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Take Care Of Yourself: How Zodiac Signs Can Take Care Of Themselves And Their Loved Ones

Happy Friday! Today our Magic Ball tells you how to pamper yourself and your beloved – in the name of world peace, of course. And then you never know.


Taking care of yourself is approximately item 125 on Capricorn’s list, and this is from the second list, the list of optional things to do (and there are still a hundred mandatory ones ahead). Therefore, it doesn’t matter at all how exactly Capricorn takes care of himself – watches an extra episode before bed (oh, horror!), spends money on nonsense (what are you even saying!), or takes a day off not because of illness, but just because (you’re normal there) in this edition of yours?!). The main thing is to include this as the first item on your to-do list for the day. First, we insist! And she will decide what exactly to do: who are we to advise Capricorn, after all?


Every Aquarius is truly a bottomless and unstoppable fountain of eloquence, but what they rarely do is talk to themselves. We understand: that if you start chatting with an Aquarius, you won’t finish until the morning, so you’ll have to set aside time for thoughtful internal dialogue somewhere between work, parties, and conversations with the cat. But it is necessary, it is necessary! How else can you find out what you want – well, besides parties and conversations with your cat?


Pisces have no equal in the ability to pamper themselves: in any incomprehensible situation, the Fish, wagging its tail, goes into the depths of its rich inner world and indulges in peace and bliss. Be careful, dangerous moment! Pampering yourself and taking care of yourself are slightly different things. Pisces needs to make sure that every necessary exit into the outside world is no longer stressful. Well, at least go to the MFC yourself once, they don’t bite there, honestly (if you don’t put your hands behind the glass).


Aries need to regularly vent the steam from the internal boiling, otherwise, the lid begins to bounce and the cuckoo’s legs burn and fly away again. The best way to do this is, of course, to punch someone you don’t like in the face, but… But that’s what we recommend! You can write down your sparring partner in boxing as undesirable, this is a matter of imagination, and the rest is a matter of technique! The main thing is not to confuse a boxing class with a yoga class, otherwise, self-care will turn into a session of sadomasochism.


When the Heavenly Office distributed their special traits to the signs of the zodiac, practical Taurus wished for themselves the ability to live comfortably – and here you go.” Being a Taurus is very comfortable; to take care of yourself, you don’t need to invent anything or strain your brain – just spend money. And it doesn’t matter what: Taurus is equally pleased with a new car, a new dress, and new towels for the kitchen. True, in the end, it’s a little expensive to be a Taurus, but well, everyone has their shortcomings.


The most difficult thing in taking care of themselves for Gemini is not understanding what they want (they are completely fine with reflection), not finding a way to give it to themselves (they will also give it to others, and then they will catch up and give it again), and give yourself what you need, here and now, immediately! And all because, of course, subpersonalities change too quickly, and what the subpersonality Woman wants is not necessarily what the subpersonality God wants. So the task is this: do not put off until tomorrow what you want to treat yourself to today. Well, if it’s legal, of course.


If all other signs need to do something like that to take care of themselves, then Cancers don’t need anything like that. Cancers need to stop doing some things. Namely, stop saving everyone around you and stack stacks of other people’s problems on your shell. True, it will immediately become clear that not doing is more difficult than doing, but there are options: you can, for example, go to a psychotherapist. Well, so that at least someone listens to Cancer’s problems, and not vice versa.


The lionesses now narrow their eyes contemptuously and say, “Come on, come on…”, rightly believing that they love themselves like no one else, and unfairly believing that the Magic Ball has nothing to advise them. But he still advises: that you should sit on the river bank at least once a month and look at the water. Silently. Alone. Without a retinue of admirers nearby, without planning successful successes in your head, without diamonds in your ears, it’s even possible (although not necessary). It is possible, by the way, that the corpse of some enemy will float along the river – he has been floating there for a long time, but Leo doesn’t have time to look.


Unfortunately, the excellent advice that we will give to Virgos would be accepted with delight and joy by all signs of the zodiac – except Virgos. But there is such a word – necessary. It is necessary to delegate part of the control over everything and everyone to some loved ones. Otherwise, of course, there will be no time to take care of yourself: how can you read a book calmly when the floor has not been washed, you ask! And if you thought that Virgo cares about the cleanliness of the floor, then no: Virgo cares about the fact that the floor, if it is dirty, symbolizes that she is not in control of her life. Well, let others control at least the sex (you can force them using methods prohibited by the Geneva Convention) and finally relax, at least for a couple of hours.


Libras are incredibly sweet and charming people, which all other signs enjoy with pleasure: everyone enjoys spending an evening in the company of Libra – interesting conversation, great jokes, attention to the guest’s comfort, and Libra usually chooses excellent drinks. All this is good, of course, but as long as you pretend to be the hostess of a salon for the elite, you will not relax. But sometimes you need to take off your mask of perfection and just talk to a loved one. Okay, you can leave the excellent drink.


Whoa, whoa, take it easy! Everything that Scorpios do, they do 1 – perfectly, 2 – to rupture the aorta, and 3 – as a souvenir to themselves, so as never to do it again. But you should at least sometimes do something for the hell of it. Full leg. Half a lump. Well, Scorpios understood the synonym. After all, there are many things in this world that will not suffer at all if you do not devote yourself to them with all the passion of your nature. Work, for example (joke).


Ta-damm! Sagittarius, this wild child of nature, does not need our advice at all, simply because all his life he does nothing but take care of himself. It’s just like, “It’s good to be a kitty, it’s good to be a dog…”. They do what they want, and so do Sagittarius. And most importantly, for true self-care, only one thing is important for Sagittarius: to learn and try something new all the time. And they do this best of all. Here, again, they read the new horoscope – bad, or what? Fine!

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