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Tarot Love Forecast For All Zodiac Signs: Week From September 5 To 11

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What to expect from a relationship with your loved one – quarrels or harmony? Who will be lucky to meet their soul mate? Tarot cards know the answer.

Aries – Devil

The values ​​that you yearn to acquire are exclusively material. The card claims that the goals you are pursuing are false, and it is better to abandon them now before you are pulled into this quagmire. However, you should not perceive this as a threat: this is just a warning from fate. One way or another, this card shows that playing with fire is dangerous and be careful not to get burned.

Taurus – Page of Pentacles

The card represents a fruitful impulse from the outside, a chance for enrichment, solidity, and constancy. A great opportunity to achieve success in any relationship and gain recognition. In this case, we can talk about serious intentions.

Gemini – 5 of Swords

The card foreshadows a struggle with serious losses, a battle on a foreign field, an alarming atmosphere, and defeat on all sides with the illusion of a probable victory. The gain will come at too high a price, not worth the candle. There may be an escalation of the conflict, a vile scandal, “low blows,” baseness, and meanness.

Cancer – Queen of Cups

This week you will arrive in the world of your dreams. Fall in love and love, experience feelings, you will be ready to sacrifice yourself for your loved one. You are a fairy and you are the sorceress of your world!

Leo – 8 of swords

The card shows that you are suppressing some part of your personality. Often these are internal barriers or prohibitions that we usually set for ourselves, but we prefer to find their cause in close people. The restrictions, difficulties, and prohibitions that you feel as an obstacle are temporary!

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Virgo – Justice

A card that denotes clarity, objectivity of knowledge, consciousness, definite judgment, integrity, balance, and honesty. In my personal life, justice will be restored. On an ordinary level, this means that everything you do is echoed in the world around you, responding good with good, evil with evil. If you act honestly and decently, then the reward will not take long to arrive.

Libra – 3 of swords

This week will be full of heartbreak, painful experiences, and difficult but necessary decisions. You can’t avoid this. A choice will be made contrary to feeling. But what this is, cowardice or, conversely, a step towards liberation is up to you to decide.

Scorpio – 5 of swords

Your relationship is complicated. And they need serious reorganization. If possible, do it immediately, do your best. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will simply have to break up with this person.

Sagittarius – 2 of Wands

A lack of inspiration awaits you. Broken obligations, indecision, indifference, delay of active actions. This combines a statement of fact and at the same time a challenge: it shows that you want to maintain a neutral position, but the situation is getting out of control.

Capricorn – 6 of Pentacles

This week you will find generosity, acceptance of gifts, tolerance, balance, and generosity. Whatever you wish will happen. Make up your mind. But remember that balance must be maintained – take and give.

Aquarius – Queen of Swords

This Tapo card warns you of a connection with an independent, wise, and self-sufficient person. This is a progressive and intelligent person with an analytical mindset. If you are in your 40s, then the chances of losing the card are even higher. But sometimes there are exceptions if you are mature beyond your years.

Pisces – 4 of swords

The week promises a pause in life, stagnation, and powerlessness. Inability to continue relationships or communication, loss. In the end, you will certainly have a positive outcome.

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