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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From December 19 To 25

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Tarot for Aries – 3 of Swords

A week of minor but annoying troubles awaits you again. They will not greatly affect the overall course of life, but they irritate and upset you in the moment, and spoil your mood. People will let you down, current affairs will not work out or work out with great difficulty, and plans will be canceled for no apparent reason. There is no use in fighting this – it’s just a streak, so be patient, and it will end soon.

Tarot for Taurus – Queen of Swords

These days you have to be decisive, firm to the point of rigidity, rational to the point of seeming insensibility. If you could do it, everyone can do it, and there are no concessions to yourself or those around you. Now is such a time – cold, not conducive to sentimentality, clarity is important – so you will have to be like that.

Tarot for Gemini – 9 of Wands

These days, it is especially important for you to protect your spaces – external and internal. And it doesn’t even matter whether anyone is encroaching on them – just let everyone know that the barrier is down, the border is locked, the entrance is a ruble, and the exit is two. This is the best way to prevent possible attacks by strangers.

Tarot for Cancer – Queen of Pentacles

These days, you will feel more acutely than usual that you are a housewife who has everything and has plenty of everything, but who is always concerned that everything stays that way. Be generous, but not wasteful, your bins should have supplies for everyone nearby and even an excess for random guests. A hectic mission, but a worthy one.

Tarot for Leo – Knight of Pentacles

It’s time for you to stop and look around – and you will see that everything is quite good, your position is stable, your wealth, if small, is strong, and there is simply no need for me in the current situation and it is not the right time. Changes will come someday when their time comes, but for now, you just stay where you are.

Tarot for Virgo – Wheel of Fortune

This week all sorts of unexpected things can happen, the situation will suddenly change, as if someone turns the page and something completely different and new will begin. In what area, what it will be, for better or for worse, you can’t guess, roulette is roulette. It is impossible to prepare for this; you can simply be open to change and see new opportunities in it.

Tarot for Libra – Ace of Pentacles

This week you may be very lucky – you will suddenly win a prize, a debt that you have long forgotten about will be repaid, you will receive a lucrative offer, and suddenly a bonus will be paid… In any case, a significant gift will come from fate specifically in the material sphere.

Tarot for Scorpio – 2 of Swords

This week, a truce will finally be established – and the disputes around you will stop, and you will stop fighting with yourself, at least for a while. There are times when you get tired of constant aggressive activity, you just need to stop and shut up, and give yourself and the world a break.

Tarot for Sagittarius – Peace

As it should be on the eve of the New Year, you are completing many processes, projects, and affairs. Everything comes to its natural conclusion, ends happily, and wraps up, and there is a certain correctness in this. By the holidays you will be free and begin to rest before new paths.

Tarot for Capricorn – 2 of Wands

These days, the most pressing topic for you will be the problem of finding business partners. For your affairs are such that you can carry them out successfully only together with someone. But vice versa – affairs contribute to making interesting connections in many areas. So choose, and take a closer look, now you have room to grow with someone.

Tarot for Aquarius – Jester

You will already be in a festive mood, just like when you were a child – the Christmas tree and the twinkling lights on it, tangerines and chocolate, gifts and walks in the winter park. Business and adult concerns will fade into the background, but these days – hurray! Holidays!

Tarot for Pisces – 10 of Pentacles

On the eve of the holidays, a lot of joy awaits you in unity with others. If there is a corporate party at work, then there will be a cheerful, truly friendly atmosphere; if there are family gatherings, then there will be general goodwill and warmth. So prepare gifts and get ready to receive them yourself, wear the most beautiful thing and admire your friends’ dresses, rejoice.

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