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Zodiac Signs

Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week Of December 12th To 18th.

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Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Tarot for Aries – 5 of Cups

The week will be so-so – without serious disasters and problems, but will bring many minor disappointments. They won’t seriously affect anything, but they will ruin your mood. Perhaps bad news will come or the expected good news will not come, not everything will work out as you planned, and people around you will not live up to the expectations placed on them. But don’t be too sad – it’s just a gray streak, not black, and it won’t last long.

Tarot for Taurus – The Fool

And you breathe out and relax. Now nothing depends on you, no one expects or demands anything from you, you can be frivolous and optional, don’t take anything seriously these days. Just give in to a cheerful mood, for example, buy a Christmas tree garland or a beautiful doll or teddy bear – as a gift for yourself under the Christmas tree).

Tarot for Gemini – Hanged Man

What you will need most this week is patience and humility. Things will not move, you will have to perform many monotonous and little meaningful actions and engage in some kind of routine, and no one will even say thank you, but these things simply must be done, and there is no one else except you. And the mood will be as if bad weather has arrived – not a storm, but simply prolonged bad weather. And your hands are tied, and there’s no one to even complain to. So – humility and patience, but then you’ll have a blast!

Tarot for Cancer – Knight of Wands

And you have to move vigorously and promote your ideas, take initiative, declare yourself and confirm your declarations with actions, be active in all spheres of life, in a word, generate and support all kinds of “movement”. But you will be happy about it, and those around you will be attracted to you, attracted by your light.

Tarot for Leo – Ace of Swords

And this week you’re all like that – you decided and did it, said it as you cut it off, and those around you will approach you carefully and with apprehension. But now you have such days that it is simply impossible to do otherwise, everyone around you has become too relaxed and this is already starting to damage your business and life in general. So someone has to be decisive and sharp, and that’s you.

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Tarot for Virgo – Emperor

These days, someone will appear who will take it upon himself to make decisions and take responsibility for them, and your job is to obey and do what is ordered. So act according to the rules, adhere to the letter of the law and the charter, and do not challenge the decisions of your superiors – and then they will take care of you and everything will be stable and prosperous.

Tarot for Libra – Queen of Cups

And now you can and even should give free rein to your emotions, laugh if you are happy, gasp if you are amazed, cry if you are sad – just don’t keep your feelings under a bushel. Your emotionality and your reactions expressed in words will attract someone’s attention in a truly beautiful and joyful way.

Tarot for Scorpio – Ace of Pentacles

And you expect great luck – an unexpected valuable pleasant, or very desired gift, a chance to receive something almost for nothing, a sudden reward for something that you have already forgotten about. Moreover, all this will not be in the sphere of ideas or words, but the most material, tangible thing that can be touched and held. And rejoice).

Tarot for Sagittarius – Ace of Cups

Some strong emotional experience awaits you these days. Perhaps you will read an interesting book, hear music, see a painting, or simply suffocate with delight in a clearing in a winter park – but you will have a moment of true pure delight, and such moments greatly decorate our lives.

Tarot for Capricorn – 10 Cups

A week of joy awaits you – pleasant meetings, communication with loved ones, everything will delight and amuse you, and you and communication with you will also make people happy. So ahead is a week of mental softness, openness, all sorts of pleasures, and a feeling of unity with good people.

Tarot for Aquarius – The Hermit

These days it’s better for you to be in solitude, indulge in passive rest, and focus on yourself and your thoughts. Stay alone, communicate less, and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and usual contacts. People and things will get along without you for a few days, give yourself a week of peace and silence.

Tarot for Pisces – 3 of Cups

These days, pay attention to maintaining horizontal connections – drink tea with colleagues of equal status to you, be kind to neighbors and relatives, do not avoid companies and parties, try to gather your girlfriends for coffee yourself, agree if they invite you to a bachelorette party. It is important to prove yourself sociable and accessible to contacts.

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