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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From October 24 To October 30

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – Queen of Pentacles

These days will be a bit boring for your fiery nature, but at least you are safe and calm. You have everything in abundance, nothing will particularly disturb you, and all matters are under your reliable and unfussy supervision. Rest, get some sleep, take care of yourself.

Taurus – High Priestess

These days you will need deep, intuitive female wisdom, the one that comes not only from rational, reasonable concepts, but also old wives’ tales, inner moods, and female experience. Listen to your inner voice – and it will tell you the right decisions in situations where much is unclear and hidden from you, and there will be many of these these days.

Gemini – Page of Swords

Talk less, listen more this week. Let your communication skills work in one direction – people will share with you, and you just accumulate information and silently draw your conclusions – it will come in handy. Don’t be frank yourself.

Cancer – Page of Cups

Expect small but pleasant news, someone’s beautiful signs of attention, souvenirs, gifts – little things that will brighten up your everyday life, some news that promises interesting chances.

Leo – 9 of Wands

Keep your borders closed. It’s not why you worked and fought so much so that now you can let everyone who passes by into your territory. So let your fence be higher, the locks stronger, and you – not aggressive, but vigilant.

Virgo – 7 of Pentacles

Well, wait now – you have done everything you could, but time will tell whether this is enough. So be patient, count the days, count the costs incurred – but don’t count the possible profits. As it will be, so it will be, but you will be satisfied.

Libra – 8 of Cups

You, of course, are a balanced person, but not to the same extent as to get completely bogged down in the routine of everyday life. It sucks you in, and what is commonly called the “comfort zone” is often not a pleasant, but simply a familiar state of affairs. And sometimes you need to break it – just to refresh your perception.

Scorpio – Knight of Pentacles

You are in the place where it is best for you now, and there is no need to rush somewhere else now. Everything is already good enough for you, there is no need to change now. But this will not always be the case – although this week nothing will interfere with your well-being.

Sagittarius – 10 of Cups

A rare moment of complete well-being and fullness of existence. Your loved ones are nearby and happy, and give you as much joy as you give them. Everyone agrees the sympathies are sincere, and everyone is together and rejoices at this. Enjoy.

Capricorn – Empress

These days you are like everyone’s mother – understanding, generous, kind, and warm. And all this comes from the fullness of your happiness, the remainder, and inner heat. You will warm everyone, feed everyone, and share happiness with everyone. Good days.

Aquarius – 8 of Pentacles

These days you have to state your requests, indicate how much you are worth as a professional, clearly indicate your price – and not agree to any “later”, “get into position”, etc. There will always be a place where you will be appreciated.

Pisces – 9 Petals

Now everything around is yours, you can control it. How it happened is a matter of the past and now is no one’s business, and you must be in contentment, peace, and quiet joy. Your well-being is strong – and there is no need to let anyone near it. It’s all yours – but only for you alone.

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