually self-confident. Scorpio is indifferent to the opinions of others. He doesn’t care about him. He knows his worth very well and does not need other people’s assessments. That is why he is usually impervious to either flattery or criticism. If Virgo sees her shortcomings but does not see strangers, Scorpio starts with strangers.

Scorpios express themselves precisely and sharply. They are sharp-tongued and won’t pick their pockets for a word, mostly an angry one. Rarely neutral, they tend to take a definite position, adopting a predominantly strange, exceptional, special point of view.

Often people of this sign have a way of talking with a “podvyrok”. Diplomacy is not his element, since he expresses his views and feelings openly, without embellishing the truth.

Scorpios are very truthful, despise lies and falsehood, and will never stoop to flattery. If you want to know your worth, ask a Scorpio.

Those around him are usually either passionate admirers or fierce opponents, but both of them treat him with respect.

The fact that Scorpios often and successfully challenge the opinions of others gives them a superiority that they are well aware of. People have a hard time understanding them, so they often underestimate them.

Scorpios hide their feelings from others under a mask of cold indifference, although they suffer from general misunderstanding and loneliness.

Scorpios have learned to control their emotions so well that you can’t read anything on their faces: they are impassive, like the faces of marble statues.

Despite their outward equanimity, Scorpio is very emotional. There are constant changes inside him, which are accompanied by deep and strong emotions.

Anger, hatred, and contempt often rage in Scorpio’s soul, and when he expresses them, he does it directly and forcefully (the cunning of Cancer is not characteristic of him).

Scorpio is characterized by an emotional outburst, similar to a bucket of ice water splashed on you, in which, moreover, various poisons are dissolved. If a surge of emotions is impossible for some reason, Scorpio begins to “eat himself.”

Self-destruction is generally characteristic of Scorpio: by destroying himself, he is recreated again, but in a new quality. In other words, the worse it is for him, the better. When Scorpio feels bad, he has the energy and strength to fight against circumstances.

Scorpio is characterized by deep penetration into someone else’s psyche, but at some point, he gets tired of this. Then he needs to withdraw, withdraw into himself – and his regenerative abilities will quickly return to him the spent energy.

A distinctive feature of almost all Scorpios is unparalleled courage and even contempt for death. Scorpio can stoically withstand any test: physical pain, poverty, ridicule of enemies, and mortal danger. Scorpio meets all the blows of fate with proud contempt and the deep conviction that he will still win any battle.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Super horoscope for every sign of the Zodiac. Those born under this sign are brave guys, they speak quickly, their laughter is contagious, their voice is sonorous, their manners are dashing, and their eyes are bright, lively, and sly.

Sagittarians are either very tall and athletic in build, or shorter than average in height and stocky in build. Tall Sagittarius are somewhat subtly similar to thoroughbred horses.

In childhood and adolescence, many Sagittarius have an unruly strand of hair falling onto their forehead, reminiscent of a horse’s bangs. Later, when Sagittarius changes his hairstyle or goes bald, he will continue to have the habit of shaking his head, as if throwing his hair back, or making involuntary movements with his hand, trying to straighten a non-existent curl.

In general, Sagittarius radiates an irresistible charm. He does not have the rudeness and cruelty of Aries and the direct pressure of Leo, although in general, he has no less energy than these signs.

Sagittarius has a dual nature: it is half animal nature, attracting him to the Earth, half human, striving for the highest.

The animal nature makes him passionate, loving material wealth, and the higher nature makes him an idealist striving for spiritual perfection.

Sagittarius loves to “show off” themselves. He strives to “become into the world” and is already chalking up to his account those exploits that are still being planned or are generally desirable. He retains his youth for a long time thanks to his interest in life and people.

People of this sign are restless: they constantly expand their personalities, succumbing to the influence of the hypnotic star on the horizon, waiting for new adventures. They want to see, taste, smell, and know everything in the world.

Easily switching from one to another, Sagittarius resembles a gas burner with many flames: if you blow out one, all the others burn, and after a while, they will light the one that goes out.

They value individuality above all else and demand freedom for themselves and others. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are ruthlessly straightforward: the truth is as inviolable for them as human rights.

Sagittarius is full of ideas. He is simple, and often underestimates the world around him, perceiving it through the prism of his idealism. I am sincerely convinced that all his thoughts, desires, and actions are correct, his opinions are impeccable, and everything that others want or think is bad and wrong.

Sagittarians are narcissistic people, they do not tolerate contradictions, and they consider it quite natural that they are called to power, that they want to manage and command. Intuition contributes to the fact that they very quickly recognize people’s weaknesses and know how to take advantage of these weaknesses.

They tend to make hasty decisions. Incapable of lying. Anyone who deals with Sagittarius must have thick skin, as he will hear the truth more than once.

He can be merciless towards his enemies. Thanks to his intuitive grasp of thought, he can foresee future developments. His predictions are striking in the power of prophecy.

His self-confidence is not easily shaken. He rarely goes ahead, and therefore does not cause himself unnecessary trouble, since he always retains his vision of the situation. e

The best representatives of this sign spare no energy for the benefit of people. They are noble and honest, broad-minded, and generously gift others with spiritual and material values. This is the nature of the fiery Sagittarius: the more he gives himself to people, the more he receives in return.

They do not burn with their heat, they radiate heat and glow from within. This allows them to be true, to achieve something that will leave a mark. Their guiding will is clearly expressed, even if they express their orders in the form of requests.

True, they are hampered by a certain complacency, but it does not cause rejection, since, on the one hand, they are always ready to laugh at themselves, and on the other hand, their complacency, as a rule, has a basis.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)

Super horoscope for each zodiac sign. I think that no one wondered under what sign the luckiest people were born. But in vain, because astrologers claim that a large percentage of them were born under the influence of Capricorn. Let’s take their word for it and take a closer look at the Capricorns who live among us.

The symbol of the Capricorn sign is something mythical: the head of a goat and a fishtail. Why it is called Capricorn is known only to God, if, of course, he cares about it.

Mythology claims that he represents the supreme mind and is equated with the mythical deities who emerged from the sea to teach humanity the art of civilization, and then go back to the sea.

The goat, which is partially present in the symbol, personifies courage, abundance of vitality, and creative energy, and since it lives on heights, it also symbolizes superiority.

Capricorns, in general, are strange people, they even live the opposite way, they are born old, but become younger over the years. At an early age, they seem too serious and mature for their age. But over the years they lose their “correctness” and become capable of actions that cannot be called healthy.

Capricorn is surrounded by an aura of sadness and seriousness – Saturn, his ruler, does not allow him to relax and demands from his ward submission to strict order, moreover, he appointed him as a guardian of the law, hence the well-known Capricorn sullenness and inflexibility.

Capricorn looks accordingly: strictly and incorruptible, he always speaks evenly and is outwardly calm. There is some kind of magic in him that makes people treat him with due respect, suddenly he is some kind of big shot… K

The main traits of Capricorn – determination, perseverance, and perseverance – help him realize his ambitions and reach the top. The basis of his life is service, career, awards, titles, regalia, ranks, and power.

People born under the sign of Capricorn are tough analysts. They set a goal for themselves, to which they go, using their tactical abilities: dexterity, cunning, opportunism.

Capricorns stubbornly move towards their intended goal, sweeping away everything in their path, acting towards the people around them like a landslide, and not paying attention to insults and disappointments.

The most important phase of life, the phase of fulfillment of desires, begins for him after fifty. The early years are difficult and full of struggle. He values ​​and protects what he has acquired, and may even become greedy.

Sometimes among Capricorns, some overly romantic individuals can dream under the moon and write lyrical poems.

Having finally chosen his half, Capricorn sacrifices everything for her and pulls his cross, regardless of how the relationship develops in the future. For the sake of the family, for the sake of the children.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)

Super horoscope for every zodiac sign. There are no people who don’t love rainbows. Children make wishes on it, artists draw on it, and writers write about it. But Aquarius went the furthest. They just live on it.

If there was one word to describe an Aquarius, that word would be curiosity. Aquarius is interested in everything that surrounds him, from you to the neighbor’s puppy.

All life seems to Aquarius to be a mystery that requires unraveling, and therefore he studies all its sides with equal interest.

Pay attention to his abstract, absent-minded wandering gaze, which seems to contain mystical knowledge of what is not available to you. People born under the sign of Aquarius have (after those born under the sign of Libra) the most perfect type of beauty.

The facial features are thin and noble, reminiscent of the profiles on coins from the time of the Roman Empire. Aquarians have a habit of hanging their head low when they are thinking about something or tilting it to the side while waiting for an answer.

Aquarius connects what has not been connected before, and considers what no one has thought to consider or from a point of view from which it has never been considered. This is a character who wants to turn the world upside down.

Aquarius is a pioneer of new ideas. This is a sign of great scientific discoveries, inventions, and progress in general.

Aquarians are always on the side of the oppressed and offended. Give them free rein – and today they will demolish all the border pillars and disband all official institutions and departments.

Aquarians often say (and even more often think) something strange, unusual, and incomprehensible to their contemporaries. Of course, not all of them are capable of real discoveries, but they are all originals. They can be extravagant and capricious, but they are originally capricious, which their loved ones cannot and do not always want to appreciate.

Aquarians are extremely self-confident; they carry out their ideas and plans despite any opposition and with exceptional originality. If a business inspires them, then they can invest all their potential into it, take on it decisively, and work with great tenacity and perseverance, showing truly amazing diligence.

Aquarians defend their views and beliefs skillfully, logically, and with reason. If you are sure of something, then it is almost impossible to convince them, and if they are passionate about some idea, then it is better not to interfere in the controversy, they will still convince you and make you their comrade-in-arms.

They see prospects, and opportunities, and foresee future events well. They grasp ideas on the fly and can see new things in literally everything.

In general, Aquarians are difficult to understand. They are like a mixture of other types of air signs: Gemini and Libra. They take much from the external nature of the former and have the excellent inductive qualities of the latter.

Every Aquarius is a born healer, although, oddly enough, very few of them realize this. Aquarians can have a strange and calming effect on people who are emotionally disturbed; Even the mentally ill are calmed down.

Aquarius does not understand well what love is, but he values ​​​​friendship very highly. You can recognize Aquarius by the word they most often pronounce. This word is a friend. In many cases, Aquarians begin their speech with the phrase: “My friends…”.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Super horoscope for every zodiac sign. Pisces was born with the desire to see life only through rose-colored glasses. Even after learning how cruel the world around them is, Pisces does not draw any conclusions from this, preferring to dive into the depths of cool waters, where everything is so magically beautiful.

Of course, not all Pisces behave this way, but in general, this behavior of Pisces is very typical.

If you happen to see a Pisces sitting at an accounting desk or in the boss’s chair, rest assured: this is a rare, exotic species.

Under Pisces, for example, there is a bohemian: a poor artist who lives solely for the sake of his art, supported by his mistresses. When he is painting, he writes (sometimes very talentedly); when not, he drinks, debauchs, and lives in strict accordance with his natal chart and planetary transits.

A Pisces writer can sit in a cafe for years over endless cups of coffee, telling curious people that he is busy searching for the meaning of life. A fish artist can sit on a park bench from morning to night, supposedly studying nature and preparing to create the next masterpiece, while his canvases and brushes have long been covered with a thick layer of dust.

Both of them are waiting for a patron, a philanthropist who would take on the burden of everyday life while they are busy creating immortal creations.

Pisces is the most problematic sign of the Zodiac. People born under this sign are outwardly weak and unprotected creatures. They, as a rule, are smart, developed, and often have oratorical talent, eloquence, and other talents and abilities.

Pisces is good-natured, friendly, very sensitive, receptive, impressionable, and sensual, but very ambitious.

Pisces often have unique sensory abilities and have the gift of a healer. They are interesting conversationalists and favorites of their environment, but among strangers, they get lost and become timid. They are often difficult to understand. They are like people from another world.

Pisces are great idealists in their worldview, utopian dreamers, and little suitable for practical and real life. Their soul constantly strives for everything sublime, but when they return to earth from their dreams, “nothing human is alien to them.”

Pisces tend to live in the world of their emotions and imagination, and these are often more real to them than the outside world. They are in danger of remaining adult children, because… They are mostly naive, their sanity and education seem somewhat superficial, and have a tinge of daydreaming.

They dream both at night and during the day. Their dreams are so real and clear that they tear them away from the real world. They often mix dreams and reality. If they are endowed with intelligence, they are often in a state of deepest disappointment. The struggles of life can become torment for them.

Pisces are very romantic, they love nature, animals, and solitude. Attached to home, family, loved ones, and friends. They are humanists and altruists of the highest class, they help others, look after the sick, the weak, and the infirm, and take care of them wherever possible. They have many close friends and good acquaintances, but often also strong, powerful and powerful patrons.

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