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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From September 19 To 24

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – Knight of Wands

The time has come for a breakthrough, the moment when you need to show maximum activity, put all your strength and temperament into one action, and hope that you are lucky that the moment is chosen correctly. So rush right off the bat, rush through like a fiery tornado, and by the time others come to their senses, you will already be at your goal).

Taurus – Chariot

And don’t sit still, get involved in any movement, initiate it yourself, move around, if there is an opportunity to go somewhere, be sure to take it. New horizons, new spaces, new ideas – what you need most now.

Gemini – 3 of Swords

There are many minor disappointments, troubles, unexpected refusals, and insults. But the map is small, all this may be painful, but it is completely non-lethal. If you fight loudly, but not for the rest of your life, if you hurt yourself, it’s painful, but not dangerous; if you lose something, it’s beautiful, but not particularly valuable. So this is just a moment, it won’t affect life in general.

Cancer – 10 of Wands

If you take it upon yourself to drag, drag it. Although, probably, I’ve already forgotten – wow, why and what are you dragging in general? My back hurts, and my goals are unclear, and I’m tired of the load, like a suitcase without a handle. Drag it. Or quit, right here, straighten up, evaluate the distance traveled and remaining, the weight of the load, and the benefit to you from your patience. You’ll be surprised)

Leo – 7 of Wands

It happens that you can only cope with difficulties with outside support, and this can be provided by people with whom you would not normally communicate. But common problems bring people together, and yesterday’s competitors may turn out to be allies in the face of external adversities.

Virgo – Tour of Cups

A strong surge of emotions awaits you – either you will fall in love, or you will see something beautiful or terrible, or you will throw out your emotions into the world – but in any case, do not hold back, react as your soul demands at that moment.

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Libra – 10 of Pentacles

Now everything is layered firmly and stable, and nothing threatens well-being. You have taken your reliable place in the right system, stay there, do your part and everything will be fine and calm.

Scorpio – 8 of Cups

I decided to move on – go, don’t look back, don’t regret what you left behind, there was nothing good there except your bad habits and laziness. There are new paths ahead, and in the warm, musty little world nothing new and interesting will ever happen. And nothing to regret about it.

Sagittarius – Knight of Swords

These days you will hear – you need, you must. You don’t owe anyone anything if you didn’t borrow money, and all these are cliches, invented by who knows who and repeated by everyone out of laziness. Think for yourself what you must, and do only what you recognize as necessary.

Capricorn – Hermit

Be alone. Turn off your phone, don’t go on social media, take a vacation, and go far away, to a place where no one knows you and won’t find you. And you will understand in silence that you know everything you need, and no one can tell you, and few people need you. But who is needed – true friends.

Aquarius – Jester

You have a time of carelessness, you are not responsible for anything, and you can say and do what you want, but no one takes you seriously now. Take advantage of the moment, play, create nonsense, and don’t think about words and their consequences. It won’t last long, which is why it’s valuable).

Pisces – Queen of Cups

These days you are overwhelmed with emotions – either a laugh will fall into your mouth, or your eyes will become wet because of nonsense. Don’t keep your feelings to yourself, splash them out into the world and onto those around you, but still maintain some measure. Otherwise, they will call her hysterical. But ignoring your emotions is harmful to your health; others will tolerate it).

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